Interview with Ojiro Fumoto that proves I was an alcoholic jerk

Poor kid had to fly back to Tokyo for 12 hours the day after with the mother of all hangovers.

Also ironically he now works for Nintendo

This is an interview with Ojiro Fumoto, creator of Downwell, taken at Screenshake in Belgium by Hasan Ali Almaci. The interview is a few years old, but hasn’t been published before. I transcribed the audio recordings and Ali has given his approval to publish it here as well.
You can see the talk he gave at Screenshake about Downwell here:

What follows now is the interview Ali had with him that evening, it involved a bottle of bourbon that went Down Well 😉 (poor Ojiro is not a drinker):

The link in the article is none existed so you can watch it here


@Fishie#3070 Also ironically he now works for Nintendo

[Only for a year.]( He left because he missed solo indie development. He appears [in the credits]( for Ring Fit Adventure.

@chazumaru#3076 ah thanks, missed that news

@Fishie#3077 Which kinda troubles me as I am following him on twitter

How did I miss this?

He probably posted that on one of those weeks Twitter randomly decided to be an ass about how they display your timeline.