Jump Around and Talk to People games

Per the conversation topic in this weeks episode, I'd love to get some more recommendations of games in this vein!

**A Short Hike** is definitely one of the best of these I've played in a while, but all of the others I could think of were very action-oriented (**Iconoclasts** and **Indivisible**, perhaps **Moonlighter**, if you consider a forward roll a sort-of horizontal jump? Maybe none of these count).

But yeah, would love to hear some recs from y'all.

So Night in the Woods is an obvious one - and you could make an argument for animal crossing, but I think frank was thinking platformers for some reason. Does the entirety of the point and click adventure genre fit into this category? It kind of feels like it does.

I'll submit a real spooky one that doesn't give the good vibes at all, but which I really liked. https://deconstructeam.itch.io/dear-substance-of-kin?

does a great job of being spooky/ethereal/arcane without being trite

I‘ll bring up Outer Wilds again to say that it’s a type of “jump around and talk to people game” if you're willing to look at it archaeologicaly vs immediately.

I‘m gonna bump this thread cause I’m listening to the archives and I'm obsessed with this subject, heard it perfectly described by Frank and uhh have some thoughts on it lol

So I've mostly been playing a lot of Yakuza 7 Like A Dragon and it encapsulates that vibe a lot !! Like the combat is pretty enjoyable and just traversing the town is great and seeing interesting sights, catching bugs, doing side quests, eating food with your party, initiating environment specific conversations with your party, and plenty of incredible entertaining side stories with fleshed out characters and ideas (my favorites no spoilers are the Sugimoto and Ichiban confections)

In that vein I've been really interested in older Yakuza, especially the PSP spin offs centered on a younger protagonist thats only in the hand held games. Would have loved to play it in English but I think I might try and play it anyway it looks so wonderful

In that line of delinquent youths in Japan I've also hyper fixated on the Kenka Bancho series which only has 1 entry in English on PSP but the PS2 games just look so great
Sorry these are all skewing to the same style of beat em up Japanese delinquents but thats kinda intentional! I was thinking about how interesting all these series share so many half similarities until I realized the ultimate walk around and talk to people beat em up about Japanese delinquents!!
The entire river city series fits this bill imo largely because I'm playing these games in Quarantine and just miss cities and people and life oops sorry for sad posting here's more cool video game !
This game is a lot more story oriented which is neat !
Friends of Ringo Ishikawa is a Tim Rogers recommended pick that is also strikingly similar to most things I've mentioned! I haven't played this yet but I'm really looking forward to it and I've only heard incredible things
(I think it was just on sale and I missed it! Dangit!)
Smile For Me is much more point and click adventure but its first person perspective, and art sets it apart
It is a pretty straightforward item request chain but I would still call it close to perfect! It all takes place in one setting too which is really cool !
Art Sqool is more like a walk around and draw simulator which is very different but similarly prophetic feeling
Sludge Life is still free on the Epic Game Store and is one of my games of the year
Parkour, graffiti, and get high i absolutely adore this game
Umurangi Generations is also a GOTY and is a sludge life-like, or is sludge life an umurangi-like?
Umurangi is much more focused on the photo mode (sludge life has a barebones tool, among other silly trinkets) but features incredible environmental storytelling and an incredible OST by talented man ThorHighHeels
Uhhhhh lol I hope i dropped enough good recommendations to revitalize this thread cause now I'm strapped for more of these games

there was this thread a while back that maybe fits the dynamic


Is the punching and kicking part the majority of the games you cited part of what you're looking for?

@yeso#10110 This reminds me that I still haven’t played Ihatovo Monogatari. I read Night on the Galactic Railroad a few weeks after your recommendation, since I figured I might enjoy the game more if I’d read something by Kenji Miyazawa beforehand — but then I made the classic mistake of forgetting to actually play the game.

@yeso#10110 oooo that thread is what I want, I was on a huge love de lic kick when Moon came out I even made a video about how much I love moon

The combat isn't really necessary, I just have been play Yakuza 7 since release and River City Girls since it was put on game pass

Combats not really necessary, I just need vacation simulators where I just vibe in a town unlike my own

@saddleblasters#10115 I watched a friend play through this, and we were both excited for it, but the pace is so painfully slow we were both very burned out by the time it was done. I‘ve been meaning to give it another go at my own pace and see if that’s better, but it sure didn't do it for me the first time around.

@Just_Walli#10119 Have you tried the Boku no Natsuyasumi games at all? there's a lot of chill wandering about and exploring. I don't know any Japanese, but I still had a good time.
Also recommend: Attack of the Friday Monsters for 3DS.

@saddleblasters#10115 that Ihatovo Monogatari looks right up my alley and I found that book on archive.org too so thanks for the recommendation!

@anderbubble#2634 Came here to post this. Such a wonderful game.

Ihatovo Monogatari is pretty slow, but it is also short so would recommend just playing via walkthrough to get the audiovisual mood experience, which is the thing

So this new genre was defined by Monster World, right?

Well, something I've heard absolutely no one mention, ever, is that Maple Story is straight up inspired by Monster World.

I was playing Dynastic Hero earlier this year and realized even the soundtrack is similar.