Let's share some music videos of places we've been

Feeling cooped up, and sad I can‘t travel.

Started watching some music videos.

Two videos in ’Oh, I know where they shot this. I‘ve been there.’ which inspired this thread.

Here's a few for me.

[Wednesday Campanella - Ikkyu-san](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyI_xZKisUw) (Which unfortunately doesn't seem to allow embedded play)
This was a Kowloon walled city themed arcade in Kawasaki, Japan. You can see the arcade machines in some of the shots. Unfortunately, this arcade closed down.

IC3PEAK - Смерти Больше Нет
When they sit down to eat they are in Red Square just outside Lenin's Mausoleum

Share some videos with shooting locations you've been to.
p.s: If you've ever been to Japan you've probably been to a bunch of the locations for World Order videos.

This is pretty specific! Gonna have to think if I know any music videos well enough to say I‘ve been there. And the way to embed videos is to just post the general youtube link! it’ll auto-embed. it's not embedding because you chose the embed code, ha ha. oops.

BTW I went to that kowloon walled city arcade! I sure did enjoy it.

I'll contribute a video of a place I never went to but wish I had. a friend went and took pictures of it for me before it got torn down in 2019. absolutely the most bubble era mall in japan.



I enjoyed it too.
Kawasaki Warehouse had Street Fighter with the pressure sensitive buttons. It's the only place I've ever seen that.

The KWC theme really captured my imagination. I would have liked to see the real walled city. It would have been like the back alleys of Guangzhou if there was an entire city worth of them inside a building complex.

Yeah, I also felt like I was inside of the movie big trouble in little china when I went to the parking lot entrance.

Not sure if this counts since it’s animated but the video spends a bunch of time in Nakano Broadway. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Qql3c6OgGrM&list=PLIyWtPwrYr7bywNvoWadpjilDlxLq5-N-&index=9

Also I’m so sad I missed out on going to the Kawasaki Warehouse before it closed. I heard there is a possibility it might open in another location eventually though?


That definitely counts!

Kawasaki Warehouse was part of a chain. You could always try the path less trodden and see if any of the other Warehouse locations are interesting. I've seen plenty of English write ups about Kawasaki Warehouse, and zero about any of their other locations. It'd be fun to find out if Kawasaki Warehouse was the most captivating, or if it was just the most well known.

Here's their website in case you feel like exploring. https://www.warehousenet.jp/store/

I forgot it was part of a chain!! I‘m gonna have to do some sleuthing next time I’m out there.


Ahhhh you're giving me some real taipei nostalgia here!!!

speaking of nostalgia, here's Elan, hanging out around Bratislava

This gives me a weirdly intense nostalgic period for a time period where I certainly did not go to slovakia - I barely knew it existed (well, it was Czechoslovakia then). I have since been to bratislava and it is definitely not as cool as the vibe you get here! I did however buy this record!

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its me the ethereal spirit of taipei nostalgia


I'm sorry i don't know why the embed isn't working :(


Yeah, sometimes the embedding doesn't work. That's why my first selection is a link.

I want to go to Taiwan. [林強 Lin Chung(Lim Giong)【向前走 Marching forward】](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD14iiXq7Xw) only makes that desire stronger!
If I could somehow go to 90's Taiwan that would be even better. If I put on a white t-shirt and jeans and walk around a mall, maybe I can be in the 90's in spirit.

We‘ve all been to this video’s initial location, the dark void with a piano.


The second location is Tokyo Big Sight. I went there to go to Comiket.