low budget live action cut scenes

Solar Eclipse / Titan Wars


The thread reminded me of Multimedia Celebrity Poker with Jonathan Frakes, Joe Piscapo, and Morgan Fairchild. I don‘t know if these count as “cut scenes”, but they’re certainly something to look at.


Sherlock Holmes II Master Tapes




this game is the best in the world

@“Funbil”#p133373 I'll have to check this out over the weekend (hopefully).

@“cheezopath”#p132249 Please be sure to come back to this thread and let us know which clips you choose and maybe how they were received, if/when you hold your film night!

@“rejj”#p133945 will do! I‘m assembling the final list in the next couple of days and I’ll post the playlist and reactions afterwards.

Please note that for complex and unfortunate legacy reasons I have also had to include episode 3 of The Red Ape Family among the entries.

What a delicious theme! How about the opening of Night Trap?


(I couldn't advise on which version to go with, though)

And Daggerfall! I played this when I was what, nine? The opening is lovely. And it succeeded in giving my brain a vibe to then paint the extremely flat and empty “map the size of Britain” with.


@“Salloumi”#p133989 It's pretty interesting that they remade the scenes involving these commandos for post Sega CD (way campier) releases probably because the dude uses Genesis controller in the original.


Also this classic piece.


@“KennyL”#p134020 Ahhhh, that‘s the version I was looking for! I had this strange VHS that just had clips of games on it, and it had the Mega Drive one. Seeing a real life commando man holding the controller gave me strange excited feelings I couldn’t quite name, even today.


After Action Report:

This one turned into a bit of a project!

Initially I thought I‘d put together a synctube playlist but I encountered a couple of problems.

  • 1. While all of these videos have something juicy to offer, there’s a lot of dead air, or the videos were part of a long compilation, and synctube doesn't let you start at a specific timecode. I also wanted to grab multiple parts in many cases, but rarely all.
  • 2. The runtime would easily bloat past 2 hours if I stacked even a few of these together.
  • Ultimately I decided to download all the promising videos, then clip out useful parts, and make my own. I considered uploading to youtube, but ultimately decided to distribute the video directly for syncronised watching in case of any rights problems.

    I used Multimedia Celebrity Poker as a sort of "host" character, and built a 15 minute loop of John Frakes, Morgan Fairchild, and Joe Piscopo welcoming the viewer and entreating them to pull up a chair with some tasteful vaporwave underneath, and again for an interval, then built in chapter markers into the show so we could gather and get drinks, then skip chapter on my mark.


    I kicked things off with Omega Boost as a tone setter and for its energetic buttrock,


    then cut directly to the Sherlock Holmes II trailer for to establish the shifts would be abrupt.


    NOTE: 95% of the cuts are joined with about a half second of TV static to give the sense of late night channel hopping on some kind of sci-fi network.

    After that I juxtaposed the intro to Resident Evil 1 with the Sega CD version of the night trap intro. We're building a bit of a thriller mood for the first half.


    We followed that with the Daggerfall intro for a bit of a palette cleanser and a crowd pleaser.


    Phantasmagoria 2 trailer came next. Something energetic. Lots to like in that game, but I didn't have time to include it all. If I do another one of these, I'll definitely loop back around to this stuff.


    Next, some ripper clips. Same as phantasmagoria, the whole longplay looked fascinating and full of good material, but stuff for another time. Perfect Walkenny line reads


    Next I built up pace by cutting fast between Shinobi legends, Mortal Kombat Mythologies, Critical Path. and the Japanese Dub of Offworld Interceptor Extreme, which didn't have the MST3K element, and fit the late night channel hopping mood a lot better.


    Another benefit of this format is I was able to find a place for The Unsolved cinematics


    Things accelerated, with Pepsiman, Sewer Shark, Twisted Metal, and Night Trap clips joining the frenetic rotation. This culminated in about 30 solid seconds of Critical Path death falls from a catwalk into lava before cutting, unfortunately, to red ape family episode 3.


    There was no saving this material. The show isn't even funny to laugh at. The reason I had to include it is because we'd seen the first two episodes on the previous short film festival, which had a tech dystopia theme, and ran alongside a bunch of Dahir Insaat videos, adult swim videos, and experimental horrors.


    Onto the second half...

    We eased back in with the ridculously long Twin Goddesses text crawl, then shifted part 1's thriller tone towards horror and military.


    I teased Tim Curry, but held back the communist space clip until later.


    Then went back in time to the image that inspired this whole event:

    Adam West is a delight in Golden Nugget. I started intercutting his performances to stop the mood getting too bleak.


    The various Red Alert and Critical Path clips kept coming


    Then there's like 30 minutes of a 1990s Games Workshop Warhammer 40k video. This could have been good but was a bit of a pace killer. I didn't realise this contained a couple more exciting looking trailers within it for better producd warhammer videos, which might have fit the overall video's channel hopping feel a bit better. In any case, this was included, like daggerfall and red alert, for specific participants and we had a generally good time with it.


    Needed something a bit bright and splashy to come off the grimdark, though still grim:


    Then straight to an Unsolved ending


    A dinosaur eats yuri


    we catch up with the Twin Goddesses


    Satan takes the soul of the twisted metal guy


    ... and John Frakes offers a tearful goodbye.


    The show was a great success, and I had a ton of fun making it. Thank you all for making it possible!

    I think I have plenty material to make another at some point in the future.
    I hit 2 hours this time quite easily, but I'd like to include wing commander 3, titan wars, gundam, disruptor, gamera 2000, and probably delve a little deeper into some of the only lightly touched videos I currently have, like ripper, sherlock holmes and other command and conquer stuff.
    If anyone knows of anything that would work as well as Multimedia Celebrity Poker for intermissions, I'm all ears.

    Also if anyone's curious, the compiled video is here for the next couple months. ~ 4gb:

    @“Mnemogenic”#p132708 this is so bizarre

    @"Funbil"#p133373 I keep forgetting that I don't have this!! I should get it!!

    @"cheezopath"#p134476 Thanks for the detailed breakdown, and the download link!

    Some other good interstitials might be things like vidgrid (music videos) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q81v-BjeBZY

    All the interstitials in scottie pippen's slam city https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezc0StLqHJI (like this one: https://youtu.be/Ezc0StLqHJI?si=DelgIOPvIFbxaeu2&t=463 but you really gotta scrub through)

    I know there's another sports game with a lot of little clips but I can't think of it!

    @“cheezopath”#p134476 this is SO GOOD. Thanks for the download? (Edit: Thanks for the download!)

    @“cheezopath”#p134476 This absolutely rules

    @“exodus”#p134482 I love this vidgrid gimmick, and the slam city video hits a totally untouched mood in my first compilation. nice!