I've never owned an Xbox

It‘s true! Microsoft is the only (major) console manufacturer from whom I’ve never owned a single system. I did live with someone who had a 360, but we played it so infrequently that it doesn‘t count. I’ve never played a Halo game. Or a Gears of War. Or a Forza. In all the years that Xboxes have existed, I've always opted for Sony and Nintendo.

I have, however, just got myself a Series X, and would appreciate any recommendations on what to play! I've maxed out Game Pass using the pre-paid Xbox Live loophole, so I plan to start there, but feel free to recommend any interesting compatible Xbox, 360 or Xbox One games that I may have missed over the years.

I’ve also never owned an Xbox, but I’ve owned every Sony and Nintendo platform since the NES (barring a number of handhelds). I did play halo 2 in a college a few times, but like… that was hard to avoid

Forza Horizon or Gears games are well made high production value fun. Sunset Overdrive is an under appreciated exclusive.

There's a bunch of cool, weird stuff from the 360 era worth checking out.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is a cool, weird vehicle building game that you can probably get very cheaply.

The Master Chief collection is great fun, especially with a buddy to play the campaigns with.

I hear Lost Odyssey was good, though I've never played it myself.

The XBLA had a treasure trove, too. The Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie remakes are worth checking out.

You must try Phantom Dust. A third person action deck builder with a great style and soundtrack. Im still very upset that there aren't more games like it.

I‘ve never owned any xbox. I’ve also never owned a home console after the Wii.

@Moon#11274 as for Phantom Dust, it's free to play (with in game purchases) on PC via the Microsoft Store!


I had a 350 hour Phantom Dust save file on my OG Xbox so I decided it would probably be for the best if I never went anywhere near the remaster. Though the idea of being able to play multiplayer is tempting. I wonder how dead it is these days.

The Xbox 360 was the shmup console of its day, being the home of all of Cave's later games. Guwange is on the digital store and is one of the better ones.


Man, I had a good old time with my OG Xbox back in its day. Here are three of my top favourites. I don‘t know if they’re readily available these days, but they're all near and dear to my heart.

Panzer Dragoon Orta

Jet Set Radio Future


Orta most certainly is, which is kind of amazing. Well worth snapping up since I think it's got some graphical punch up for series X and is already a gorgeous game.

Christmas 2001.

My adopted parents who had kidnapped me from my parents 10 years prior surprise me with an Xbox.

I tell them to take it back and buy either a PS2 or a Gamecube.

This decision went on to define the rest of my life moving forward. Just Kidding I have two Xbox‘s under my bed right now. Growing up, kids who played Xbox would spit loogies on my backpack.

There’s a lot of fun games and better versions of PS2 games for original Xbox. I hear the new console is totally backwards compatible so I'll recommend games as though you had an actual original Xbox or Xbox 360. I second all the suggestions for japanese games everyone has mentioned.

  • - Metal Wolf Chaos
  • - Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast (best version)
  • - Blinx the Time Sweeper
  • - Forever Kingdom
  • - Beyond Good and Evil (best version)
  • - Fable
  • - Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind
  • - Half Life 2 (play half life 1 on ps2 first!)
  • - Lake Masters (Fish for Bass in Two Separate Modes)
  • - Rayman 3
  • - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series
  • - Shenmue II
  • - Ninja Gaiden series (peaks at Ninja Gaiden Black)
  • - Thousand Land
  • - Fatal Frame
  • - Silent Hill 2 (has different lighting and textures. would be a much better experience than the ps3 port because it's basically the same as PS2 with different graphical qualities)
  • - Crazy Taxi 3
  • - Digimon World 4
  • - Shin Megami Tensei: Nine
  • I briefly had a 360 but never really invested much time into the Xbox platform.

    I find the backwards compatibility stuff to be very cool though and I think I'll get a Series X at some point just for that and Forza Horizon 5.

    @whatsarobot#11285 Incredibly stupid and bad that JSRF has never been released elsewhere. If that became back compat on the new Xboxes I would get one much sooner than I'm planning to currently. That is like top of my GOD I WISH I COULD PLAY THIS FOR THE FIRST TIME list.

    @sabertoothalex#11343 I am pretty sure it plays with only minor hiccups on the 360. But it's got to be a rights nightmare because of the soundtrack. It gotta be why of all the Sega OG Xbox games you can play on Series X, Orta is the only one.

    @Syzygy#11347 Uff. Yeah. I feel like the backwards compat once you hit the XBO is such a different ball game that that we‘ve all forgotten the issues with 360 backwards compat. I get what you mean about feeling OFF. I tried to play Outrun 2 Coast 2 Coast on the 360 with my OGXBOX disc and like I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it was not the same game.

    The only reason I have an xbox 360 is to play Deadly Premonition. I haven‘t looked into much else I’d want to use it for. Only thing I played on 360 back in the day was Geometry Wars. Chromehounds seemed like a great online Armored Core but the servers went down pretty fast.

    @robinhoodie#11270 Owned now by Sony


    I was big into chromehounds for a long time. It was pretty good and I miss it.

    The Radiant Silvergun port is real good and if you also get Ikaruga it unlocks a special mode that honestly makes RS better.

    and there is Guardian Heroes and a special Bangai-O.

    and if this is your first home console in a while get El Shaddai, or Ressonnance of Fate.

    does Bullet Witch work on a Bone? Bullet Witch is the best.

    but if you got that Game Pass you got a real good buffet of stuff that will keep you occupied for years. Play the first two hours of that Blair Witch game enjoy those woods.

    a lot of the original xbox games are covered already but of course you should make sure you get all the Sega things like:

  • -


  • -

    rent-a-hero (you'll have to emulate though since there's an unreleased english version)

  • -

    crazy taxi 3 (xbox exclusive)

  • -

    outrun as mentioned

  • -

    panzer dragoon orta to see how much it suuuuuuuuuuuuucks

    Some other original xbox things

  • -

    blood wake - the last game my friend's dad worked on before he died

  • -

    stubbs the zombie. kind of an odd one but pretty decent and quite graphically impressive. very late xbox game, too. we did a postmortem of it for game developer magazine!

  • -

    blinx the time sweeper just to see what the heck that is

  • For 360 there's loads of good stuff:

  • - ridge racer 6
  • - bullet witch (it sucks but it rules, probably plays nicer on the series x too)
  • - left 4 deads if you haven't played those
  • - FEAR 2 - interesting horror fps
  • - resonance of fate - cool tri-ace rpg with decent fashion and a completely impenetrable battle system that you don't need to worry about for like 10 hours but then you will, and you'll likely be unable to proceed unless your brain is wired a certain way
  • - lost odyssey
  • - blue dragon (a very Hudson-y RPG)
  • - deadly premonition (best version)
  • I'll really get in there and scour my collection later but there's enough to get you started. Makes me think we should do a "best xbox 360 game" episode of the podcast, because I think all three of us have played A LOT of that stuff.

    The 360 had the terrific Protect Me Knight for the US market (まもって騎士 in JP), a very charming tower defense kinda game by Yuzo Koshiro's company Ancient. Which, of course, you cannot purchase anymore. A sequel for the Switch was supposed to be localized but I think it got shitcanned.