Less than triple A

A weird friend comes up to you and says “This game isn’t a triple-A game, but it’s definitely a double-A game, not a single-A.”

What characteristics would you interpret this distinction as defining?

-an intro movie in obviously lower resolution than the game itself

-start screen has techno music

-well-regarded on insert credit

charmingly bad voice acting

@“穴”#p38185 And bad faces, to go with it.

  • - An over reliance on that one mechanic that the developers are just a little too proud of.
  • platinum made it

    Does a “double-A” game or whatever have a different texture to it in 2021 than in 2001? Like I hear that Hellblade game described as less than triple A, but to play it doesn‘t scream that right away because for example the graphics are incredible (definitely a less interesting strand of less-than-triple-A I’d say)

  • - Hyper-specific technical genre, but from a studio with long industry success. I'm thinking Guilty Gear -STRIVE or the latest Cave shooter.
  • A certain kind of double-A game would be made of just the parts of FFVII Remake where you talk to mannequin-eyed NPCs with whacko lip sync before it reverse-shots to Cloud and you can count the individual stitches on his turtleneck

    Well, I’d probably be spending the next few minutes reconsidering whether they are still my friend.

    But assuming I owe then money or a kidney, I usually assess As according to the headcount working on the game. Specifically, a AA would be a game which could be reasonably achieved with around 30〜100 people on the payroll.

    Some AAA budgets look like AAs despite their gargantuan headcount due to wasted efforts or poor direction. Some AAs overachieve and pass for AAAs. So that’s what I’d assume my weird kidney-missing friend is trying to convey.

    Is this a stealth thread about No More Heroes III? [It sounds like someone trying to describe No More Heroes III.](https://nmh.marv.jp/nmh3/)

    Just started playing Code Vein and I think this game is real AA: your weirdly wooden and voiceless mc, the heavy recycling of environments in the depths, the game's clumsiness at teaching you how to play (the game feels balanced to play solo but you have to find out on your own that you can dismiss your companion). The counterargument is that this game has a real AAAA character creator, so on average is it still AAA?

    The point about recycling environments makes me think that it was Dragon Age 2's AA-ness that fans disliked about it, and I think DA2 ought to be the Insert Credit choice of dragon age games !

    Assuming it‘s plot-driven, I can complete it in 10-12 hours, there’s only one ending, and very few collectibles.

    Minimal sidequests, and a manageably-sized world map.

    Crashes at least once during a playthrough, forcing me to replay just slightly more than I'd like to since the last autosave.

    @“whatsarobot”#p38203 this almost perfectly describes the new Ratchet and Clank game on PS5.

    @“yeso”#p38183 LMAO perfect

    i'd just say it feels like a ps2 game (in the best possible ways)

    @“fugazi57”#p38258 true, the PS2 AA game is burned in my memory…rip weird PS2 games

    @“whatsarobot”#p38203 those side quests should all mostly be things like “collect 7 bongos for Bill”, Bongos only spawn on the furthest part of the map and weirdly infrequently.

    Scarlet Nexus feels like this from what I've played.