Hey, you know how some non-STG games feature a random STG stage or mini-game or some such? That’s pretty cool! I used up most of my energy coming up with the thread title, so I’ll let you all fill in the examples. Here’s an easy one—look at Mario’s cute little submarine and prop plane from Super Mario Land:

Oh yeah, also Nier Automata! Really enjoyed the shooter levels, which came in all different shapes and forms, eg:

I love when this happens! A personal favorite of mine was in the original Bayonetta (platinum games must have a thing for it). It really built up Bayonetta's climax.

Fire Emblem Engage has minigame that unlocks halfway through the game, where you shoot at targets. You can't control the wyvern and you don't necessarily get great items from doing it, it's mostly just some optional fun in between maps.

The credits in Vanquish are a shooter. Get blasted, Mikami!


@“Tradegood”#p105064 platinum games must have a thing for i

All the mini-games in the first *Bayonetta* are references to Sega games, and from what I've heard, the designers at Platinum didn't really get into shooters as a genre until they started implementing the shmup sections in *Nier Automata* - of which there are a lot.

@“Video Game King”#p105068 That's interesting. Do you know if Angel Attack! was a reference to one thing in particular or if it was a combination of Sega arcade shooters? I do love the outrun music that plays.

Seeing the Vanquish credits schmup reminds me of the Nier Automata ending E and how perfect it was for that game.

I will always have a fond place in my heart for the Galaxian and Galaga minigames that were the load screens for Tekken and Tekken 2 for the PS1. I wish more games from the long loading time era had done something like that!


@“Tradegood”#p105070 Do you know if Angel Attack! was a reference to one thing in particular or if it was a combination of Sega arcade shooters?

That one I don't know. In fact, all I know is that the motorcycle section is based on *Hang-On* and the part where you're steering a missile across the ocean is based on *Space Harrier*.

When will the shmup-haters get in here and demand the thread be retitled to InterSTGtions?

You can play a pretty complete shmup called Bizarre Jelly 5 -- based on Travis' favorite in-universe anime, Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly -- in No More Heroes 2:

The Kirby franchise famously has shooter sections towards the end of their games, if not being their final boss:

Similarly, _Fairune_ has a shoot-em-up-styled final boss after playing the entire game like _Ys_ or _Zelda_ (which I'll hide in a details tab to prevent further spoilers, lol):


Does Yurukill count?

(I really should go buy the full thing and play that through, I enjoyed the demo)

Smash Bros Ultimate classic mode credits stage is a pretty fun little shooter type thing.

i thought the title of this thread was ‘internshmups’ for a second; a thread for people who were interns at shmup developers

Dynamite Headdy does this 3 stage shmup diversion to mark the halfway point of the game.

I love this aging cyborg matryoshka thing. Great Treasure boss.


Literal goosebumps

The shooter sections of Cuphead were a whole lot of fun, and even incorporated some interesting mechanics like parrying pink bullets and shrinking to dodge. Plus, these stages have some of the best art, like this revolving Touchy Game Art in the background:

@“Karasu”#p105071 I believe Namco had some sort patent on that which may explain why that wasn’t seen from other games.

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