Japan letting people in, but also shutting Europeans out?

Hi ICies,

I know everyone is euphoric about Japan opening up for individual tourists sans visa at long last, myself most certainly included, but has anybody else noticed Japanese websites/platforms shutting down and or making their web offerings inaccessible from within the EU and UK, seemingly out of the blue?

Yahoo! being on of them, which I presume includes Yahoo! Auctions, a valuable source for collectors of all things vidyagames, so that's why I took to these forums to ask:
Does anybody have any insight into this? Could it be for tax reasons? Paperwork? Does it have to do with Russia somehow? Are the US affected? Why now?

While sincere answers are appreciated, wrong answers are also welcome ˆˆ

Have a good day / night everyone 🖖

Shot in the dark, but it could be due to the weak yen? It's like 70 cents to 100 yen right now, which is much lower than is typical, especially considering inflation and stuff. Yahoo auctions and suruga-ya and stuff all seem to work fine for me still. Could be a GPDR thing, too.