Let's rank the Neo Geo games available on Switch!

What are the best Neo Geo games not on the Switch?

Rage of the Dragons or Matrimelee would probably get my vote

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p52608 there’s also Andro Dunos, which I’ve always hoped would get ported! Oh, and Far East of Eden!

Rage of the Dragons is one of the best games on Neo Geo. Very cool stylistically, and super fun. Probably my favorite of the three tag team fighting games on the system.


@“TracyDMcGrath”#p52608 What are the best Neo Geo games not on the Switch?


Rage of the Dragons or Matrimelee would probably get my vote

Breakers Revenge! (but it is getting a port with rollback netcode this year, and the same team's doing ROTD afterwards)

Pochi to Nyaa (falling-block puzzle game by an ex-Compile studio) would be nice, too... as it happen, that game is owned by the company that was handling Neo Geo for Wii Virtual Console, but because they were releasing games in chronological order, the Wii ended up dying before they could get to it.

Speaking strictly in terms of MVS stuff, Hamster did well to get as much as they did: of the 149 officially-released MVS games, Hamster were able to reissue 108 (minus whatever has subsequently disappeared due to sensitivities around China/Taiwan).

Of the 31 missing games, the Visco catalogue accounts for a dozen or so games (the Breakers games and Andro Dunos being the big original games, I guess, but also sub-licensed stuff like Neo Mr. Do! and Puzzle de Pon!). Beyond those, there are the games with additional licenses (SvC Chaos, Gowcaiser, etc), Japan-only quiz/mahjong stuff, and then all the little one-off games like Matrimelee that fell through the licensing cracks.

@“gsk”#p52616 The Neo Geo Pocket Collection has shown there is hope to see SvC Chaos again but I assume it would happen directly via SNK (and probably through a collection of games in order to make the royalties scheme reasonable) rather than Hamster. IMO the biggest loss is no Viewpoint. I assume Segasammy presently owns the rights?

Hey everyone, thanks for playing! I totally thought this (admittedly a bit confusing) topic was DOA.

Since voting is officially closed, here are the top three!

  • - Windjammers
  • - Kizuna Encounter (surprising!?)
  • - Samurai Shodown II
  • Each of these games got four votes apiece. Time to check out Kizuna Encounter, I guess!

    Yay Kizuna Encounter!

    On the subject of Kizuna Encounter, it’s pretty interesting to also try Savage a reign and marvel at just how much it got overhauled for the sequel, and how successful that overhaul was!

    @“Karasu”#p52696 IIRC the story behind Kizuna is that the team was ordered to make a new game using all the unsold graphic data ROM chips from Savage Reign, but that it couldn‘t be a conventional sequel/version-up because there was zero demand for more Savage Reign. That’s also why it's a relatively rare game—they made precisely as many copies as were necessary to burn through that old stock, and no more, so for regions where there was barely any stock left, they shipped a tiny number of cartridges.

    @"chazumaru"#p52655 IIRC yes, but I can't say I've looked into it recently. That's a game I'm content to enjoy purely via the soundtrack.

    There are just TOO MANY ideas Savage Reign. Plane switching, projectiles as objects you pick up, zooming, aesthetic is all over the place. It‘s wild to think they just reused mostly the same character sprites but unified the look of the backgrounds and reduced the gimmick to zoned tagging and made an infinitely better game. I can’t think of any other tag team fighting game that makes area denial a part of the tag play. Kizuna Encounter is VERY MUCH an Insert Credit pick though.

    If you haven't played it, Zupapa! is a masterpiece.


    @“Ira”#p52721 love Zupapa. Those backgrounds are some of my favorite Neo Geo pixel work