Let’s do our own console ranking!

We’ve all heard what Brandon, Frank and Tim think, in a lovely episode of the show. I’m curious what the community would say the top 21 consoles of all time are! So let’s do a poll.

### Rules

  • 1.

    Please choose (up to) five consoles and rank them in your order of preference. Your #1 choice will be awarded five points. #2, four points. Etc.

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    Voting closes on February 18, 2022.

  • Let's get at least a rough idea of how we feel about this: what does the PC represent, to us?

  • 1. PSX
  • 2. SNES
  • 3. PS2
  • 4. Nintendo DS
  • 5. PlayStation Vita/Switch (basically one system to play my beloved VNs!)
  • Basically I agree with the panel's top 3 plus portable gaming has always been important to me, even though I realize it wasn't as formative for me as traditional consoles.

    I don't agree with adding PC to the list and that wouldn't be a top pick for me either, but if we somehow could isolate the concept of "emulation" and put it there it would supercede any of the individual consoles. Not because I'm thinking of it as a way to cheat the system but rather because the idea of "playing videogames regardless of time and when they were released, based only on the interestingness of the game alone" has been the way to approach games I like the most from a while now.

    My choices would be:

  • 1. 3DS. Basically for the same reasons everyone on the show cited for the DS library, which this can also play, with the addition of all the cool Street Pass features added, and the beautiful little RPGs and Nintendo curiosities. But seriously, remember how fun it was to get Street Passes? What other console offered so much fun without even needing to own a single gamesoft?
  • 2. Game Boy. It invented the concept of portable games (the best kind of games). I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t been gifted Link’s Awakening and Kirby’s Dream Land as a child.
  • 3. PlayStation. So many of the best developers of all time just going wild and having a crazy experimental time, but also delivering genre defining experiences. Kind of feels like the height of entertainment if I’m in a certain frame of mind.
  • 4. Dreamcast. Too beautiful for this world. I still love to think about what the future might have been like if this had been the most successful console at the time. Not mentioned on the podcast: Seaman! Space Channel 5! Jet Set Radio! Just games for games’ sake.
  • 5. Genesis. Such a good mix of cool, weird classics, and some great sports games.
  • @“Gaagaagiins”#p54361 I intentionally avoided making a rule about this, because I want to see what folks here will do about it.

    To me personally it represents: a very bad choice for this kind of list!

    But maybe someone has only ever played games on a Windows PC, for whatever reason, and that’s still a valid experience.

    Maybe someone’s favourite console is a Texas Instruments calculator. I dunno. Let’s see what happens.

    @“JoJoestar”#p54363 Nice try, sneaking Vita and Switch in there as one entry. You gotta pick one!

    @“whatsarobot”#p54369 I honestly don‘t care either way, but let’s do Switch just because the native catalog is a bit more interesting than the Vita‘s (even though the Vita’s OLED is gorgeous and the system was retrocompatible with PSP and PSX…)

    This is a tricky question for me because I‘m a a child of emulation and owning multiple previous gen consoles from an early age, so I don’t feel as particularly attached to any console, but here is my list out the top of my head right now:

  • 1. Nintendo 3DS
  • 2. Sega Saturn
  • 3. Playstation 2
  • 4. Pico 8
  • 5. Nintendo DS
  • my honorable mention goes to the GameCube just cause it's the only correct way of playing Super Monkey Ball

    1 - dreamcast

    2 - naomi/lindburgh arcade board

    3 - 1993-1999 CD rom era windows pc

    4 - Saturn

    5 - PS2

  • 1. Playstation
  • 2. Super Famicom
  • That could be my list on its own. That's all the good video games ever made. But if you insist...!

  • 3. Playstation 2
  • 4. Nintendo GameCube
  • 5. PC Engine
  • I'm assuming we don't need to specify add-ons? In this case the PC Engine would include its library of Super CD-ROM^2 games etc., if someone had the Sega Genesis on their list it would include the Sega CD and 32X...?

    @“Funbil”#p54376 Yup, that’s a good assumption! Like how choosing Game Boy means you get Game Boy Camera (and Printer! (and Sewing Machine!)).

    obv this is maybe my own weird way of thinking about this: but I don‘t believe volume of good games released for the system should be taken into account instead think about the most singular and distinct hardware/software output experience. It’s sort of happenstance what devs and publishers happen to sign whatever contracts

  • 1. Game Boy
  • 2. Genesis
  • 3. Gamecube
  • 4. Turbografx 16
  • 5. Xbox Series X
  • Ps1





    I prefer the ds and psp libraries to their successors however the backwards compatibility covers it for me at least… and I gotta say the vita might be garbage but I’ve savored every moment with it

    @“After that rat, another and another.”#p54381 Wouldn't the ideal console be precisely the one that can do both? My favorites are PSX/PS2 precisely for that reason.

    1 Dreamcast- I traded a classmate the new DVD player (PS2) my parents bought for a DC in 2001. I still have it. The disc drive on that one is now dead, but I'll revive it with a mode one day!

    2 Genesis

    3 PS2

    4 Saturn

    5 Xbox 360

    Edit- picked an actual console for #5
    ~~5 RPG Maker/Gamemaker/XNA era PC- Something like 2006-2011? Referring to that time when stuff like Space Funeral, Spelunky (freeware), Clean Asia, Gravity Bone, An Untitled Story came out. It's a distinct era in my head anyway~~






    Are we even going to hit 21 if we only have five choices each? That said, I must say that after my top three things get very murky in which I prefer.

    1) SNES

    2) PSX

    3) Nintendo Switch

    4) Sega Genesis

    5) Turbo Grafx 16

    -edit- switched the order of Genesis and TG16

    @“JoJoestar”#p54398 sure, but why should the dreamcast be punished because the world was wrong?

  • 1.

    SNES/ Super Famicom. No explanation needed, but shoutout to Final Fight 3 and Illusion of Gaia.

  • 2.

    PS2. No explanation needed here either, but shoutout to the Ratchet and Clank series and Phantom Brave.

  • 3.

    Neo Geo MVS / AES. I, like most people (I'm guessing), have never played the Neo Geo home console but it has the same guts as the arcade machine, which I did play the heck out of. Neo Geo might have the best ratio of good games on any console: Metal Slug, all the fighting games, the shmups, the beat 'em ups, Super Dodge Ball, Spin Master, and on and on. Fun, loud, colorful, funky, spunky, bright, crunchy, these were just Good Times. Also the name is very good.

  • 4.

    Nintendo Gamecube. There are so many worthy consoles that could go here and I'm kicking myself for not getting the PS1 on here somehow, but I just love the GameCube too much as a piece of hardware to leave it behind. The library of real essentials is admittedly small, but I'd argue this was The Best console for couch multiplayer and it had some great single-player experiences, too. Most of these other systems are about me sinking deeper into myself (for good and sometimes for bad), but the GameCube genuinely brought me closer to friends and family back in the day and occasionally it still does.

  • 5.

    Nintendo 64. I don't care, I know it's irrational, I know it's damaged goods and that the PS1 and Saturn are both better picks for this generation, I just love this thing too much. Playing Mario 64 and the Zeldas felt like a revolution at the time and in some ways they still do. I'm playing Paper Mario now for the first time (it's great!) and it just makes me think of all the great 2D-ish games that could have been. I even like the controller. Lastly, this thing is firmly parked here until someone shows me a better wrestling game than Virtual Pro Wrestling 2. I'll wait.