irl game objects

i just realised i own one of those big-nosed italian masks similar to the ones fetured in Assassin's Creed. as it turns out, i also own a Half Life crowbar.

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do you own any irl game objects?

i guess what makes something an irl game object is that it's 1)heavily featured in a game and 2)is somewhat iconic. replicas and things made specifically as a tribute to the game don't count.

I think your plague doctor mask might be a bit more of a mardi gras kind of thing!? probably better anyway!

I feel like most video game objects I own are mundane, like cups and stuff. but rest assured I will be on the lookout!

well i bought it in Florence, so hopefully it‘s at least Italian! but yeah more like a carnival thing. it’s hard to tell sometimes; i‘m from Barcelona, Spain and the centre here is full of shops selling these colorful, comically large Mexican hats with lil cotton balls haning off them, i guess to cater to US and Asian tourists’ preconceptions? i wonder if it's a similar thing with masks over there. anyway, i still bought one so i guess they got me.

well that is pretty interesting! they're trying to cater to a certain perceived stereotype I guess!? what a thing to do.

@exodus#2321 quick insert credit podcast question, what’s the most iconic video game cup?

I think the closest “Video Game Object” I have is my 1993 Toyota MR2, currently collecting dust in my driveway due to a very worn clutch that needs replacing soon. Pictured here is a much much nicer one but the wheels and color match mine close enough. It‘s a “video game object” in that it appears in Gran Turismo a lot. Granted, my other car (a 2008 Honda Fit) also appears in a few Gran Turismo games, but the MR2 is more of a sports car and appears in racing videogames because you’d actually want to race it.

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I have yet to drive it at the limit much but I can report that at low speeds it handles like it does in gran turismo. I tried driving it a lot in GT mainly because these cars are notoriously tricky to drive fast, to the point of being a Meme (Look up "Snap oversteer")

ah, I like those!! one of the rivals to my treasured honda prelude!!!

@devilsblush there's an arcade game where you shoot small metal targets with a light gun, and the targets kinda "ding" down. if you do well enough, at the end you get to shoot a cup with a target on it, which then explodes! It's actually the same cup that "shatters" and gets pieced back together each time but the effect is super impressive and it really makes you feel like you did something. it's more of a physical arcade game than a digital one but it's what first came to mind.

I have a kokeshi doll… that's kinda like having a miiiiiiiiii ???


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get ready to taste some new mugs in DP2, set in new orleans thanks to yours truly

@exodus#2370 whaaaaat

oh my goodness

@exodus#2333 I just looked this up, looks like it's a namco game called quick and crash. apparently the cup shattering effect is done by quickly hiding the cup and shooting plastic shards up into the air, so cool.

@hellomrkearns oh nice, that's a great one.

the first cups that come to mind for me are both in earthbound; first is the cup of life noodles which revive fainted party members and remove all status ailments. the second is the cup of coffee that you make in real life to enjoy during the 'coffee break' intermission that happens halfway through the game.

Ah, right!! I guess I looked it up and forgot that.

I played it and got into some sort of weird locked-in mental state and wound up with 3rd place without realizing it - I‘ve no idea how often they reset the rankings but the rankings were full up to 100, and my friendgroup’s collective best previously had been 12 after they were playing it weekly. I got spooked and decided not to touch it again!