kart (srb2 kart)

first, i‘m an enjoyer of a series of videos called “kart n” for n ∈ ℚ. these videos are clip compilations from the game “sonic robo blast 2: kart.” it’s been a while since the last one, until a few days ago:


i've been interested in srb2kart for a while now, which is silly since i just need to install the thing and play it. i may not ever do it.

so, does anyone here play? it looks bananananas.

I have it installed but it crashed on my gtx 1050 ti so I haven't been able to play it much at all!

@“treefroggy”#p40565 that's too bad. i just now installed it on my old macbook air running pop_os and it worked like a treat. and only mere minutes after saying i may never get around to it.

it plays well with a keyboard, which makes sense since it's a doom mod. i don't know if i dare to play online though.

*edit* i wonder if there's a setting to render it all in software, bypassing the issue

*edit* there is a software renderer, but you get no models. lame. can't they just send it through mesa or something?

@“pasquinelli”#p40558 Does anyone know if this game is a huge pain in the ass to set up for local play? Seems like the sort of thing that would be a blast over a few drinks.

@“Creekgrin”#p40991 for me it was just a click to install it from POP!_Shop, and local multiplayer worked out of the box. i‘ve been using keyboard, my wife and kids have been using a ps4 controller. only problem is i’ve had to set player 2 to the ps4 controller every session.

i think i saw a windows installer at some point, but as i'm on linux it's none of my business. hard to imagine windows would be harder to setup than linux. mac os, otoh, could be a pain to get working...

*googles a bit*

actually maybe not, release notes seem to suggest mac os is well supported.