Look at our "Jack Move" Trailer!

Hey folks,

On friday we launched the launch trailer for our game Jack Move! It's a cyberpunk jrpg with sassy hacking and sweet pixels! I thought you folks would dig the game, so here it is... 🎉


We're couching it as final fantasy meets ghost in the shell to give people a kind of overall impression, some touchstones etc.
The final fantasy aspect is in terms of older ff turn based battles, my favourite being FFX, I just love the rock paper scissors aspect to that game where you're swapping your dudes in and out to take out enemies as efficiently as possible. In JM, you only have one party member so you gotta swap the software of your sweet cyberspace deck during battle to change up your abilities to match the situation. Plus you can see the turn order like ffx and grandia etc, which can help plan your attacks, taking folks out before their turn comes up etc.
Also a huge fan of Golden Sun, so we have a kinda behind the back style battle view. Took lots of inspiration from the GBA with that chunky crisp pixel style a la Advance Wars (my IC essential games pick) etc!
Oh! similar to ffvii materia stuff too where you only have a certain amount of RAM slots to stick in your software, so you gotta mix that stuff up, use hardware to upgrade your RAM etc (though no synergies between software).

The ghost in the shell relates to the story, though more in the metaphysical themes etc, rather than you're playing as the major or something. You're a sassy young hacker out to rescue your estranged father who's (obviously) been kidnapped by an evil mega corporation. Why is he estranged? What do the mega-corp want with him? find out in this thrilling adventure etc etc...

So yeah, I'm an old man that missed those ATB kinda battles and have gotten bored of typical fantasy jrpgs, plus who got the time to play 40 hour rpgs any more, so I wanted to create something short, snappy, turn based in a different setting from the jrpgs i'd seen recently. I love a minidisc, so theres plenty of those!
Also, I started this just over 9 years ago when cyberpunk stuff was only just starting to rear it's head again. It's made in unity and uses a kinda 2D/3D hybrid so we can have some fancy lighting (mainly to hide my bad pixels). I did the design, programming and background art, working with some amazing folks who have done the most amazing job on animation, writing, music and sound design: Joe Williamson, Tyriq Plummer (who i think was on a show a while back?), Amalie Kae, Charlie Fieber and Adam Hay!

Let me know if you have any questions or anything!

Oh, we have a prologue up on steam too, called Jack Move I.C.E. Breaker if you fancy checking it out :)


The battles look like Segagaga which is GOOD

Game looks great, fantastic work!

I definitely know that feeling of starting a cyberpunk game before the zeitgeist and releasing it after it passed, woof!vanyway I am curious to know how this animated trailer will do. My impression is that people generally like this sort of thing if they know the characters, but western audiences have a tendency (they say!) to skip to the gameplay. Curious if you'll have access to the analytics or other info re: how the animated intro specifically performs for you.

With indivisible (which I worked on) I think it went well because it was hyped as studio trigger, and people had investment in the characters. But it also felt lklike A LOT of money for little return. Yours is not a studio trigger intro of course, br I'm also curious how that went for you!

@“exodus”#p82445 haha, yeah, lets see huh!

Ive not seen any backlash over it being animated with only a bit of gameplay… yet :sweat_smile:

But yeah, for me its definitely more of a vanity thing. My producer suggested it and i was on board… might not get a chance ever again, so why not eh!

Lets see how it concerts to wishlists/sales :sweat_smile:

I really liked the indivisble stuff, super slick! 💖

I played the demo last time and I knew several people liked it. I enjoyed the battle system at the time but I thought that the game should be better as a short game. Glad that someone here is making it and that the game is going to be a short experience.

@“xhekros”#p82450 thanks!!

Yeah, short is definitely good imho! I think it does enough with the time that you wont feel cheated or anything. No real busywork or million map markers like all those aaa games these days :older_adult: