Last-Minute PSN PS3/PSP recommendation thread

Hey all,

So the word is Sony is dropping support for the PS3, PSP, and Vita in the web and mobile versions of the PSN store, effective imminently. I heard some of that would go in effect TODAY, but as far as I can tell, it hasn't yet--at least not on the Japanese store.

Although you'll still be able to buy stuff through the PS3 console store app, that app already barely runs on PS3 anymore, so I thought I'd finally do what I've been threatening to do for years, and drop a chunk of change and fill my cart one last time.

Anyway I thought I might ask here if people have any recommendations for Japan-only stuff, particularly PS1 and PS2 archives playable on PS3, and that made me think maybe others would appreciate such a thread as well. Here are much current candidates (I surely won't buy all of these but maybe a lot of them!).


Welp, have at it!

Hopefully they stay up on their respective plarforms…

This should be ~$10 on PS3 PSN. The web store link is gone.

Well shoot, I guess I should bite the bullet on getting those PS1 games on my PSTV huh?

@TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee#7740 Oops this is the exact moment my PSTV memory card decided to die. Hope the replacement gets here before the store shuts down!

Ape Escape (サルゲッチュ) for the PS1 and Ape Escape 3 for the PS2 are only available as downloads on the japanese PSN store.

I think @gsk is working on a list of the games that are only available on the web store… hopefully that'll be ready soon!

That was the plan, but the complete impracticality of verifying what is and isn‘t available via the hardware stores, plus the web stores intermittently flaking out ahead of schedule, made me throw up my hands. I might still toss something up on Retronauts, we’ll see how it goes.

I wasn't able to test everything on this very recent list but everything I did test checked out, so I can only hope it's wholly reliable:

There are other lists out there but they're years old and full of conflicting info, and I haven't been able to find any reliable source on JP-specific stuff (which surprised me, considering they were still getting Game Archives releases well into last year). One of the big problems is that the store listings are often outdated or inaccurate: things will be listed as Vita-compatible but aren't, or they were made Vita-compatible but the listings still say they aren't, etc and sometimes the store itself won't let you download things that are/were marked incompatible even though they 100% work, and you just have to hope it's feeling generous (the Monkeypaw PSOne imports are in that category).

Within the last few hours, native listings have appeared for some digital-only Vita games that were heretofore only purchasable via the web store, so that's a tiny plus, but why Sony would even bother to approve games they weren't going to properly allow people to buy to begin with is beyond me.

@Syzygy#7828 Yup. Stuff like this feels almost like tacit permission from Sony to just go ahead and pirate older software.

@Syzygy#7828 Yeah … what are you gonna do?

I'm a broken record, but I remember arguing that if the game industry was going to go digital distribution, then we need to figure out how to make those releases available forever. Make it so when a digitally distributed game gets old, access to it on an original platform doesn't become a question of trying to locate an expensive disc/cart, but whether you want to hook your old 360/PS3 (new at the time I was arguing this) to the Internet and pay for the cheaper, always available digital copy. This was one of the few positive things that would add a ton of value to the medium moving into a non-media future.

But the industry keeps saying, "FYUUUUUCK that shit! No time to figure that out."

Sorry ... ranting slightly OT. Get them games, by any means deemed necessary. :)

This article has been making the rounds today

This whole thing sucks, just as it did for the Wii eShop dying - but the fact that entire generations of digitally available games could be sealed off is basically the worst case scenario people hypothesized at the start of all this. Guessing they would rather put money into selling you a remake than preserving the original. Only hope would be some dev time for an official emulator and a PS5 Pro with some extra horsepower to actually run it.

Of course this all boils down to numbers, control, and Jim Ryan's opinion about old games being pressed onto PS users. The number of online users on PS3 era systems must be woefully low, as well as sales. Those PS2 games on PS4 must have bombed hard as well. Essentially the message is "Those old games have served their purpose and are no longer needed. It's too expensive to keep them on life support." It's such BS. Imagine if this was the case for classic films, music and novels. "Who needs _Dune_ when you could read _Ready Player One_?"

Meanwhile you look at MS who is adding 60fps, 4k and Auto HDR to 360 and Original Games and they look awesome, with no additional work from the original devs, the rights holders are earning money, and no new deals need to be made. Their letting the games of their era be presented the best they can, and encouraging revisiting them. Only when a game is remade are they typically delisted in this scenario as well. It's a very PC like approach, but for $500 and with the ease of a console it's much easier for the average person to appreciate.

So if they're actively driving their software underground then get those big hard drives and load 'em up. Sony doesn't care - but we do.

Edit - Check this out:
Let me play Resistance, Puppeteer, Killzone, inFamous, Ratchet and Motorstorm with this stuff ya jerks!

Did the Wii eShop stuff get moved onto the Wii U eShop since all that stuff should theoretically be playable on there as well? I completely missed the Wii and Wii U.

@sabertoothalex#8017 Nope all gone. Your purchases did not link to an account either since they were tied to system. You could only do a system transfer ONCE to a Wii U (in Wii mode). You could not get retail disc games on the Wii eShop as well, so just all of the virtual console and unique WiiWare titles like the three Konami Rebirth games developed by M2 went away permanently. Thankfully these are all small, easy to get online, and easy to either emulate with Dolphin or put on a soft-modded Wii (which is pretty easy to do as well).

Problem is PS3 games are both large (up to 40gb), may require patches, and are hard to emulate. Vita doesn't have much in terms of emulation, but soft-modding is doable if you can get your hands on a PSTV or Vita with older firmware and the games are not huge (though some have patches). PSP is in pretty good shape however. Leave it to the fans to do the work! :|

@copySave#8019 Not really shocking that they didn‘t bring all that over to the Wii U, or set up any kind of real account system before the Switch, considering how they treat their legacy for the most part. Really disappointing. Wonder if the same will happen when they shut down the Wii U eShop. It has an actual virtual console with GB, GBA, DS, SNES etc games and no doubt Nintendo won’t be offering those on the Switch.

Related to this thread I went to the web PS Store today to try to buy the two Devil Summoner Raidou games as PS2 Classics and got hit with the new store. So now I guess if I ever want to play them I'll need to hope PS2 Classics are a thing on PS5, send my PS3 in for repair to be able to directly download them on there, or shell out $200+ for disc versions of both.

@whatsarobot#7829 I kind of wondered if all these “mini” consoles are publishers‘ way of saying “just pirate everything.” Hacks to unlock the entire library etc. have been such a big part of the conversation surrounding those minis, but publishers keep releasing them, and I don’t think there‘s been any crackdown. They must know people are using them this way and just figure they’re still getting some money off the hardware. ‘Course, that doesn’t help the PS2/PSP/Vita crowd.

@Lacquerware#8047 It seems like Nintendo certainly expected it:

Wow! I like whoever did that!

They're closing down the in console psns now.

Perhaps now is the last time to ask, is it worth it to get a Vita?


@MichaelDMcGrath#22918 is it worth it to get a Vita

That you're wondering about this in the first place seems like a sign it could be worth it for you. I've got a lot of PS1 JRPGs and for me it's basically just a (portable!!!) machine which plays all of those, Persona 4, and MGS3. That to me is definitely something worth having, although at the moment Vita memory cards are stupidly expensive (more than they were at MSRP, that is). There appear to be some [workarounds]( if you're willing to hack the device (and in that case I hear it's a great emulator for pre-N64 games).

@MichaelDMcGrath#22918 I think one of the Vita‘s biggest draws was that it was a portable way to play indie games. With the existence of the Switch, that’s no longer much of a draw unless you prefer the smaller size. However, it remains a great way to play PlayStation 1 games portably, if you like what''s available on the PS Store.

Note that the Vita isn''t region-locked, per se, but you can only register one PSN account to it at a time, and then you can only DL/use digital content from the region associated with the account. So you can switch regions, but it's a big hassle. (Unless the aforementioned workarounds alleviate that?)
Physical game cards are usable regardless of region.

I don't think there are many compelling [Vita exclusives](, but if you like "hunting action" games, Soul Sacrifice and Freedom Wars are both quite cool imo. On the other hand, without people to play with, they might be considerably less cool.
It's also the only place to play Vanillaware's Muramasa besides the Wii. I think it's one of their most fun games.
Also a handful of portable ports that might be enough to justify it--Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 and 2, FFX, and the ones @captain mentioned come to mind.

And yeah, those memory card prices are downright silly, which makes me think if you're getting a Vita at this point, a "workaround" is the sensible way to go.