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I saw there were a few threads about specific interviews (e.g. the Miyamoto one), but I figure I might as well make a general thread for any interviews people find interesting and want to share. Most of these are going to be about video games, I‘m sure, but feel free to share interviews with cool people in other fields. In fact, I’ll start with an interview with musician Haruomi Hosono that I saw just now, with him showing off how he made some of the sounds in his music through sampling:

The interview is in Japanese without English subtitles, but it is very visual, almost like watching a children's show like Mr. Wizard or Mr. Rogers, so I was able to follow along even with my very lousy command of Japanese. There wasn't anything profound here, but it was cool to see one of the artists that I have a massive amount of respect for, speaking in a format that makes it easy for me to understand him.

For something video game related that contains a lot more content and made me think a lot, I can't help resharing something I remember @exodus sharing a while ago elsewhere: [This shmuplations translation]( of an interview with the creator of Battle Mania. It was just so cool reading about the thought process of this guy who'd worked on (or at least observed) the creation of all those Vic Tokai action games. Takayan's matter-of-fact explanations of his motivations and how things went down are just hilarious to me. I love it.

Aw, man. Pretty excited to see what this thread brings out. Here's a couple I heard recently that were neat.

This one's with Swery. It's not really about the vidcons, but it's fun to see the person behind them. The video does have subtitles so make sure to turn 'em on with the CC button if you need em.

Song Exploder does podcasts with musicians breaking down what inspired them to write a particular song and how they ended up making it. This episode's with Panda Bear. It's cool to hear how they went about making the effects sound moist and sloshy.

nothing to immediately contribute off the top of my head, but I love this thread already and can’t wait to see what pops up. followed.

EDIT: actually it has nothing to do with video games but this interview where Billy Dee Williams more or less says they’re genderfluid is so excellent and breezy.

@seasons#12975 Kind of a funny related story: There was a similar video - I can‘t remember who made it - about five or six years ago, with a similar concept of Swery showing off his favourite bars. After watching the video, I just happened to have the opportunity to travel to Osaka, and so on Christmas Eve of 2015, some friends and I wandered into the Owl’s Nest, a hockey-themed bar run by a Japanese-Canadian friend of Swery‘s. I’m Canadian, and I like hockey, so my interest was piqued. Anyway, lo and behold, I walked in to find Swery sitting right there, just him and his wife as the only people in the bar. (It was a small bar in a basement, without much of a sign outside.)

I was so nervous that I almost died, and for some reason pretended not to recognize him. He started talking to us, and I revealed that I had come after watching his video, and that _Deadly Premonition_ was my favourite game of all time, to which he responded by saying something like, "That's rare! You must be a strange guy." Anyway I remember very little of the rest of the night because I was incredibly nervous and was trying to speak in a second language to one of my personal heroes, so I'm sure I embarrassed myself immensely. I do remember that he bought us Christmas chicken! It was very nice.

A few years later, when Swery tweeted about the bar going out of business, I replied talking about how I had gone there, and he described our encounter thusly: "Yes! It was suddenly bump. You were so surprised."

Might have mentioned this interview/zine here before so apologies if I repeat myself:

the long interview with the my summer vacation guy in scroll

dont know if it’s available for free anywhere but it’s worth throwing a few bucks at ray barnholt if you're interested.

I hope Ayabe's curry place is doing ok and riding out covid

Uh, I'll drop this here just for shits and giggles. Last year I interviewed 2 owners/founders and 2 volunteers at the last remaining publicly accessible Battletech center in Huston, Texas. This is a very raw cut of the interviews, in their entirety (there is also gameplay footage of the two games, adding to the length of the video).

Here is some background about the subject that should provide some needed context. I hope eventually to return to that thread and do an update, but who knows when I'll get around to it.

@espercontrol#12981 Actually, Billy Dee later clarified that he doesn‘t identify as genderfluid, he said he was referencing the Jungian notion of anima/animus. It’s possible that his perception of himself maybe lines up with genderfluidity more than he realizes (he'd never even heard of it before he saw the response to the article) but in any case he still uses masculine pronouns.

I've got a new found appreciation and respect for the GAU crew. They freely designed and developed one of the most fun games on the genesis without design docs while consciously avoiding outside inspiration. They worked to push the boundaries of the hardware and didn't even know if it'd sell well. Talk about a pure passion project (a PPP).

Can anyone help me locate this double interview conversation with Fumito Ueda and Keita Takahashi on a balcony? Pretty epic. Saw it referred to in another video…. sigh

@treefroggy#19403 but…! but what?!

The DrunkFriend podcast (hosted by the creators of the SNES drunk and NES friend YouTube channels) had a recent episode where they interviewed Dan Hess, the composer for Pilotwings 64. Very chill podcast with some interesting insights into the making of this equally chill OST.

Shared this in the Final Fantasy thread, but I'm putting it here too, just in case:

Nice interview here with the author Raven Leilani about how video games, and Final Fantasy in particular, have influenced her literature and life.

Iwata Asks are usually pleasant and interesting to read considering he was an expert programmer:

A few choice ones:
[Rhythm Heaven Fever ](

[Mario 25th](

[Game & Watch](

Edit: Oh yeah the Double Fine "Devs Play" videos are interesting

Bumping this thread because I was about to make a duplicate of it.

I read this interesting interview with Sam Roberts (Indiecade festival director), conducted by Jesper Juul, a cool person in his own right, and thought an interview thread was a good idea. I was right!

Really excellent interview with Nathalie Lawhead about developing BlueSuburbia.