is this the axe

all these subforums have such normie names

@daphaknee#33 OH I CAN LIKE MY OWN POSTS

also the mobile layout is such that i go to hit tweet (and it links my unposted thread in a tweet) instead of scrolling around for the actual post button, which gets scrolled up and out of view immediately, being replaced with the tweet button IN THE SAME SPOT fix it fix it

i have to log in each time i post too

yeah, there‘s some stuff with that - I think it’s because the post reply button was getting lost previously and hiding under phone UI on android. we will look into it!

@daphaknee#37 im trying to upload a picture (from my phone!) and its not working

also dont IP ban my roomate its not my alt

@daphaknee#37 What browser are you using? Sounds like a bug.

@daphaknee#39 another bug!!! weeeeee. brandon seems to have a similar issue. trying to work out what's going on. it works on firefox on android.

im on my android phone brandon already acknowledged the bug. id post a screencap but i have to log in each time i open the site on my phone, i get errors whenever i try to upload images, and sometimes the site just bugs out eats my post and tells me to refresh

@shane#42 site doesnt work at all on firefox on browsers

That's all I use!!! Hmm. gonna have to do some figuring out here. Sorry!

i will totally post here when it works tho

[upl-image-preview url=//]

it is now

[upl-image-preview url=//]

[upl-image-preview url=//]

oh good

brandon I can‘t believe you’d launch your forum without firefox support. I can‘t believe you’d do this to me

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@rub_n_tug_55#138 I only use firefox and every feature works for me! if I knew these bugs were here I'd have fixed them before launching!

I did just do a bunch of updates and tweaks. So some things might be working that were previously not!

@exodus#137 there is more where that came from


Axed; answord.