Jaded!?... So I bought an Evercade.

Lately I‘ve been noticing that I have zero excitement for today’s video games. For a while I couldn‘t figure out why. I thought that I was losing my passion for video games, or just getting old. With every new trailer that came out for a new RE or Final Fantasy, I literally felt zero excitement. I however found myself wanting to play games on everdrive more than usual. Whenever I do buy a game on switch, it’s a port of something I missed out on in the 90's like Batsugun and Klonoa. I recently bought an evercade VS and EXP and it has been a blast.

Have I become Jaded? Or did I just outgrow today's gen of games and is anyone else going through this?

And thanks for reading.

@“Noir XIV”#p118353 what have you been playing on them? I’d never heard of the Everdrive until your thread. Looks real neat. How’s the hardware quality?

Oh dang I forgot to type what I meant to say which is I don’t know if I’d call it jaded. Maybe your tastes and preferences have changed. For me, I’ve got a little baby and limited time, so arcade games that get right into the action have been really doing it for me. I have a lot less patience for slower paced things since my time is more limited. Playing games with high gameplay density has been really satisfying and actually helped rekindle my passion for gaming. Playing shmups and Metal Slug and those style of games has been a total blast and requires less investment to get to the Fun than other games.

Yeah I don‘t know if jaded is the right term: it would be if the AAA hype cycle and kind of games being made were the same as twenty years ago (when new REs and FFs were as hot as ever), but it is a different landscape now. I don’t really get excited for the most heavily advertised new games—don‘t care at all about the new Zelda—but our friends in the Insert Credit Community keep me constantly informed of things I might be more interested in (which I hardly make time to play anyway since I’m just as happy to dig into all the old things I've never played)

right, I think it's normal to be interested in a games/books/films/etc from the past without being dialed-in 100% on glossy new stuff. A sign of a reasonable healthy perspective imo

I recommend reading OP in Peggy Hill voice btw

@“Noir XIV”#p118353 there's a lot of uncertainty & doubt in general, consumer sentiments at all-time lows. So chalk it up to seasonal depression! Gamers need something to be optimistic about.

There's also just *a lot more* media and access to said media than ever before. In many ways, there's never been a better time to be a games-enjoyer. In the 90's there were less options and more of a monoculture. Nowadays, everything is very crystalized and fractalized.

So I am a big Evercade supporter and I will give my take on the appeal of the system.

Its almost a subscription service of older games but due to the rights issues they have to negotiate, you get a lot of games you might not have given a second look in their day. Or even had much access to as is the case with their Amiga and C64 stuff. So there is an appeal to discoverability. AND, if you are like me, with limited gaming time. The system being portable, and being emulation with save states means you can dink around with a game before bed and even if it is not great, you can kind of just brute force you way through it and have a decent time that's generally over in an hour or two. Even the longest game I played on there (Cathedral) was something I could break up into little chunks and ended up being my GotY last year.

It's not that I dislike modern gaming, because a lot of indie stuff will really hit for me. But yeah, looking at Tears of the Kingdom and the kind of commitment that game would be, I did a run through of the LInk's Awakening remake to get some Zelda in and even that felt too long to me. I dunno, let me give a metaphor. I love going to weird movies with by best friend and talking for an hour afterwards about the film, but like I really am not about watching whatever the recent thing in the zeitgeist is just so I can join the larger cultural conversation online.

So are the evercade carts just loaded with roms or is there extra stuff as well? If its anything like the SNK 40th collection with the extra art galleries Id be more inclined to bite.

@“Brett”#p118355 it‘s the original quality. I have the super everdrive for the snes and it’s like playing the original kart. You just need to find a good resource to download the roms.

@“captain”#p118358 Although I enjoyed Zelda, the world was so vast that I just decided to climb the highest mountain, glided all the way to the snow area, bought a winter coat and never played the game again.

LOL I just don't have the time any more.


@"yeso"#p118363 only if I do it in her version of spanish

@“Toph”#p118382 I would assume their roms. I only purchased the Evercade because a friend of mine was on the fence about getting one. So I purchased just to test it out and return it. I ended up never returning it, and now I'm 33 carts deep into the console.

Something else to think about: there‘s never been a better time for indie games, and with how many awesome game creators are finally getting their work out there, we’re being blindsided every month by new indie games that no one saw coming. Your new favorite game could drop tomorrow. So the anticipation may be missing.


@“treefroggy”#p118488 there’s never been a better time for indie games

yes indeed

I generally do not like most of the console game centric design choices which have come to dominate game design in recent years decades. I have considered if I am out of touch, but no, it's the games that are wrong!

I will point to the huge roguelike boom from the early 2010s as evidence that these are good and universally appealing design principles: short games that start being interesting immediately and can be completed in one sitting, minute to learn lifetime to master systems, high score leaderboards, wildly hard challenges for expert players (remember the first eggplant run?); for a second all the arcade design pillars were all the rage again! Then Hades and Vampire Survivors happened, and even roguelikes or lites or whatever started to regress into console design hellholes. Games that you cannot beat before grinding for dozens of hours of unlocks, currencies that you can trade into different currencies, banal crafting systems, games that are not even playing fields and high scores that are meaningless, tiny incremental decimal point nonsense upgrades as far as the eye can see. I'm not out of touch damn it, these things suck and they always have.

That's not to say that all games these days suck obviously. Capcom just knocked my proverbial socks off with Street Fighter 6. There's an ocean of great indie games like Hazelnut Hex and Demon Throttle that are keeping arcade design principles alive and well. I just do not want to spend another moment of my life collecting plants to turn into a soup to raise my dps .3% for 2 minutes. I can't do it anymore! Let me shoot something in the head! NOW!