Is it really that time again . . . ?

@“copySave”#p72971 Thank you! I‘ve never played any Animal Crossing and somehow know hardly anything about it (besides the premise of… gardening and home decor?). Of course I could have read about it but it’s nice to hear testimony from forum pals.


@“antillese”#p73079 My friend: add “Triangle–Square” (its two n-dashes, the forum software is marking it up into an m-dash) on PSN

I hope I have permission to do this too and cash in on it when I get Strive in like two years lol

@“Donkald Kongregate”#p73195 now is a good time to jump in. There is renewed interest in the game thanks to the Season 2 base patch (basically a balance across all current characters in the game) which hits on Friday June 10th. And according to the website “” I am in the top 400 of all Leo players on PlayStation. :rofl:

@“antillese”#p73197 Holy moly CONGRATULATIONS! I'll… brush up before daring to waste your time lol. My close encounter with Guilty Gear royalty

(I'll get the game before two years from now but at least not for the next six weeks, oh lord where does all the time go)

The only things I could think of were kind of annoying (other than that DS birthday jingle which felt incredibly special, even though it was so subtle). The first being trying to get KK Slider songs in Animal Crossing for Wii and forgetting about it on Saturday night and realizing I‘d missed an opportunity (see also trying to get a haircut you liked in this game by going through a personality test you could only take once a day). I tried New Leaf after this, but ultimately decided that this series isn’t for me.

The other thing is in Pokémon Soul Silver you can rematch the gym leaders (very helpful for leveling up mons) but only one of them every eight hour window (each day was split into three windows (but night was 12am to 4am and also 8pm to 12am so was two different periods in a day for one guy)). It was just a bit too restrictive for a feature that was direly missing from so many of those games


@“dylanfills”#p73228 direly missing from so many of those games

You know, I suppose that does prevent the kind of grinding you could do with the step-based Vs. Seeker, but that certainly seems like a little too much in the other direction

Oh!! I forgot about this one - the clock room in symphony of the night! It‘s tied to the system clock and doors only open at certain times! I remembered it because…. I’m in that room right now.

[upl-image-preview url=]

Left door is open but I just started a new game and don't have double jump yet, dang it

@“exodus”#p73766 I'd never understood if it was based on specific times of day or specific periods spent in the room, but I guess it has to be the former since the door can be open when you enter the room

@“exodus”#p73766 if you‘ve got the power of wolf you can do a high jump up there somehow. I can’t remember the specifics.

Dang, this thread would have been useful when I was making Hours Played. It mostly used static clocks but I kept a list of games that used the internal clock and used them to fill any gaps. Animal Crossing and Symphony of the Night were in there. I can‘t recall any other specific time-triggered events but there’s a level in the mobile game Bacon where you have to flip a piece of bendy physics bacon onto the hands of a clock. So if you played at, say, 2:48 it would be easy. I used it a couple of times in the video. When I showed a one-hour version at the GDC film festival there was an actual cheer when after many failed attempts I finally got it to land on the clock.

@“exodus”#p73766 I just remembered one of the dumber puzzles in FEZ (I don‘t know what the common opinion is about this game, but I rather like it) is clock based, and you have to get like the right hour, day of the week, minute, and second for a puzzle. I can’t even remember if that's it exactly. Also, changing the system clock on PS3 was more annoying than it should have been if memory serves.

[upl-image-preview url=]

Again, I enjoyed most of the puzzles in this game and relished memorizing the alphabet in the two playthroughs I did, but this puzzle, no.

I've heard that if you play Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car on 4/20, sonic steps out of his police car and starts smoking weed.

@“穴”#p73800 that's true

@"dylanfills"#p73798 I like Fez and I don't care if people think it's trite or too popular or a bad platformer or etc. It's got good vibes

There’s a secret boss in Undertale you can only access by attending “Art Club” on October 10th, at 8 PM.

[upl-image-preview url=]

Going with another Metal Gear example, nothing beats a boss dying of old age because you left the game mid-fight and set the PS2 clock forward a week or waited real time for it to update. The boss in question is The End from MGS3.