Little known great indie developers?

So I‘ve been playing an absolutely delightful game I’d describe as a darkly psychedelic Spelunky-like called Spirits Abyss.

I only found this game because it is the latest by a developer who made one of my favorite games of all time Echo of the Wilds. They have apparently been making and improving on action-roguelikes for several years now.

Now this Spirits Abyss is absolutely blowing my mind with the visuals, gameplay, and magnificent chiptunes. Echo of the Wilds is an whimsical, bizarre, survival game with secrets I've still yet to figure out even after many hours of play. I think this developer (who appears to one person!?) is making some truly great games that aren't getting much attention. They clearly have true passion for making these games, even continuing to update their old ones today! I think there is some chance they may really blow up one day, or otherwise be recognize by the indie gaming community at large as making some true gems.

This got me thinking what other great, little-known indie developers are out there? What comes to mind for y'all? Have any of you out there heard of this developer Caiysware I've been talking about?

this game looks cool and I intend to check out echo of the wilds in the near future.

I'll promote Ice-Pick Lodge

I get the sense that while they're on the better-known side of indie studios, they're known, such as they are, for being "weird" which is selling their games way short in my opinion

Also would say re this topic, I enjoy seeing the strong "house styles" these small teams have. Echoes of strong, consistent aesthetics like famicom sunsoft or the bitmap bros.

I‘ll take any opportunity I can to mention visual novel author Ebi-hime. Most of her work feels like it’s written for young LGBT teens who are just starting to figure things out. It‘s uneven and that does mean I have to stick a warning for sexual content on that link (nothing too explicit; sexual topics are discussed but not directly represented), but it also lends her work a very personal character and a degree of honesty about the subject matter that’s much appreciated.

I will go hard for The Molasses Flood. Both their games Flame in the Flood and Drake Hollow have been top tier survival / crafting games. Though I like the former more than the later. Even gave a talk about it. Both evoked such a strong sense of melancholy in a mysterious world that they right up there with the Souls games in terms of atmosphere for me.

I periodically check in on Japanese indie games through mogura games, freegame-mugen, freem, etc. There are quite a few quietly brilliant game developers working over there to little acclaim from the west. Unfortunately my Japanese isn‘t great, but I’ve played a little bit of some ones that have some brilliant work done. For a while my big “whoa look at this” title was Hakoniwa Explorer, but that‘s since been translated. I’m still holding out hope that Astlibra will see some kind of English release in the future. Honestly that whole scene is something I'd like to see talked about more outside of Japan.