IrishNinja's christmas everdrive giveaway

right then, a few years back i upgraded several everdrives for newer ones with savestates, as i am an honorless ninja dog.
i don't recall what firmware these are on, but they're all older models - the mega everdrive and sd2snes are both secondhand from nintendoage (RIP) and gaf respectively, and the master i believe came from krikzz shop. they're all about 10 years old i wanna say - worked well last time i tried them, and yeah the labels on the 2 sega ones ain't pretty, but you get what you pay for!

the sd2snes is of course a highlight, but there's a catch: i can only get it stable & working on the current firmware it's on. anything else and the menu would crash! which is to say, if you're good with where it's at, you get access to MSU1 files, which is a really neat option. godspeed to you if you wanna sort whatever's going on with it!

rules are simple: just post which one you'd want, and what you wanna play on it. the coolest answer wins!
please note: i grew up with some pretty dumb games, so i can totally conflate "cool" with "i played this a lot when there was nothing else to play", "i thought it looked dope in old game players/EGM mags", "this particular title or ones like it remind me of less dystopian times" etc. just toss your honest answers down! ~~most folks aren't going after the poor master system one anyway 😭~~

also please note, title says xmas but i'm prolly not shipping till after that. yay for deferred joy!

Master System one would be a fine way to play the modern translations of Phantasy Star or some of the Game Gear to Master System hacks, but I get it, Master Systems are thin on the ground here in the US.

I would love to use the SD to SNES to play the patched version of Street FIghter Alpha 2 in the short term

and in long term use it as part of a build towards local multiplayer F-zero Final

Some one should chime in about how they want to use the MegaDrive cart as part of a local Zero Tolerance link cable set up.


@“robinhoodie”#p144135 Master System one would be a fine way to play the modern translations of Phantasy Star or some of the Game Gear to Master System hacks

absolutely, and it's a really fun way to dive into the sg1000 library too!

@“IrishNinja”#p144136 well you‘ve all convinced me, I’d take the master system one!

@“exodus”#p144158 okok but tell me something you'd play on it! i gotta knowww

Man, I love the Master System but I‘ve got everything that I would particularly like to play on it (I don’t need an Everdrive btw).

Irish if you give me the SD2SNES I will play all my horny Super Metroid mods, not gonna lie.


@“IrishNinja”#p144159 oh yes! I want to try the game gear to master system hack of gustar heroes!


whoever gets the snes one has to play rock n roll racing with the real music hacked in w msu

ok they actually don't have to do that, i did it (w/ mister) yesterday and it's hilarious but objectively worse

Oh dang, lots of competition for that SMS one… well I‘ll throw my hat in the ring for the Sega Genesis one!

I really want to play the translation patches of Lord Monarch! I love me some Falcom classics and want to work my way through the “main” Dragon Slayer series. I can play all the earlier ones on my MSX2, but Lord Monarch isn’t available on that platform!

I think it looks like a very cool game. The box art is really good too (despite the weird baby-angel butt)

sounds good y'all - the love for the master system here warms my heart :heart:

ill leave this going a few more days & post back to start DMing folks for their addresses! i think one of these is currently missing an sd card but ill try to sort that before shipping

I’d love the SNES one to play the hack of A Link to the Past I made for my partner’s birthday (made a custom sprite of them that replaces Link) on original hardware. I believe the rom should work fine on there (nothing different besides the Link sprite). Here is two screenshots from an emulator :slight_smile:



alright folks, some really cool ideas here but i should try to get these out the door before new years (need to check bedside a few already have SD cards in em and i'd like to pass on some stuff with them if possible), which is to say

@robinhoodie @exodus @Nemoide pls DM me your name, address & social security # (just in case! haha) when you get a chance, congrats and hope these find their way to y'all eventually!

gonna look at some of em & see what SD cards i have ready to send with em - @exodus no hurry but please remember to DM me an address to send yours to when you can!

everdrives are loaded & ready to go! still waiting on @exodus address for his - if i don‘t hear back by the end of the week, maybe it’s safe to assume you don't want this thing? holla at me man!

they‘re finally in the wind! my handwriting is extra atrocious with sharpee on plastic envelope so hopefully they find y’all (double checked the addresses on the labels at least), post here or elsewhere when they show & enjoy!

VERY LATE to post about it but I did getthe Mega Everdrive a few weeks back and have been very much looking forward to spending time with games I can't play on original hardware otherwise!