Lack of Dutch Crunch in The Covid era

Has anyone else noticed an alarming lack of fresh Dutch crunch rolls since the pandemic started?

My locally owned markets used to have them daily, as well as Safeway. All markets near me have opened their bakeries are supplying donuts and bagels... but no tiger bread!

Has anyone else been experiencing this?

Hmm, they seem to be plentiful at the grocery store near here, but I‘ll double check next time I’m in there.

Reporting from SR fwiw

my local deli has dutch crunch and it‘s really bad for some reason? like, it’s not crunchy. it's dutch bleah.

I have never seen those in Holland, ask a Dutch person about them and they will look at you as if you speak Martian.

It's only called Dutch Crunch in America! Somebody made it on the great british bakeoff and called it some other thing and I had to look it up.

It’s cool when it’s made, the scaly part on top is actually like a liquid coating.

man when you get a good one with some of the runoff cooked onto the bottom of the roll... just delightful.

@exodus#8346 I've never been to the bay area and I live with the offspring of a Dutchman and neither of us knew what the hell Dutch Crunch was, but fortunately the internet does!

I'm a trash baker so I assume every loaf of bread I make is gonna be tiger bread eventually.

@MazoPanku#8373 Tiger bread is quite different and gets its crunchy exterior from egg yolk.

I'm a pretty boring and traditional Sourdough man, partially because Dutch Crunch seems to always be out.

I think tiger bread is what everyone else calls dutch crunch @Fishie!!! wikipedia says so anyway.

also sourdough rules and it's impossible to get a good one outside california so it's only boring and traditional if you're from the bay I think.


What other strange ideas do we have?

@Syzygy#8421 I agree, Californians are weird about bread. At least it isn't some crazy nonsense like Austin residents claiming they have the best Tacos in Texas. They have (had?) some one sided rivalry with San Antonio for a while.

Yall ever had a Montreal bagel? That‘s the only bread I’m weird about.

Dang I could go for a Montreal bagel right about now, is what I am thinking most of the time.

Edit: Yes, I've eaten bagels in New York City several times, but they are the second-best bagels. Sorry.

No! I’ve never had a Montreal Bagel! Is it a specific flavor or style? Or just Bagels from Montreal in general.

I‘m not sure what’s weird about our bread. If you want to see us get hype though, get us to talk about our taquerias. It's our version of New York folks talking about their pizza.

@Jtwo#8435 Kind of both, is the answer!

Traditional Montreal bagels (which are real hard to find outside of Quebec, even in non-Quebec Canada!) are boiled in water with honey, so they're a little bit sweet (but not at all dessert sweet). Also, they are smaller and chewier than New York bagels.

I had no idea what Dutch Crunch was before this thread, so every time I see someone post here I have to remind myself that this isn't a thread about the mysterious lack of mandatory overtime in Dutch game companies over the last year.

It’s the greatest type of roll, indisputably!

@saddleblasters#8439 SAAAAME!