Live Life as Confidently as Mega Man 4 (USA) box art

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here is EU release art, notice the lack of shit eating smugness.

they knew exactly what they were doing with the USA version

The U.S box art has Mega Man slowly morph from some dude with a gun into Rockman over the course of eight covers.

going to say yes, and the confidence is all the more striking for someone whose t rex type left arm is connected directly to the base of their skull

A few extra details I've noticed on the American Mega Man 4:

  • - Random utility belt.
  • - Saturation turned way the fuck up, contrast turned way the fuck down.
  • - They added detail to his gun's charge meter, but took it away from his ears?
  • - There are also random grooves on his legs.
  • I should note that none of these additions serve an obvious purpose within the cover's fiction. There's no reason to believe the grooves were a necessary aspect of creating Mega Man, or that his functioning is improved by slapping a belt on him. It's all detail for detail's sake.

    Pharaoh Man’s scale has always confused me in this box art. Also, who is he firing at?

    I aspire to this sort of self assuredness so I chose That Option

    @“kory”#p39353 I think maybe the snail…bug…dragon…dude?

    @“kory”#p39353 Also, who is he firing at?


    @“fridgeboy”#p39361 kory I think maybe the snail…bug…dragon…dude?

    Pharaoh Man is def shooting at that robot snail.

    not sure he even notices Mega Man is there.

    Hold on a second.

    The main villain of *Mega Man 4* is Dr. Cossack. The box art makes the justifiable decision to convey this via a Kremlin-style building.

    So why'd they choose the *Egyptian*-themed character to fight Mega Man on the box art?

    He‘s confident in the fact that he’s actually John Landstalker in a Megaman costume

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    @“Video_Game_King”#p39368 The main villain of Mega Man 4 is Dr. Cossack. The box art makes the justifiable decision to convey this via a Kremlin-style building.

    **holy fuck** you are onto something!

  • -

    The Soviet Union “dissolved” in the last quarter of 1991.

  • -

    Release date of Mega Man 4 (USA) NES, **December 6, 1991**

  • the blue "bomber" confirmed as imperialist trash
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    @“UnparalleledDev”#p39407 or like an interesting last second transition away from “Russia=Bad” to celebrate the end of the USSR? Not inconsequentially moving to a representative villain who is markedly North African/Middle Eastern? Christ almighty this box art encapsulates the shifting global geopolitics of the early 1990s!

    @“exodus”#p39354 According to my memory of it, Mega Man’s face is indistinguishable from the western art for Bonk’s Adventure, but now that I’m actually looking at it I’m getting more of a Rugrats’ Tommy Pickles vibe:

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    Mega Man 4 is underrated. Characters are big, weapons are fun, weird, and useful, music is great, etc. I am as confident in my love for Mega Man 4 as Mega Man is about completing his latest adventure.

    The only issue I personally have with the game is that playing without saves takes too long what with those long fortresses.

    It’s got some pretty noticeable flaws but, what game that gets name-checked on the Insert Credit forum doesn’t?


    by the time mega man 4 came out ,
    Mega Man identity had been firmly established
    boss stage select, run and gun platformin, sliding , stealing bosses powers , Rush companion, rockin' 8-bit chip tune jams
    but MM4 really carved out the last bit of the MM formula that we all love

    4 brought us

  • - charging up the mega buster
  • - NAMING the mega buster, (it was called P in MM3)
  • - satisfying confirmation sound upon picking a boss from stage select screen
  • - endgame bait and switches
  • - Beat bird friend
  • ![](

    one flaw i've found is MM4 has the worst stage select UI sound effect in the series. not the confirm sound , but just moving around the boss stage select feels limp compared to every other MM nes game. mm5 fixed this.

    The US box art people forgot to make Mega Man's arms crossed.

    ……Anybody else suddenly realize the American box art lops off one of Mega Man's fingers?

    @“Video_Game_King”#p39562 Yet Pharaoh Man's digits remain intact! Mysteries abound…

    Mega Man 4 was Capcom's chance at redemption after changing “Get equipped with” to “You got” when you beat a boss in Mega Man 3.

    They whiffed.

    Sadly the series slowly continued it's downward tumble from there for me.