Jumping is an essential component of video games, historically. Personally, I find it difficult to enjoy a game if my character can not jump. Whether a game is an RPG, a shooting game, or just a game about walking around, I always want to jump. I can not help it. It just makes the game more fun.

This is ridiculous, though! I recognize that this is ridiculous. Jumping is a silly thing to do. However, jumping is just a whole lot of fun.

Sometimes, I will settle for spinning, or dancing. For example, in Persona 3 and 4, you can not jump, but you can spin. In Deadly Premonition, you can't jump, but you can make York do a funny dance by repeatedly tapping the sprint button.

Some people think that allowing the player to make the main character look ridiculous will degrade the atmosphere or tone that a game is trying to create. I actually agree; however, I like to jump, and I like to dance. These conflicting emotions rend my soul in two. In the end, I think I fall on the side that says, "Just let the player jump around and ruin the atmosphere if they feel like it."

What non-platformer games have the best jumping? What games include jumping when it's really not necessary, but are fun to jump in anyway? Also, what are the most fun movements or dances in games where moving around is not the focal point?

My favourite jump is so good they included it in the title of the game:


(Doesn't really qualify as a non-platformer, but I love it all the same)