Last-Minute PSN PS3/PSP recommendation thread

The PS3 / Vita era is one I totally missed out on. I keep thinking of getting a vita just to have one, ya know?

@Syzygy#22943 YOP. And its because each piece of downloaded software I think needs to be signed to the machine it is on. There some weird complexities there. I am likely going to do some tests in the next month to figure out the best way to at least keep a personal archive for future use. I know you can unlink the memory card from the system. Hopefully that gives me some flexibility.

Wondering what this means for redownloading games we've already purchased? The Wii shop has this ability still but Nintendo has said they will be ending that at some point. Is Sony just going to skip a step and do that right away? Would be a very spiteful Jim Ryan move to pull.

Much as I'd love to think that an actual solution is coming that brings PS3 and PS TV functionality to the PS5 I know that is not what is going to happen here. Maybe at best they'll roll some of that stuff into PS Now or select games for purchases like the PS2 on PS4 games. Truly a nightmare.

I will also say that a hacked Vita with SD2VITA is one of the best investments of time and money that I've made. Love that thing. Now time to research PS3 stuff I guess!


@Lacquerware#22937 However, it remains a great way to play PlayStation 1 games portably, if you like what’'s available on the PS Store.

Just want to point out a PSP is easily hackable and can then play any PS1 game you want, too (and they're a damn sight cheaper than a Vita).

Seems kind of outrageous to me that they're barely keeping the Vita store open longer than the PSP's. That's an extra 6-7 years of support for the PSP! I know it was far more popular but come on. (I still want a Vita someday though and the asshole in me can't help thinking the store shutdown might make em a bit cheaper)

I was anticipating this and got a few PS1 games just 2 days ago. But apparently down the road when Sony shuts off PSN for PS3 completely and your PS3 CMOS battery dies, you won't be able to run your digital games.

Tiny bit of silver lining is that PSN purchases are tied to your account so there is tiny tiny tiny tiny chance of things getting restored with change of management. Totally doubt it lol.

This whole thing has been a real bummer

>>> Edit: This no longer works <<<

[s]Here is how to access store pages for soon to be defunct games on desktop browsers.

Search and go to your chosen region's PS store like here:

Replace "latest" with "home/games?smcid=psapp" like this:

Then you just find the links on the side or drill down the links to find the list you're looking for.

Here are a couple of examples:

US PS minis

JP PSX / PS2 / PCE[/s]

You can find PS3 PSN exclusives here:

funny coincidence that i finally ordered a decently large memory card for my vita a few days ago, out of worry this might happen. I‘ll probably mostly only be downloading the old persona games and miscellaneous ps1 stuff like older RPGS and the Mega Man Legends games. I’m tremendously annoyed by this on a philosophical level, particularly because my ps3 is in fairly rough shape and I have no idea how many more years it‘ll last, but I think i’ll be able to grab everything i could want before everything falls apart.

something this has made me realize is that the ps3 really didn't have a very good exclusive library after sony ported so much to the ps4... i think the only games i truly care about that i'll lose access to when my internal battery dies, if this does end up being the case, are the original nier and Drakengard 3. :/

I‘m… really ticked off about Sony sunsetting these stores. I know that it costs money to maintain all this stuff, and to keep the store secure, and even to process payments, but it sure feels like they could manage it, given that they’re a gigantic megacorp and all. I wouldn't even really be pissed if they tried to sell it all to me again for a modern system. What really bugs me is all these games suddenly becoming entirely inaccessible.

I mean really. I never thought I'd say it, but it sure seems like Microsoft has a better approach to all this kind of thing than Sony. They've got issues, for sure (for example, continuing to sell games under the guise of backward compatibility that don't actually work correctly) but it's better than Sony's method of just tipping an entire generation and a half of digital games into the trash.

Anyway! There are a few games that came to mind as some of my favourites for PSP that I don't think anyone's mentioned so far? I really enjoyed Exit and Kangaeru Exit, a pair of pretty stylish puzzle games. The second game is Japan only as far as I know, but it's worth looking into. Fortunately I think both got ported to Xbox Live (?) but may not still be available there.

I'm also a big fan of both games in the Yūsha no Kuse ni Namaiki da series, where you're the bad guy and you need to set traps and release monsters to kill the invading heroes. It's a little bit like a low-fi version of Tecmo's Deception. They both got US ports (What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord? 1 and 2).

This last one is probably one of my favourites on the platform, period-- 1000000T no Barabara (Patchwork Heroes). It's got a great and unique aesthetic and almost Qix-like gameplay that involves chopping off pieces of gigantic airships to destroy them. Honestly, if I had to pick a single PSP game to recommend, this would be it. It's a ton of fun, it looks incredible, and for some reason it seems to be practically unknown.

@Syzygy#23155 Okay, point taken, you're absolutely right, lol. I admit! My words were typed hastily! But of course the equally shitty megacorp Microsoft is just as lousy about this sort of thing.

Even Nintendo isn't without fault with this: their move to sell more streaming versions of games for the Switch, and then selling access to those games for full price, a move that will inevitably leave all those folks in the lurch when they shut down the servers, might be even shittier than this current move by Sony.

Looking through the stores extensively, i pretty much know what ps1 and psp and ps3 games are worth buying asap and getting into my collection, but i'm having difficulty finding many recommendations as far Vita stuff. I think the only actual games I ever really used mine for were Persona 4 and the Disgaea games, and never really saw much of interest other than those Danganronpa games which have now been de-listed. is there anything else that is, like, super mega necessary or valuable, exclusives-wise?

Man, if that internal clock thing is true, is it even worth doing a last-hurrah lump purchase? I‘ve long been a proponent of digital, but that’s really outrageous if true.

@crumble Freedom Wars is the only true Vita exclusive I've played that felt essential. Soul Sacrifice Delta is also pretty cool and stuck on Vita. They're both roughly the same type of game--Monster Hunter clones--with impressive presentation, but FW seemed to have more interesting systems and a more immersive world, imo. If those aren't your thing and neither are Dangan-type games, I dunno. :/

Would I be able to emulate Drakengard 3 with all DLC and Japanese voices? Otherwise all that crap is like $35 to download (in addition to the price of the game).

If I were making a list of Vita stuff it would include:

Freedom Wars
Muramasa Rebirth+DLC
Gundam Extreme VS Force
Touch My Katamari(not actually great or anything but worth playing if you get a Vita)
Tales of Hearts R(same as above)

widening that to games that are also on other things but are great/maybe handheld exclusive on Vita:

Nonary Games+ZTD
Utawarerumono series(I haven’t played these myself but people love em)
Gravity Rush+DLC( there's a remaster on PS4 but I think there’s something to playing it on the platform it was originally designed for)
Danganronpa series(gotta hack a Vita or go physical now tho)
Virtua Tennis 4
Adventures of Mana
Ys Memories of Celceta
Trails of Cold Steel 1/2


@Syzygy#23195 Square Enix admitted people want Japanese VA but compromised to internal pressure by making it paid DLC . . .

And it's $5 now but I could have sworn it was originally $10. What a crock.

[RPG Site] All the exclusive RPGs available on PlayStation Network for PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, and Vita

I bought a few PS1 games and Chulip. I don't have SMT Devil Summoner 2 so probably will get that too. I definitely prefer physicals but the prices are getting super high. Too bad they don't have Valkyrie Profile.

PS3 emulation is super cumbersome to me because of big file size. Thankfully I bought most of PS3 games I want already.

Shoot. I hadn’t realized Noby Noby Boy had been delisted from PSN. And I do still have MvC2 HD attached to my account….

Guess I really gotta get a PS3.

PS3? You mean my Daytona USA arcade machine?


@captain#23184 Would I be able to emulate Drakengard 3 with all DLC and Japanese voices?

It sure would be convenient if all that stuff was easy to pirate. Hypothetically speaking.

Preparing myself to buy several things, but as far as things stand I‘m thinking whether it’s best to buy a PS5 in the future or any other system and so far the option of buying and building a potent PC that can withstand like 8-10 years of good gaming is gaining track as days pass.

I‘ll think about which games do I want into my PS3, so I’m going to make a list of the ones that aren't hackable atm, so thanks for the Chulip and the Under Defeat recommendations.