Let's talk about Aliens licensed games

I‘ve been thinking about outside games that get adapted into games. Some brands have held up over time, and strong arguments can be made for “Marvel” or Batman, or Spider-Man, as the best in their class. But I’m gonna submit Alien as maybe the best, or at least most innovation-inspiring licensed property in games.

I started thinking about it because of Mike Mika's tweet:

This game is more of a strategy/planning RPG than an action game, which is an interesting early take on the property.

Then later you get Alien 3 on the Genesis/SNES, a speedrunnable, difficult-but-learnable game that feels like Metroid if Metroid were stage-based and the slider were pushed further toward Hard Action and away from Exploration.


Then there's Alien vs Predator, one of the first explicitly horror FPS outside of Doom with expert sound design to have the predator whisper the words of your dead teammates at you at unexpected moments. It also let you play as the alien or predator for the first time. (also the arcade game is cool, totally different though)


Then we get Alien Resurrection, a horror FPS twin stick shooter on the late PlayStation, one of the first true twin stick FPS and a visual tour-de-force that really holds up today.


Then there's Aliens: Infestation - not tied to any movie, arguably the best wayforward game (in concert with gearbox), a slower paced thinking person's action game so they say.


Then we get to Alien: Isolation with its retro future 70s visuals and all. Too long but interesting for several hours.


I guess the main thing I'm realizing is that, with loads of flubs along the way, The Alien franchise has continued to be a proving ground for fresh ideas in games, across over a dozen different developers. Somehow it has at least semi-consistently inspired innovation where other franchises have not.

Well, let's talk about Alien/Alien games.

There‘s the alien trilogy game for ps1/saturn that’s a kind of interesting doom style game. Haven‘t played much of it but it’s been on my list.


Colonial Marines is pretty fun as a pop corn co-op rollercoaster game. Although it pretty much peaks midway through with this sewer section


That Alien v Predator HUD is absurd! I love how it takes up 2/3 of the screen, but is also kind of transparent so you can sort of see what you’re doing? Does this strike you as a part of the game design (restricting your vision maybe adds to the horror element?) or no?

@CidNight#11147 As someone who played this game on my Rich Friend‘s Very Big TV I would say that yes, the claustrophobia of the HUD adds to the experience but I don’t think that was totally the intention. My assumption as a person who makes video games now is that they were like “we can do transparency so easily on this console, let's make the whole hud transparent! wow!!!”

The Jaguar was really in a tough spot trying to differentiate itself because it sucked so bad, so any little thing like this would help. That's my feeling anyway!!

Also anybody in here who hasn't played Alien 3 for genesis, give it a solid go. it's a really properly learnable action game, and how many bald female protagonists did you get in 1993

Not licensed but I always thought xenomorphs in Space Station 13 were pretty cool. Rounds in that take quite a while and while you can usually be cloned if your body is recovered, sitting around in dead chat is boring. Being offered to pop into a facehugger is a lot of fun.

TIL there were 7(!) different Alien vs Predator games released before the movie came out, some over 10 years beforehand. I know there were AvP comics as far back as the 80s but that still seems wild.

1) 1993, Jorudan, SNES
2) 1993, ASK Kodansha, GB
3) 1994, Capcom, Arcade
4) 1994, Rebellion, Jaguar
5) 1999, Rebellion, PC
6) 2001, Monolith, PC (Sequel to #5)
6.5) 2002, Third Law, PC (Expansion to #6)
7) 2003, Zono, PS2

The only one that I knew of, and I think the only Alien game I've ever played, is the Capcom one, which is a heck of good time.

I once played some AVP2 multiplayer at a lan party once. It was some really interesting asymmetrical multiplayer (released in 2001, but I played it several years later so it was old by then)



As someone with relatively small experience with Alien licensed games, are the Alien vs Predator for the Jaguar and the Alien vs Predator for PC completely different games or just different versions of the same thing?

yeah, it's like a doom vs quake level of difference between the two.

Interesting that both games and also the 2010 remake were all developed by the same studio!

always thought it was interesting that Konami handled the arcade version of Aliens when they had also made Contra which was….so directly inspired by that series. it's a pretty good arcade game! but sort of a boring thing to play not in an arcade?