is anyone else interested in this controller's texture.

I kinda want it.


Is it actually made out of leather or is it some weird faux-leather?

I don't want it either way.

I want the stitching to have some sort of haptic control. Like, can we brush it as a way of interacting?

90% sure I‘ve touched one of these, and it’s like a rubbery thing that you can poke your thumbnail into and eventually it'll spring back to shape.

I can't remember for sure!

Would like to touch and smell, but in my experience PDP controllers are kinda shit.

If it was leather so you had to look after it, and if I could get the logo off I would be more interested.

@Blrb#5224 neat, there’s something unsettling about the idea of a leather video game controller.

edit: I have a leather grip hammer actually, so it’d be kind of like that. they turn black after a few years which would be a good way to show that you’re a dedicated video game player.


@devilsblush#5275 leather grip hammer

Same actually! Maybe gamersweat would keep it nourished D:

Guess I've had a few (aussie rules) footballs over the years that dried out and got all cracked and scratchy.

In closing: make the DQ slime controllers out of actual slimes you cowards.