It's not the Axe if no threads ever get Axed.

Such sacrilege. Also, you have both a Username and a Nickname field, but you use the Nickname as the Username. And then if you change your username, it has to get approved by an admin. And also I think I had some kind of cookie issue when I tried to login after that. I dunno. I'm afraid to logout now.

Anyway, Bangai-O DC is definitely the best Bangai-O. I was super-hyped for Spirits. I had a hype thread for Spirits on the second IC forum! But it's just a very different game. Smaller, more puzzle-y levels. The charm of the original Bangai-O is that from the moment you boot it up it feels like a glorious trainwreck. Iirc, it starts with just a still image where you can see the pixels. Then you start the game and the English translation is basically just Google Translate. Then the gameplay starts, and it looks like a PC shareware game that is actually a pirated port of a UK computer game. Then you play it and the rules are nonsense. Your special is charged by explosions, and your special causes explosions, so using your special creates something more akin to a chain reaction than a combo. Some levels end almost instantly. Some are puzzles. You get to your first boss, and it's just a weak point with nothing defending it that sits there and lets you shoot it, but they still give it a character and dialogue. There seem to be jokes there, but they don't survive Google Translate. You think that must just be the first boss, but for the entire game there will repeatedly be bosses that are just shoot-the-core with nothing but a core. But sometimes there ARE bosses. There are, like, 100 levels with wildly varied time investments.

It is an amazing game. One of my favorites ever.

Few games are so purely, joyously fun. Bangai-O is happy to play the clown, if it means everyone else is having a good time.

I bought a Dreamcast to play it, when Dreamcasts cost $20 at a second-hand shop, because the guy who did the sprite comic 8-Bit Theater wrote a blog about how good it was. I had left high school to get my degree at home, and my older brother was in college nearby and came home a lot. We basically just played Bangai-O day and night while trading rude messages in this new game called Animal Crossing.

So obviously, Bangai-O DC is the best Bangai-O. Because I like it.

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“The Axe” is in reference to the category’s original status on the first incarnation of the board, which were topics that were automatically deleted after a period of inactivity.

I'm bringing it back in a slightly new form: The axe will fall on this thread after... two weeks.

@“BIGHEADMODE”#p120727 Dude I am absolutely (pretty sure that I am) certain I learned about Bangai-O from Insert Credit like 20 years ago, and then literally never played it. Which is remarkable considering how many other games I made my good friend and roommate burn for his Dreamcast based on them being discussed on Insert Credit.


Axe me baby!

Yeah, I guess I was a little confused, because the description was "fine it's the axe" and the other description said it's where "Daphny says weird stuff". These harken to the old axe, which was sort of the "random" board where all topics were deleted permanently after 24 hours of no posts. So it was a place where people threw random thoughts.

I guess this is more like the General board?


I think I must have heard about it slightly before I started reading IC, but I'm not sure. And I think picked it up because I happened to see it at a local used game shop that always had really cool stuff. I don't think I got really into eBaying games until after becoming an IC head. But I dunno. That era is a blur, and I feel old now lol.

Probably the most "I bought this because of IC" game for me was Enemy Zero. Or, I guess, maybe Perfect Cherry Blossom.

@“BIGHEADMODE”#p120861 ah yeah - there is only one board! And I should probably get rid of that descriptor since daphny was only here for a week 2 years ago, ha ha. Good catch and I will adjust… We should get some new categories and descriptors anyway.