Insert Credit Gaiden #6 - Electric Sesame: An Interview with Jeremy Blaustein


…what a gaiden!!!

i thought i understood the depths of disregard by japanese companies for translation in this period but sending a dialogue dump without character names really illustrates the point huh. makes a recent comment from Nomura about any offense taken from Barrett's characterization being all the fault of the translator all the more shameful...

i just remembered that there are multiple instances in suikoden where one character says something that was clearly intended to be a different character's line, makes total sense now

i read a blaustein interview years ago where if i'm remembering correctly he said for suikoden 2, his team saw Murayama's (the writer's) backstory document which had pages upon pages outlining the world history, character relationships, various matters of lore. but i also remember reading that they only saw it and never had permanent access to it. wonder if i am misremembering and if not if it's still out there somewhere. seems unlikely that it would ever surface anyway since in all public comments Murayama seems intent on not crossing Konami in any way.