Let’s do our own console ranking!




PPC Macintosh (excluding Leopard)

GBA SP (stock AGS-001 screen, no backlit or IPS nonsense)

@“connrrr”#p54421 I almost included the GBA - specifically the SP. Specifically my beautiful Nintendo Entertainment System themed Gameboy Advance SP as pictured here:

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/9zCEV1K.png]

Then I decided not to.

@“fridgeboy”#p54422 [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/dewD2hb.png]

I like cartridges, and love the look of 8-bit and 16-bit games.

1 - NES
2 - Game Boy
3 - Super Nintendo
4 - Genesis
5 - Neo-Geo

For most of my life the NES, SNES and Game Boy have been my main game systems.
I didn't have a Genesis growing up, but loved playing it when I visited friends who did.
In many ways the Neo-Geo felt like the last stand for both 2D and cartridges. I love a good Neo-Geo fighting game.

SNES carts feel real good. Game Boy carts feel real good. NES carts are a little too big, but Famicom carts aren't.
Genesis carts feel good too. Neo-Geo carts are _real big_, but own it and feel good in their own way.

I love the little clear clamshell travel cases Game Boy games came with, and the little dust covers SNES games came with.
Nintendo was really at the top of their game aesthetically in the 90s. The carts are pleasantly sized too!

Right now I mostly play Game Boy and NES games which further reinforces my top picks.
NES and Gameboy games really hit a sweet-spot where the games feel polished _and_ experimental.

@“connrrr”#p54424 and I’ll never forget

Top four is super easy and could be in any order really so I will just rank them according to the estimated total playtime spent on each hardware. Fifth place is a distant fifth and a rotating guest seat probably occupied by the latest console I played before you asked the question. Could have been PSP or 3DS or PC Engine or Dreamcast just as well.

① Nintendo Switch
② Nintendo DS
③ SegaSaturn
④ Neo•Geo
⑤ PlayStation

Also gonna note how my feelings about them are trending currently.

  • 1. PS1 :arrow_up_small:
  • 2. SNES 🔽
  • 3. PCE 🔼🔼
  • 4. Switch 🔼
  • 5. PS2 🔽🔽
  • 5 is actually toss up between PS2, GBA 🔼, NDS 🔼, and 3DS 🔼. PS2 is on there right now cuz Nintendo handhelds kind of took votes away from each other. Saturn 🔼🔼 is dark horse that's trending up quickly.

  • 1. Sony Playstation
  • 2. Sony Playstation 5
  • 3. Windows PC
  • 4. Sony Playstation 2
  • 5. Nintendo Switch
  • To a certain degree I just kind of have to be honest and look at which consoles I feel I have spent the most time with, have the highest number of treasured experiences with, and who can be eliminated after I internally slaughter any darlings.

    Kind of because I resent the concept of there being different consoles to begin with. With the exception of the distinction between portable and home console (which is rapidly becoming irrelevant too), I think consoles have been largely just different camps of somewhat differently specialized computers since day one, really. I recognize the importance of having a specialized computer for playing games that is available for a reasonably affordable standard price but that justifies one game console we all play on imo, not even two. Nintendo gave theirs wacky controllers sometimes and Sega consoles had more aesthetically pleasing plastic shells, but a Sega console having Sega-ness isn't inherent to the console, a Sega console is given its identity by the games released for it, which they made for their consoles so they could sell consoles and games rather than just one or the other. So, even though I resent it and understand how arbitrary it is, a console to me really only can be about the game library, since any other distinctions are largely artificial at the end of the day if you ask me. MAYBE that's cynical but oh well.

    Anyway, couldn't agree more on the panel's placement of the **Sony Playstation** as the greatest console of all time. The JRPG library alone would carry it up there. It also had such an eclectic mixture of games, it had a Nintendo console level of weirdo games while still having some of the most spectacularly huge and artistically intricate games for the time. Anyone who was alive and not a baby at the time should have had a Playstation with a mod chip or one of those little springs 'cause renting games from Blockbuster and burning them was the best way to play games for an impressively long time.

    I'll obviously be clarifying what I mean by **Windows PC,** here. I'm trying to zero in on specifically PC centric games, or, at least, platforms that had distinct origins on the PC. The PC gets no credit for being a platform where one can play _Monster Hunter_ or _Halo_ or _The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls._ I think the PC deserves credit for being integral to indie game development, not just for how it was the first place digital distribution made the most sense but perhaps specifically because of game development and distribution platforms and communities like the ones that were borne out of _RPG Maker._ Without PC it's hard to say if we'd have games like _Undertale._ Other kinds of games I would say are distinctly PC games are stuff like games in the RTS genre. I played countless hours of _Warcraft III_ custom maps, which, hey, not unlike _RPG Maker,_ was also a place where an entire subgenre of game was born. Oh, not to mention all other sorts of strategy games. I would say that early era of FPS games owe a lot to the existence of the keyboard and mouse, the dominance of the _Halo_ and the _Call of Duty_ on the XBox makes it feel like a distant memory now but FPS games took a while to really penetrate the console landscape in a meaningful way. Certainly by the time _The Orange Box_ is going omni-console the FPS has carved out its niche in the console landscape, but that was after 3 years of _Half-Life 2_ being a PC exclusive. There are all those western RPGs too but I really didn't have the computer to experience most of 'em so I can't speak on them. PC remains the premiere platform for MMORPGs, like 'em or lose 'em. Also one of my favourite games of all time, _Darkest Dungeon,_ is a pretty distinctly PC experience. The console ports aren't bad but they just aren't the same.

    And, well, you know, a lot of that is probably directly contradictory to my diatribe about how consoles are just computers, and a lot of that can be summed up by saying "it uses a keyboard and mouse as its primary control mechanism," but oh well. I still think even if I had to narrow down a specific era or slice of PC gaming and still without factoring in emulation in terms of weighing it against consoles, I'm kind of already doing that. Just from a personal perspective, in consideration of volume of play time and density of enjoyment, I have done a hell of a lot of PC gaming (the combined time from the two MMORPGs I have played seriously, _World of Warcraft_ and _Final Fantasy XIV_ alone is immense), and I wish I could do more, specifically on a big goddamn gamer rig.

    But that also brings me to one other point which is something consoles do to try and make themselves not just be specialized computers, but in a way that makes them actively worse, which is to make it infinitely harder to use mods. And rather than just say that mods make any game have infinite possibilities, which is cheating, I'd just put it out there that mods are a means by which games can be made more accessible if the developers didn't or don't intend to make a game accessible themselves. So, that is I think something worth giving the PC as a platform credit for.

    On one hand I feel a need to rank the **Playstation 4** at least in the middle of my list out of acting on a personal vendetta against nostalgia and its influence on these sorts of recollections. On the other hand, there are some real, real good games on that system. In a way it's kind of like the Playstation 2-2, a confluence of workhorse, highly capable technology for the time period and an incredibly strong library of games. Even if they aren't all exclusives, it's my list and I played them on Playstation 4 so they are Playstation 4 games to me. _Bloodborne. Dark Souls 3. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice._ Probably some games not made by FromSoftware (okay, fine, _God of War (2018), The Last of Us Part 2, Final Fantasy VII Remake,_ again, not technically exclusives but I think timed exclusives that got PC ports later count as contributing to that console's identity). Obviously visuals in games should not be given outsized importance as a matter of principle, but this is the generation where I feel like games finally started to just look, like, unquestionably good. Technical capabilities were expanded to the point where you could feel like a real totality of a collective artistic vision was being realized by the capabilities of the hardware, _Bloodborne_ is my evidence for that. If visual fidelity stopped here for 10 years, or even regressed slightly to the point where a PS4 can run something at 60FPS, we would all probably be able to manage with that, basically.

    Also, Playstation 4 deserves recognition for one crucial little feature: the Share button. Sharing your experiences with other people or keeping a record of something you thought was awesome was always possible, but it was never so easy and convenient, and now that kind of easy capability for doing stuff like that has been firmly embedded into all consoles. Maybe this sort of thing was always inevitable, Nintendo seemed to try and want to put all sorts of dumb little distractions into their games and toys to encourage gameplay to have social elements, but, really, the Playstation 4 figured out a comprehensive solution first.

    Actually, after writing all that, I'm realizing that I want to put the Playstation 4 higher on my list. So if you're wondering why this is out of order, that's why.

    **EDIT:** After this I just decided to be totally honest with myself and say that full backwards compatibility barely even being a part of this console generation is practically an indirect admission that the Playstation 5 is just already the Playstation 4 but better, which makes it the Playstation 4: 2, which makes it the Playstation 2-2: 2, and so I'll just future proof my list.

    The **Playstation 2** is the platform on which **GOD HAND** was first released. As a vessel for the holy of holies this makes it the most important game console of all time for all time, but I tried to weight it irrespective of that.

    The **Nintendo Switch** allows you to play fully featured console games while sitting on the toilet. More importantly, it allows you to switch between this and playing in a home console format seamlessly. I suppose you could do this with the Super Game Boy and a Game Boy, but not without exiting the game before and after each transition. It's a shame about the overall failure of the hardware itself to maintain a consistently pleasant experience but I find it difficult to not overlook that in order to recognize how much it rules to be able to not stop playing a game to go to the bathroom.

    1: PS1

    2: PS2

    3: Genesis

    4: Dreamcast

    5: GBA

    Just a little note that folks should probably not include prior consoles as considerations in their listings unless the hardware is iterated upon.

    So if you include Vita you don't get PSP for free, and if you choose PS2 you don't get PS1. Genesis gets sega cd and 32x because those are peripherals off a base model. but a PS2 just has a whole PS1 inside of it, so if you choose PS2 you're not also endorsing PS1, is all.

    Kind of waffling on 3DS because it feels iterative... I'm not sure about that one.


    @“Gaagaagiins”#p54492 Sony Playstation 5

    Must be nice...

    @“LeFish”#p54403 I wondered about this as well. But my hope is that limiting the number of choices might encourage everyone to really dig deep and see what they want to contribute to this list. So far, we‘ve had some pretty diverse picks, as well as a lot of The Usual Suspects. So the answer is: I guess we’ll see!

  • 1. NES/FC
  • 2. Xbox360
  • 3. Saturn
  • 4. PS1
  • 5. SNES/SFC
  • 6. Vita
  • 7. Commodore 64
  • 8. PS3
  • 9. Mega Drive/Genesis/Sega CD
  • 10. Dreamcast
  • 11. Gamecube
  • 12. PC Engine/Turbo CD
  • 13. 3DS
  • 14. DS
  • 15. PS2
  • 16. Game Boy Advance/SP
  • 17. Game Boy/GBC
  • 18. WiiU
  • 19. Intel NUC (currently 11) Extreme AMD64 PC running Linux with Proton, _no Windows_
  • 20. Switch
  • The C64 was more console than PC, I can't think of a single person that used productivity software on it. It connected directly to your TV. It had a cartridge slot and joystick ports, man. It also had a humongous library of weird and sometimes deep games.

    I almost did not put the Switch on here because I got my fill of frustratingly inferior mobile ports of Unity games with my Vita in 2014-2016, and my whole reason to own one over a WiiU is Animal Crossing which peaked on the 3DS (already on my list). But it rounds out my 20.


    @“exodus”#p54498 Just a little note that folks should probably not include prior consoles as considerations in their listings unless the hardware is iterated upon.

    I am definitely being a contrarian brat about this in saying Playstation 5 instead of Playstation 4, but, hey, I dunno, something feels distinct about this current and previous console generation. It was weird how little of a deal was made about backwards compatibility this time, not to mention the whole mess of cross generation compatibility or cross generation upgrade capability. It's often been the case that big games developed in the twilight years of a console generation end up getting re-released on to the incoming generation's hardware... but those were ports. In this new paradigm are these cross generation games even different software on that same level?

    Just popping in to make sure the PS2 gets vetoed (each individual poster gets a veto, right)


    @“chazumaru”#p54501 Gaagaagiins Sony Playstation 5


    Must be nice…

    Ask me again on February 26th, lol. It's mostly collecting dust.

    My main motivation for adopting it early was to ensure I would have one before the release of _Elden Ring,_ because of unashamed hyperfixation. So I took advantage of a window of opportunity where I had disposable income, and I'm glad I did, because said window has since closed. I also got relatively lucky in finding one too so I ended up with one much sooner than I thought I would.

    @“gsk”#p54513 Check back a month from now, for our list which contains… no entries!

  • 1. PlayStation
  • 2. Super Nintendo/Famicom
  • 3. Xbox 360
  • 4. Switch
  • 5. Dreamcast
  • This was tougher than I thought, really hard to nail down any sort of consistent criteria/metric but I did my best.

    I‘m going to forge my own path against @“exodus”#3’s wishes and say:

    #1 Console All Time For Me: The Nintendo 3/DS

    I count them as the same because I had to physically buy all of the DS games I played(up until CFW was a thing but you know, all formative experiences were with real carts). Because I didn't have a DS at the time it was new I had all of my DS game experiences on the 3DS. 999, Ghost Trick, Radiant Historia, Strange Journey. Foundational games to my taste but on the successor hardware. I guess it feels different than just doing a PS/PS2 thing because those two pieces of hardware are so specific and dependent on each other that those games cannot exist anywhere else really. They tried with Wii U virtual console but you know, not really the same.

    Anyway 3/DS has the best SMT game lineup, it has the foundation DS stuff I mentioned, it has the rest of the Zero Escape games, the best Animal Crossing since the original(and the game I've spent the most hours with ever, I think), Zelda ALBW. Idk I just feel like I could easily spend years playing games only from these two handhelds and it would rock super hard.

    Ranking for @"whatsarobot"#243

  • 1. Nintendo 3/DS
  • 2. PS2
  • 3. Dreamcast
  • 4. Vita
  • 5. Gamecube
  • @“whatsarobot”#p54518 the idea of a ‘best console’ list is a bit of a contradiction since video games were a horrible mistake… therefore the best consoles list should have no entries