bundle for Ukraine



just realised people can‘t talk here if it’s tagged as an announcement!

@“esper”#p61671 this one‘s funny because one of the vetters flagged it as potentially causing copyright trouble (but I checked and it’s in the public domain)

it was me who did that so im glad i was wrong and you can type the entire of ulysses, that‘s it, that’s the game

@“tapevulture”#p61813 It was a good thing to flag! and I would never have noticed it if you hadn't.

ZeroRanger is in here. If you haven‘t played ZeroRanger….Christ, stop whatever you’re doing and go do that.

blast rush is in there too

this bundle owns and i bought it twice B)

i officially have just

too many games


This bundle was shared on an archaeogaming discord I frequent today that has absolutely no connection whatsoever to the podcast or Necrosoft. So, just to say, this thing is getting around

It has now raised over $4 million as of this posting. Wow!

well on the way to 5 mil. Many are calling exodus “the next Bono”



Brandon - I know that you will never take any focus on you as an individual vs. the charities this bundle is supporting. All of us on the forum recognize this and respect it.

You should also be **_incredibly_** proud of organizing bundle. You saw a need, took responsibility, and delivered.

Thanks! I wish I could push it a little more, but I‘m underwater work-wise and it seems to be doing well enough so… it’s probably fine! also the international medical corps is sending me sitreps every other day now which is cool.

Agreed, well done Brandon!

Also, Schildmaid MX and Demonizer go dumb hard. This bundle will have any indie shmup fan living large.

An amazing achievement Brandon. Congratulations to all of you involved.