Let's make our own VideOlmpics!

The Olympics are divisive, to say the least, so let's make one that works.

**What video games should be in competition?**

Try to think about team or individual games, timed events, scored events, fighting....have a look at the actual [Olympic events list ](https://olympics.com/en/sports/summer-olympics)to get some ideas.

Nidhogg all the way! I prefer the simplicity of the first game, so that‘s my vote. It’s basically identical to Olympic fencing (as far as I can tell lol) save for the extra perk of being devoured by a mythical serpent if you are victorious.

gotta have windjammers for a summer olympics

Super monkey ball's monkey target mode

waverace 64

videoball ofc

NBA Jam!

Dance Dance Revolution!

There should be an event that uses a freestyle bounden mod in which you draw a line with your movement and it would be like a gymnastics dance type event where two people hold a phone and they need to do a choreography that at the same time creates a piece of art with the line being drawn on the phone, and contestants get judged based on the quality of the choreography and the drawing they made.

THPS 2 or Skate 3

4 player relay mirror's edge speedruns where you have to throw the controller to the next teammate.

mario maker no input auto scroller level creation with music choice or 2 player ddr routines for a scored event

smash brothers!!

NHL 93 but the fighting takes place IRL

Pokemon should probably be in there, though I'm not sure which one.

Beat Saber.

When someone's really good at a technical song, it's insane to watch them.
Plus with all the built in scoring/ranking, it would be easy to see who's the BEST.

@“hellomrkearns”#p38683 there should absolutely be a doubles team competition

bennett foddy's multi bowl

tower fall would be pretty boss

Home Run Contest

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/goJzd9D.png]

But also Running High on the PSX


Guitar Hero for the opening ceremonies