low budget live action cut scenes

inspired by the briefings from red alert, my discord‘s regular film club wants to do a film night with low budget fmv style videos as the theme. Ideally I’d like to collect together a bunch of weird interesting cheap goofy live action videogame cutscenes, or things adjacent to that.

So far I plan to plunder the Westwood games, and the Resident Evil 1 opening is pretty good.

What else could I use?

Shinobi Legions on Sega Saturn is pretty good for that.

@“Karnovski”#p132255 oh this looks perfect

Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero is pretty good for this.

@“Mnemogenic”#p132264 extremely good, extra points for masses of chroma key

Pepsiman for jp PS1 and Segata Sanshiro Shinken Yuugi for jp Sega Saturn would also be good.

only thing i can think of right now is that tv stuff at the start of mgs4 (they were so cool, i think of them often)

The Quiet Man is two-ish decades newer but much, much sadder. Maybe too high-budget tho?

Gamera 2000


I guess you don't want to do what is almost a whole movie but The Unsolved has its live action scenes directed by Brian Yuzna, director of bride of re-animator, society, etc.


Sewer Shark is S-tier, but only the 3DO version is worth looking at


some great picks here. The Unsolved IS long, but maybe I'll pull some timecodes and prod the synctube a few times to make it work. looks lovely!

Played through Phantasmagoria 2 earlier this year after watching the trailer. Fun stuff. Think there's a cinematic cut on youtube


Probably the most well known, but I just beat it on Saturn last year, and really enjoyed the live action cutscenes from Resident Evil

Recently played omega boost for the first time and the intro is insane


Gundam 0079 - The War for Earth


Insomniac's first game, Disruptor, is a Doom-like with some very bad live action scenes between levels.


Not quite low budget, but the Mark Hamil and Dudes In Big Cat Suits clips from Wing Commander 3 are fun. Malcom McDowell has some interesting moments in Wing Commander 4.

The unreleased Twisted Metal cutscenes are something else.


Golden Nugget starring Adam West

Offworld Interceptor Extreme is weird. Faux MST3K

I definitely asked the right people, My cup runneth over!