Low fidelity voice samples in games

Smash TV's console ports are great examples of this.

"Big money! Big prizes! I love it*!"


*"it" are garbled samples.

Thank you for providing me a venue to share this. I quote this announcer surprisingly often, because I spent so many hours playing this game when I was 10.


@“Yeso”#p51701 If the Griffey song counts, then these also have to count, right?



@“Nemoide”#p51673 The sprite work on those Tempo characters are beautiful. Then I went and watched some footage of the game and er… those backgrounds!

@“Nemoide”#p51673 I was singing “he's tempo! Check it out you know!” in the car mere days ago

@“whatsarobot”#p51737 Me too, still my favorite football game! I used to run to the end zone and turn turn around just cut big circles from one end to the either. Very broken game, but what a blast. I was especially taken with like, the snowy field effect.

@“whatsarobot”#p51737 That's a hell of a lot of voice samples for a Genesis game!

The cutest Sega cry.


The manliest Hudson shout.


The sexiest Capcom presentation.


The wackiest Nintendo frolicking.


The one that gave up halfway through.



This one is an all time great that doesn't get the attention it deserves:


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@“Yeso”#p51701 I came here looking for the “Double Dwibble” You did not disappoint

I love the heck out of low-quality ship coms chatter while you‘re playing Silpheed on the Sega CD. I like that you can barely make out what they’re even saying, but each voice has a distinct character. Really makes the game feel a bit more frantic, and like you‘re really flying with a squadron who’s out there somewhere shooting baddies too.

And the little "Gleason Jack" exposition sequence that comes after the first level is so endearing for some reason. The way the woman narrator talks makes it just like a puply old sci fi movie.


For all the bootleg fans out there:



@“milo”#p51844 I like that you can barely make out what they’re even saying

Your comment reminded me of this other classic, the silhouette chatter on the title screen of **Super Mario All-Stars**. Obviously gibberish and probably reproduced on sequencer but it recreates that kind of real-life echoey chatter really well.


@“milo”#p51844 Silpheed is great. My buddy and I still joke about the: “I've got a big one, give me another!” line in there somewhere. That and for some reason, “Incoming bogey, attack and destroy!” which still puts a stupid grin on my face for some reason.

"Missiles coming in fast, intercept systems emergency code.......

"OMG they just wiped out our beds!"

"Evasive maneuvers, evasive maneuvers laser scratching!" (???)

Good times. Truly a classic.

Here's another one we can add to the “what the heck are they even saying” category:


@“whatsarobot”#p51896 This is a remnant from the X68000 version which is indeed a great candidate for this thread.


「This is Exceliza! [color=#FF0000]I wanna fly now![/color]」
「Roger! Good luck!」

The red part was removed for the Mega Drive conversion. Exceliza (エクセリーザ) is the name of the player’s ship in Thunder Force II.


@“whatsarobot”#p51738 can't imagine what the atmosphere was like in the studio when they were recording the DK rap. must have been electric

@"gdri"#p51794 this is so good lol

@“tapevulture”#p51923 you get it! if i ever become independently wealthy, i want to do an entire documentary about that DK rap.