Japan questions for the show

I‘m in Japan right now, doing my walkaround thing. I thought it might be fun to answer some questions from folks while I’m at it (on the show, using my voice, not on here), if you‘ve got any things I can ponder while hitting the streets. I’ll try to answer whatever questions stroke my fancy! I might pick and choose but let's see how it goes!

Hey cool! I'll chuck a few in to the hat, which you can feel free to pluck out or throw out at your whim.

  • * Often at the end of the show in the recommendations section, you have some films or series to suggest. Where do you like to go to get your recommendations from? Is it mostly word of mouth from friends?
  • * Is it getting any easier to find vegetarian places in Japan, or do you still just have a short list of 2 or 3 places you can go to and that's about it?
  • * It can be hard to think about this sort of thing when put on the spot, but hey -- that's what this is all about, right? So: do you have any stand-out metal album releases from this year?
  • I wanna hear what the local indies / small devs you meet think about the Unity bullshit, and whether it’s even well understood at all (not convinced about that last point, from what I have heard in the past 24 hours).

    By the way, you missed the awesome Akira cell exhibition in Ikebukuro but apparently there is [a cool Votoms exhibition in Shibuya.](https://www.gotokyo.org/en/spot/ev300/index.html)

    I’d love to hear a story of you finding out about a game and checking it out for the first time and getting stoked - any time that comes to mind of a “this was a great thing to have heard about and here’s how I felt about it” flavor. Excitement is contagious.

    Edit: can make this a thing found out about on-the-ground in Japan to make it a bit more topical to your trip.

    What tips do you have for travelling Japan while vegan/vegetarian? I keep hearing (including here) “it's hard” and “people don't know what that means,” so how does one cope?

    Are any Japanese people out and about playing Vitas, PSPs, 3DSs, Switches, etc., or is it basically all phone gaming on the train?

    Not a question but: I always like to hear about fighting games being played at arcades.

    Not a question but if you wanna go see the only functioning Galaxian 3 setup before it potentially disappears forever, you'd better get on this (and apply in advance) https://gehaku.wixsite.com/gehaku/blank

    (there is one other in the Netherlands but afaik it's not running)

    When was your first trip to Japan and what did you do?

    What's something cool you see in front of you while you're reading this?

    Where are you going at the moment?

    What has changed the most about Japan over your visits?

    What’s the best convenience store there?

    Has anyone given you trouble for being a foreigner?

    What is car culture like in Japan right now?

    What is the modern Japanese indie game scene like?


    @“Jaffe”#p133009 Has anyone given you trouble for being a foreigner?

    and the important corollary: have there been any opportunities you've had/people who've talked to you/things you got to do solely (or at least in part) because you're a foreigner?

    and i guess the third question to ask along this theme is: when has your identity as a foreigner (perhaps surprisingly) meant nothing? (positively or negatively)

    What‘s the first thing you wanted to do - that you can’t do anywhere else in the world - when you got there and did you do it?

    # あら! こんにちは! 元気ですか?

    Did/will you wander the Nakano mall or Koenji Douri this trip, and what non-game-related things might you buy to take home?

    I‘m not sure if you’re out there for games bidness stuff, but if you‘re rubbing elbows in that world this trip, I’m curious what the vibe is among Japanese indie devs on the Unity “install rate” debacle? If that's a thing that can be shared. :stuck_out_tongue:

    A second slightly depressing question: Do you notice a lot less game centers? There was a point earlier this year where I got the impression from Japanese social media that these places are depleting in a similar fashion to arcades in the West during the late 90s' into the 00's. A really cool and beloved spot closes ... then suddenly another ... then suddenly another ...

    Sorry! I'm being a downer. But have fun!

    What surprises you about contemporary Japan? I. E. Something social, cultural, etc that has surprised you during this particular trip.

    @“exodus”#p132985 this is a pretty basic question but one I‘m curious about from your perspective!! I’m going to Japan for the first time next year and am very nervous about it. For first time travelers do you have any tips for just existing there day to day? I'm going to take language classes to hopefully get a very small level of communication going as it always feels weird to go to a non-English native place not knowing any of the language.

    What is the Japanese used game market like right now? Are prices different than pre-lockdown in an unnatural way? If so, what do you think are the factors that have changed the market?

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p133017 I tried to read this and got about half!

    What do you remember about your first trip to Japan?

    What do you think of the Japanese craft beer scene?

    (>!it was not great back in 2018, but there were lots of signs it would get better!<)