Let’s rate some video game portmanteaus

Returnal—Seems more clever in concept than execution. Not feeling it. 4/10

**Fantasian**—Probably not _actually_ a portmanteau, but fulfills it’s constituent parts nonetheless. 7/10

**Revengeance**—Combines two etymologically related words that essentially mean the same thing. This seems like it would be to its detriment, but actually functions to strengthen its meaning. 9/10

**Transfarring**—A word as flawless and revolutionary as the technology it represents. Perfection. 10/10

thrilled i get to be the one to post this

@tapevulture#28829 9/10, see my reasoning for “revengeance.” Feel free to submit your own scores!

If anyone wants some easy fodder to get in on the fun, I’ll humbly suggest reviewing some Pokemon names! eg:

**Spoink**—Feels both adorable and lewd. Makes me uncomfortable. 8/10

I was just thinking about Transfarring the other day. I don‘t even remember what it was supposed to do or be, but it’s still in my head however many years later. I agree with your 10/10 verdict.

I am going to review a few video game portmanteaus I found on [this list.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_portmanteaus#Art,_literature_and_entertainment) (There are only a few more to be had. This list is _carefully curated._)

**Banjo Tooie** - A sequel title that's shorter than the original. Impressive. Better than the alternative, Banjo Katooie. 8/10

**Wario** - He's Mario, but bad, and upside down, and he goes "Wah!" 10/10

In Shovel Knight there's a big apple fish guy called the Troupple King who gives you health and magic potions. I feel like that should rate kind of low because I personally did not pronounce it in such a way as to recognize it as a portmanteau. I had to really stare at the Troupples for a minute to get it

@wickedcestus#28835 Oh, even better - Waluigi! 悪い(warui) + Luigi

@GigaSlime#28836 Some may consider a portmanteau that is not immediately obvious to be a poortmanteau, while others may argue that it rewards close reading and a clever mind. I am more the former, as I still don’t think I understand what “Troupple” is supposed to mean lol. DNF/10

Addendum: Thank you @GigaSlime for the clarification! 1/10

Here is a list of my favorite Slime character names in Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime

Mother Glooperior

@kory#28838 Trout + Apple

Can’t believe I neglected to mention a few instant classics that have been staring me in the face for about 50 hours so far. Palico, Palamute, and Cohoot collectively earn a solid 10/10.

i dunno PlayStation is slick, clear 10 outta 10.

@Syzygy#28892 something that's in a state of tate


@kory#28828 ya Returnal sucks. it's too literal!!

**Poltergust 5000**— Nintendo makes this stuff look too easy. 5000/10


Goombario - Hilarious to refer to all goombas as goombarios. In the case of the single goombario, low effort 4/10.

Come on Nintendo.


Chainslaughter - simple, clear, hardcore, a bit f||uck||ed up for a monter hunter game. 89/112.

@beets#29622 I had a friend that called all koopa troopas/turtles “Koopers”

@kory#28828 thank you for giving revengeance the respect it deserves

this may be outside the scope of this thread but I'd like to definitively rate the term Metroidvania a 0/10