I've Decided to play Phantasy Star IV

Dug up my old notes.

[upl-image-preview url=https://i.imgur.com/QzkSlG2.jpeg]

There should be a note and hand drawn maps thread.

@“JXUA”#p105832 This is the chart I needed!!!

I truly go back and forth on whether I like the nonsense words for spells, I think ultimately I do just because they're novel and interesting. For whatever reason I was able to learn the SMT spells quite easily but Phantasy Star required the chart for the whole playthrough.

@“antillese”#p104662 i started playing it on the miyoo a while back but ended up putting it down after a while because i was playing too many RPGs on the thing. like you i made way more progress in it than i ever had because of the miyoo. great that it‘s only 20 hours!! i’m gonna get back into it after i finish off shining force 2 coming up here.

@"JXUA"#p105832 this rocks i will definitely use it!! thanks for posting!!!

@“tapevulture”#p105842 You're welcome! Sorry about the smudges and my handwriting!

@“JXUA”#p105843 It‘s great! It’s lived in and loved, not shabby!

Holy crap ||Alys dies||:interrobang:

I always thought of phantasy star 4 as an alternate universe ff4. They both have a breezy pace, and a story that gets dark but doesn‘t sweat too many details. They also were both trying to push boundaries in terms of story in games. I love them both for that! It really feels like they were hitting their stride with 4, what with the callbacks to 1 and 2… Ugh. I yearn for a 5. What could life have been like?? Also don’t tell me to play star ocean, it's not the same thing.

@“IncompatibleKaiser”#p105565 OK, so I‘ve been slowly making my way through all the Choujin Locke movies/OVAs. I’ve just finished New World Command, and at this point, I have to say I don't really see the connection between this and Chrono Trigger/Phantasy Star IV. The best I can think of is that one part in the first movie where one of the Khan Foundation espers tries to swallow Locke up in the earth and the point shortly after where he slices through a giant rock (both moments reminiscent of the “slicing through a mountain” motif I brought up long ago), but even that feels like too much of a stretch to explain the Chrono Trigger/Phantasy Star IV parallels.

Chaz and his friends have defeated Dark Force, but it seems like nothing has actually been resolved! Oh no!

I started playing this a few days ago too. I love the art, especially during the story dialogs as others have mentioned. I also love the battle system‘s perspective - 1st person like DQ so you get a good view of the enemies, and then you see your party walk up and attack the enemies. It’s also very fast paced, so I never feel like I'm waiting forever for animations to finish.

Otherwise, the gameplay felt pretty standard as far as RPGs of that era - although I just stumbled upon my first combination ability (blizzard) and that was a cool discovery!

I just got done with Tonoe, and I hope I never have to go back there - the town's music was making my ears bleed, holy moly. Also I got fully done with that area's dungeon (which was hard!!) without realizing that there were shops in that town.

@“giogadi”#p123527 There are several dungeons where I have needed to grind a bit to gain levels as I was playing. Keep an EscapePipe on hand and if someone gets murdered, you can head back to town and rest. The economy is such that it‘s usually less than a single battle of cash that you “spend” on escaping and you get to keep all your XP and go in again at a higher level. Overall though, I don’t feel that the game is too punishing in terms of your level requirements and it doesn't feel like the level gaining gets in the way of making progress.

For only 500 MST, you can walk around the town of Zosa with a Dezolit Penguin in your party. You do this “for no other purpose” than it is both “fun” and “cute”. Yet again, PSIV: GotY (1995)