Lunch Time Video Game Recommendations

I've been thinking a lot about playing videogames while eating lunch. I know this has come up on the podcast with discussions about the GLYDR. I have about a 50 minute break that I usually spend with a colleague. Normally, we watch a movie over the course of a couple of days.

A couple of weeks ago, I played through Doki Doki Literature Club on STEAM for free and thought some of the tricks it did were quite interesting / intriguing. It rolled around in my head for a few days (along with the music) that I ended up buying it for PS4 just to inflict upon my friend that I share lunch with. He would never try a game that looked like Doki Doki without my prodding. I played up the way game looked and did not give him any spoilers. He really enjoyed playing it and I got the joy of seeing how another person reacted to the game in real time. Frankly, it was amazing to play a lunch time game.

Due to the visual novel format, the game had an auto scroll text function that essentially made it hands free until specific choices had to be made. This was conducive to eating our food before getting back to work. The game also wasn't very long at around 3 hours which also felt about right in terms of pacing.

Does anyone have any other visual novels or other game suggestions that we might be able to play while we eat? Games that require infrequent controller inputs. We have access to a PS3, an Xbox 360, and a PS4 at work.

Stanley Parable came out on PS4, and it definitely hits the bill. Does not require much input, and has extremely playful voice acting and funny moments. I'm sure it will give you a lot to talk about and bond over finding all the secrets. Definitely best to play in short bursts over lunch than to try gulping it all down at once.

You should also check out Humanity, I played it a bit with a friend but didn't get very far in it. The puzzles are fun to solve together and apparently it also does some very cool unexpected things later. I've heard nothing but great things. Same with The Forgotten City and Talos Principle... they're puzzle games that go a bit beyond just what's on the surface level.

How about something like the XCOM games (or similar)? Their turn-based nature means you won‘t have time pressure on your inputs if you are trying to do things like eat and socialise while the game is running; they’ll just sit there waiting for you to press a button for however long you need.

I highly enjoyed both _Talos Principle_ and the sequel, but I think they require a bit too much hands-on realtime input for what you're after. Absolutely recommend playing them in general, however!

As for visual novels, ones that I have at least had a look at the start of to realise that I do indeed want to play through them include: _428 Shibuya Scramble_, _Steins;Gate_, _Clannad_, and _House at Fata Morgana_. At least some of those should be available on the platforms you have, but I'm not certain. I have them lined up on steam.

Citizen sleeper! It rules and there's choices to be made.

These are some great picks. I was thinking of importing Clannad recently. I have 428 Shibuya Scramble and Stein;Gate ready to go so maybe that is what we will try first. I keep reading that House of Fata Morgana is amazing - but physical copies of that on Switch are brutally priced. The internet connection in the work rec room is really bad so I tend to stick to physical media.

I could bring other consoles to the work space so if you have other picks for different machines I would love to hear them. Right now, it is more about not wanting to unplug and lug consoles to work that keeps the work rec room limited to the PS3/4 and 360.

Stanley Parable has been sitting on my STEAM account for a while and that might be a fun one to do. I also started Talos Principle and always meant to go back to it. XCOM...I love those games but I don't think I can play it with a co-pilot as I want to be meticulous about protecting my levelled up sniper. It takes me a long time to work through an XCOM.

I played Citizen Sleeper this past summer on Gamepass. What an amazing game. It does rule. I think when Brandon spoke on the podcast about the games he played while injured - I tried most of them as well. I remember Citizen Sleeper being described as a single-player board game where you control the function of each dice after the random roll. That single tweak of seeing the dice and choosing what it does leads to more player agency and feels good. That was correct - it was also the idea that made me understand what the game was and want to try it. So, thank you! I had watched the trailers and I didn't get it until that idea around the dice was made clear.

I also tried Loop Hero (which is another one that could work as a lunch time game but maybe doesn't have enough of a narrative).

I haven't heard of Humanity so I will check it out.

This might not be the kind of game you are interested during lunch but it fits the general question: I’ve played Dragon Quest XI with one hand while eating dinner when I got sick and I had a great time with it.

But it’s a longer game than some of the other suggestions so playing in bursts might take a while, though it accommodates for that pretty well imo.

Here is my modest proposal: Zero Time Dilemma. You will either go insane with your colleague, or the two of you will forge an indestructible bond through the trials you endure together. Your patience and willingness to suspend your disbelief will be tested to the absolute limit. You might never look at snails the same way again.

(I'm only _half_ joking. I do think ZTD owns actually but if you play the Zero Escape games you should start with the first one, 999. The mix between story and escape room sequences works well to keep a game with a low amount of interactivity/complex actions exciting and engaging.)

King of Dragon Pass and sequels

Those mobile Dragon Quest ports are solid and perfect for playing in short bursts.

As a younger adult I played through these games on iOS (iPhone 3Gs or 5c) on lunch breaks:

Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy Tactics

but forget all that. the only mobile game worth anything is **Downwell**

... Mysterious Castle also

@“hellomrkearns”#p156920 Are the switch ones the same?