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@Gaagaagiins#17427 Oh for sure. There are unquestionably good and bad weapons in all the games. But when there are dudes on YouTube beating the game with the serving spoon blindfolded playing on a modded rock band guitar - well you get the idea. It is probably true that on a first playthrough it makes sense to go with a safe weapon. My very first play of one of the games I power stanced dual falcions in DS2. That was an… interesting way to acclimate to the games.

@CidNight#17429 I still can't wrap my head around Dex weapons! That sounds like a nightmare.

@Gaagaagiins#17439 My favorite is still an ugs or gs, but I’ve also done all sorts of dex builds and done all the magic builds too - although I find those quite boring. Dex can be fun with a glass cannon build where you really challenge yourself to not get hit very often.

@CidNight#17442 I tried that in Bloodborne with the Blades of Mercy. Sadly, as much as I loved the moveset for those things, I kind of feel that the scaling just doesn‘t land you in a good place by the end-game/Old Hunters. Numerically, I mean. It just didn’t feel like the tradeoff of damage per hit for increased speed was worth it.

@Gaagaagiins#17444 I never could bring myself to use the blades of mercy because it meant killing Eileen or waiting until super late in the game (a common BB problem IMO). I did do a Rakuyo build for NG+ when I was working on the platinum and that’s a real fun time.

@CidNight#17452 Yes, ultimately, it was not remotely worth it since it meant killing Eileen…

@antillese#17374 Closed! See above!

I primarily do DEX builds in the Souls games, but they are super tied to using a bow. Being able to first person aim and snipe enemies or at least draw aggro on them one at a time. Even picking away at bosses with the lock on. I couldn‘t imagine a DEX build strategy that only includes melee weapons. DS1 is is all about that Qualag’s Fury Sword as far as DEX builds go. And DS2 and 3 has the katanas though they are not AS exciting.

@robinhoodie#17555 Oh man I've never seriously used bows. I find them so unwieldy. I love me some curved swords for my dex builds. My very first DS3 build I used the Uchigatana - super viable but extremely boring.

any drake sword fans in the chat

@tapevulture#17572 booooo

The recent podcast question w/r/t the lengths you've gone to to play a game has me thinking…

I'm not going to any real great lengths on this but man, emulating Dragon Quest V on the DS is proving to be sort of a pain in the butt. There's some anti-piracy measure in place that prevents you from ever getting off the ship at the beginning (_why didn't I buy this game two years ago when it was "only" $50!!!_). I consider myself a pretty good Googler of information/game fixes but I'm coming up empty on this one and all the threads talking about it are like ten years old. The closest thing I've found resembling a solution is the suggestion is cheats for R4 cards. Is that really it? Does anyone in this thread know off the top of their head how I can more easily fix this? I will be in your debt.

Forget what I said at the beginning about wanting cryptic advice. I want the WikiHow on emulating DQV DS.

@captain#17737 Man, this brings back memories.

I had the same problem, living with my university apartment-mates, and being broke as heck. There wasn't a solution back in those days, but I hope there is one now, because DQV on the DS is a fantastic experience that everyone deserves to have.

I will openly admit in the Insert Credit helpline that I never got past the Carnival Night Zone barrel in Sonic 3 until like, the year 2000 when I learned up and down can be used to push the barrel.

I looked up the price of the game and went white. Glad I have a copy.

SO. One way to go would be to hack a DSi and run the game through Twilight Menu. You could do the same with a 3DS and use Twilight menu there

Seems like that is a viable solution

@robinhoodie#17743 Oh boy oh golly, time to go into HACKER MODE. Thanks for tracking these down. Will report back when I've succeeded.

@antillese#17742 You have confessed it, and I pray you find peace.

@Syzygy#17776 We‘re in, baby!!! It does also work in the EU .nds I’ve got.


Thank you all for your advice and spirit bomb energy.

So this is a bit different than the usual thing that goes on on this thread, because this will be a game that probably none of you have played. I want us to find some secrets together!

The game in question is Somnium. Not "AI: The Somnium files". This one right here:
It's a game about platforming through some weird environments, but what really matters is not that. As you can see in a screenshot, It features a virtual desktop that comes with a command prompt and the one of the key features of the game is "Discover secrets that are hidden within the Somnium OS." One of the comments even praises the secrets!

I found just one of these secrets, which I'll spoiler tag below, and I'm desperately hungry for more.
||freewifi command in recycle bin. no idea what it does!||

As is common with small games like these, there isn't much documentation of them. I found some playthroughs on youtube (AI: The Somnium files made this hard...) but they don't engage with the OS secrets.

So it is that I turn to the Insert Credit Helpline! With your help, I would love to see what secrets this game hides. As far as I can tell, these secrets are entirely disconnected with the main game so you can get started on them right away if you want.

Ring Ring Ring…. Hello I.C. Helpline!

Last night, I started playing Darkest Dungeon because the art style looks amazing and now I am afraid that I might be going broke in the game. Basically, I'm calling to ask for help with money making tips but not exclusively. Any tips would be appreciated. Here is a summary of my curren't state: I've got two characters up to level 2, and I have many characters who are stressed the hell out because of a few failed excursions. My two characters who are most experienced are the crusader and highwayman. I've leveled each of their weapons once.

I know that part of my problem is overspending on provisions. I think I am working with a about 6000 gold right now, but end up spending about 3-4,000 on provisions. So anyhow, thanks for reading and helping if you can!

@SuperEffective#17973 Do you want more vague hints or more bluntly helpful statements and strategies?

Cause I got both