Limited time event - your backlog white whale!

honestly most games i have interest in. one of the reasons i love this forum and podcast is hearing people talk so passionately about games i’ll never have time to play


Pretty much the entire Yakuza series. I buy 'em all and I’ve still only played about 12 hours of Yakuza 0. I’ve been considering skipping to the first Like a Dragon for a fresher start, but my understanding is the next game goes back to Kiryu again. Who I love, but… there’s maybe 1000 hours of game there to catch up on!


Trails series. The whole thing. I love long RPGs and big commitments and that series still intimidates me.


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My whitest of whales, too, is Earthbound. Great vibes, but I must have played it through to the Happy Happy cult four or five times over the past decade, and never made it much further past. I think it’s because I would always play on a desktop computer. I had the same issue with FF6 but finally finished it this year after getting a handheld emulator machine, so that’s the plan next time I tackle Earthbound.


For whatever reason I tend to save “special” games for later, and then spend most of my time trying out games that dont click in that way. In an attempt to remedy this, I recently wrote myself a note on my phone called “games you know youll like. Why not play them?”
The top of the list reads:
Skies of arcadia
Raw danger

Have i started any of them since writing that list? No i have not. But i am playing silent hill 2 which is slightly further down the list.


It’s not taken at all, it’s just mine sadly. But it can be ours, I am happy to share it. We can both not finish it together!

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is this one simple trick that 3D Zelda fans don’t want you to know? To just not finish the games? I’ve always been under the assumption that these games demand you play them to completion to get the full experience, but if I’m being honest even when I revisit stuff like Ocarina of Time, I’m happy to just bounce off after a little bit and leave hyrule in danger. I also know a ton of people spend 300 hours in BotW or TotK but never kill Ganondorf. I wouldn’t think to quit Link’s Awakening or Link’s to the Past halfway through, but maybe it’s different for these bigger games.

Obviously anyone can quit a game at any time, but would it be gauche to begin a Zelda with the intention to quit halfway through?


I’ve said this in other contexts, but games seem to be the only art and entertainment medium where strangers on the internet will claim that you engaged with something for 50+ hours and didn’t get the whole experience or can’t form an opinion based on your time invested. Don’t fall prey to sunk cost fallacy! If you don’t like it, you can Marie Kondo it!


lol me three screens into inverted castle


In my case, I want to give the game its day in court, and treat it with the respect it asks for. I think a big reason we have backlogs is because we want to eventually meet a game on its own terms. You don’t want to cheat yourself out of having an experience that may delight and surprise you. I value a lot of the games that I’ve stuck through during poorly paced moments that ended up paying off or clicking into place, but obviously they can’t all be winners.

My bigger thought is the mindset to be in when you approach these games. I think it’s easy to stop playing a game when it stops being fun, but I feel a little weird starting a game like this with plans to stop once it stops being fun… if that makes any sense. It might be misguided optimism that makes me want to approach the game thinking it will be continuously rewarding, but I think it’s possibly fundamental to how I like to engage with video games.


I mean, I barely ever finish any games I start, and even my favourites I will just leave for months or years at a time with little intention of coming back (shout out to my Shenmue playthrough from August last year – just popped in last week to play like ten minutes.)

Wind Waker specifically has a pretty notorious section in the last third where you have to sail around and find a bunch of little doodads, which I remember my older brother doing for what felt like years (he was probably around 12 at the time.) To be honest, I can’t remember if I’ve ever beat the game or not. I’ve certainly started it several times, and once made it to what I assume was at least halfway through.

When I say I don’t recommend finishing it, what I mean to say is that the game thrives on the artwork, the music, and the feel of the world. It’s cute and fun. The story is just an adventure, and you basically know what’s going to happen. If it interests you to keep going, by all means do so, but I think it’s worth experiencing even for just a couple hours, just because it’s a pleasant thing to do.


dodonpachi daioujou. even bought the super collector’s edition of the M2 rerelease but i can’t keep focus by stage 4 and i get worse at these games if i grind them too much. i struggle a lot with performance anxiety and shmups are helpful and relatively low-stakes as a way to practice mindset/getting out of my head and all that. i have been at this for years now. 1CC’ing this game is like, the kind of thing i would get a tattoo over. it’s really good ;_;


wait why is it a limited time event

I’ve been meaning to play persona 2 forever, just never found the perfect console to play them on. maybe steamdeck??


uggggh so many honestly. A few of my big ones have already been mentioned but I will repeat:

Xenogears/Xenosaga: I have tried both of these games about 3 times but have never gotten more than a handful or hours into either. I am not a fan a Xenoblade but I deeply want to understand/appreciate the older games. They’re more my style but I just have had a really tough time breaking through.

Persona 2: I’ve played every main Persona game except these two. I’ve tried Innocent Sin PSP multiple times but I find the combat so absolutely dreadful that it kills my motivation to continue past the first 5 hours or so. The UI sluggishness makes everything feel so bad too. There’s an English version of the PS1 game now though which maybe playing that on a CRT will be the breakthrough I need, idk. Everything else about the game seems great and I love seeing the P1 characters again.


I set it as such to encourage everyone to post knowing it would be deleted as a release for their white whale game(s) in the backlog for closure, so if they wanted they could move on from them.

If it’s really wanted, I can remove the timer. Let democracy decide…

Keep it or delete it
  • Keep it - I want to see what everyone isn’t playing
  • Delete it - I came for closure and closure it what I wants
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So, i rarely finish games i start. This is a combination of being old and out of time (work, kiddo, house, other hobbies), and that when i find a world im really enjoying being in, i dont want to stop. I love just being in that world and doing all the things.

I’ve stopped playing FF9 just after Dali nearly a dozen times b/c i love that segement so much (i have beat it at least once, though).

I’ve never finished FF7 but I’ve beaten all the optional bosses and ground out my own master materia.

But on to the actual topic: i have a whole heaping list of them.
Shining Force
Beyond Oasis
Any Fire Emblem
Any Dragon Quest
Dark Souls 2 (done all the others, but bounced off this one hard)
Dawn of Mana
And a bunch more, but i’ll go ahead and stop there…


It’s so funny that you say that because I’ve finished FFIX at least a handful of times, but I’ve played only Disc 1 of FFIX at least 3x as many times.

Looking over my backlog, thinking about the games I’ve started but never finished, picked up but never played…there’s really only one true answer for me.

It’s Kingdom Hearts III.

I started this series at the very beginning; I eagerly played I, II, and Chain of Memories (on the GBA, no less, which I still consider superior to the 3D “remake”) when they came out. I was as excited for KHIII as anyone else deeply invested in these games.

And then something happened. I still don’t know what. I didn’t play 358/2 Days (well, I played a little, but stalled out). I couldn’t play Birth By Sleep due to not having a PSP. I felt like I couldn’t play Dream Drop Distance because I hadn’t played the previous two. I wish I could tell you why I did play Re:Coded (maybe it was the novelty of having sort-of-access to the first mobile KH game). But still…I was waiting for the REAL new game. For the Three. I’ve wanted to play it almost since I beat KHII. Years and years passed with news of its development and then, suddenly, it was…what, 2019? And the game was a reality.

And I just didn’t play it. I stared at it, thinking about all the other games I had forsaken while waiting for this one to come out, thinking “I guess I should play those other ones first” and then not doing that. Thinking “I should replay the series from the start, really feel how it’s transformed over almost 20 years of releases” and didn’t do that either.

Now it’s 2024, I’m playing KH Final Mix, and I’m wondering if it will take me as long to get to KHIII as it did to wait after KHII for its release.

In summary: don’t play Kingdom Hearts in 2002.


Im having a hard time differentiating games that I WANT but never got to play from games that I feel I SHOULD play. On that side there’s Half Life, FF X and RDR2 from the top of my head.

Reading the thread, Kingdom Hearts may be the one.


I’m sort of already tackling a white whale game finally with Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s a game that I was 99% sure that I would like, just intimidating with the time commitment it’s going to be.

One that I am always looking at in my Steam library with an intent to eventually play is Batman: Arkham City, so that is my real submission to this thread. I really liked Arkham Asylum! That one felt very balanced to me with the size of the areas, varieties of gameplay, and it wasn’t overly long. Both times I’ve started Arkham City for whatever reason I just didn’t like it as much. For one thing there is a heck of a lot more goon-bashing from what I remember, and I was already starting to get tired of fighting goons toward the end of Asylum. Will probably return to it though…if for nothing else than to experience all of that great Kevin Conroy voice acting.