Korean Retro Gaming Thread


@“hellomrkearns”#p111089 yes, let's! the PC KRPG could easily be spun as the precursor to KMMOs, without knowing much at all, and of course this leads me to the question: what was the PCKRPG precursor to Maple Story? Was there a Wonder Boy in Monster World of PCKRPGs? Thus begins my quest, or perhaps my Maple Story Story to find such a game.

It was sold at a stupid price (₩169.000, twice what I would have gladly paid) but yesterday, nearby Incheon, I stumbled on a hefty stock of **Zemmix Super Mini** units. The neighborhood’s NES Classic mini, if you will, based on the local popular MSX clone, the Daewoo Zemmix Super V.

The machine is [a cart-compatible Raspberry Pi that emulates the MSX2](https://www.msx.org/wiki/Zemmix_Super_Mini), using (seemingly) the BlueberryMSX emulator. It comes packed with 10 brand new games. The machine was released in 2021. Here is a video presentation with helpful English subtitles.


_Not to be mistaken with the [Zemmix Neo](https://www.msx.org/wiki/Zemmix_Neo) project._

@“◉◉maru”#p115340 neat! The msx in general is a blind spot for me, Korean variants even moreso. It's cool to see Korea making weird consoles again!

There‘s a lot of overlap between Team Neo, the folk behind the Zemmix minis, and CRT Games, the studio behind the recent Snow Bros. remake, so if you want more direct confirmation of the Japanese arcade games that are atypically popular in SK, just keep an eye on their future projects—they have a Psychic 5 remake coming in July, and a new Ninja Baseball Bat Man game coming at some unspecified point (concurrent with some fan-made project that got the go-ahead over a decade ago and is still limping along). Their CEO’s a longtime retro dork known by the handle Laptick (taken from a MSX game, of course), their art director did a lot of illustrations for '90s KR gaming mags, etc.

That Snow Bros. remake has some overtly Korean elements, too: they added a bunch of KR dishes as additional scoring items, the staff roll tune's a full-on KR ballad, etc:


@“gsk”#p115352 they have a Psychic 5 remake coming in July


I want to live in that parallel universe where kids are thrilled to play Psychic 5 Eternal. >!To be a bit more transparent, the dad watching behind them seemed way more thrilled about the experience than the two poor kids probably eager to return to 포켓몬.!<


@“gsk”#p115352 the recent Snow Bros. remake

The funny part is, as far as I know, Snow Bros. 2 is the actual mega-popular episode known by an entire generation of South Koreans. Yes, the one with the creepy kids.


I wonder when that game’s remake will inevitably come.

Remember the Maple Story World I posted earlier that allows users to build games using Maple Story assets?

The #1 user-created world in Korean Maple Story is a fan-made version of the classic Maple Story Experience, which has over 100,000 users as of the release of this video which gives an explanation around the 7.4 minute mark:


also it's stated in the video that Maple Story World will be coming to the west. Nexon US is having trouble hiring staff. They need a community manager. Anyone here looking for a job? hehe


@“◉◉maru”#p115554 I wonder when that game’s remake will inevitably come.

I forgot to mention this the other day but it's coming, and with online 4-player multiplayer at that... but they changed all the character designs and there's no sign of the digitised demon children anywhere (I think the JP ROM was generally more common over there, anyhow): https://cohost.org/gosokkyu/post/2727062-snow-bros-2-special

All of this stuff rules. I’m perfectly ignorant as to what gaming looks like in Korea.

Time to jump in.

Much of the earliest Maple Story stuff has been lost to time, so it's cool to see that someone preserved this earliest known prerelease teaser image from 2002, on year before the game released in Korea.

edit: If anyone wants to play a classic Maple Story experience in English, you can try [Maple Royals](https://mapleroyals.com/downloads). I play it sometimes and it's great. If anyone ever wanted to hang out and play together, I'm so down.

The fact that we know so little about Maple Story and Korean gaming has kept it exciting and at the forefront of my mind. The wikipedia page basically sites nothing prior to 2010. The game existed for 7 years by then and I had stopped playing three years earlier.

Rare MAPLESTORY 1.0 concept art dropped. So they do have stuff like this available…. But just casually drop it on Twitter like this… :fearful::fearful::fearful:


This is the original composer of Maple Story‘s soundtrack’s original first set of tunes Soundcloud. They have continued working on games


Thanks @"ThatGreenAlien"#1905 for sharing some of what Maplestory development info has been found by english-speakers.

TGA even found the Insert Credit forums through my maplestory thread while googling obscure MS info, haha!

Turns out the graphics for Ping Pals weren't licensed directly from Maple Story but actually an adjacent game called QuizQuiz!

Quick Google of QuizQuiz reveals tons of epic graphics:

huge thanks to ThatGreenAlien for linking me to the obscure world of Maplestory development.

If anyone is able to emulate Pocket PC software, Wizet's first game was for that platform, titled Fograin:



It sounds like it could be as much of a Wonder Boy in Monster World-like as MS is!

I had to read that multiple times just to make sure the title was not Frograin


@“treefroggy”#p158789 QuizQuiz!

yeah! I remember playing QuizQuiz. Those graphics were really appealing to a high school kid in the early 2000s

@“treefroggy”#p158791 Is this pronounced fo-grain or fog-rain? Either is cool, I just want to be sure I had it right with fograin

@“Tom of the Fog”#p158920 fog ranger X

X Fogranza

Thanks to the MiSTer and a PC one-click project called 0MHz, I’ve been playing one of the handful of Korean x86 PC games that have been uploaded there. It’s basically a Thunder Force IV-inspired horizontal shoot em up, but other than the odd framerate (it really does feel like it should be smoother, could be a MiSTer/emulation thing) it plays and looks REALLY good. Audio is super well done too.

2 of the 3 people credited on it also worked together on DJ Max Portable for PSP, which shouldn’t be surprising but there you go.

Here’s the MiSTer ready-to-go download for those interested:

1CC run:

And some discussion on the soundtrack with the composer (also includes the music, which is surprisingly good considering the era and hardware):