Making Green: A Wage Slog Thread

@“LeFish”#p96232 I hope it goes well for you! 8 years is a long goddamn time.

During my interview for weedjob, I was asked how I felt about garden gnomes.

i‘m tired of my job but i don’t want the hassle of finding a new one.

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I caught the flu, which means I still have to work only it sucks more! Great system we've got here!

Not really my story to tell, so I‘ll keep it vague, but someone I know got suddenly and unfairly fired. Then, a couple of days later, the company realized they messed up and unfired them. I didn’t know they could do that! It's absurd and somehow more messed up than if they had just fired my friend.

@“RubySunrise”#p102240 Glad to hear your friend still has a job, at least! Even if the employee-employer trust bond probably isn't the strongest!?

@“RubySunrise”#p102240 it would've rocked if they negotiated a better wage to be unfired

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@“LeFish”#p96244 Oh wow, so I didn‘t get this - nobody did! They decided to rerecruit, and the reason I didn’t get it was because they wanted someone “more bullish”, which is genuinely the shittiest, flimsiest excuse that I've ever heard for not getting a job.

The one silver lining has been that one of the panelists recognised that I knew my shit and could see that I was getting tired of doing the same things day in, day out in my current team and offered to arrange for me to join their team on a casual / one-day a week basis spread over a week. All well and good except what's _actually_ been offered is a watered down version of that and doesn't get me anywhere. To make matters worse, when I spoke to my Head of Department I was effectively gaslit and one of the things she said was that "luck doesn't get you anywhere, only hard work" as if I hadn't worked my worked my arse off, and put out more fires and polished more turds than I care to count.

At this point I don't have any other choice but to look elsewhere, and thankfully my immediate manager is extremely sympathetic to that and has been supportive of me looking elsewhere and with a different external interview that I had yesterday. Which sucks that I feel like I have to leave because I like working where I do, but honestly I'm just fucking done now.

Working for the Santa Monica pier has been one of the most chill jobs I’ve ever had. I like when it’s tough work with a lot of lifting, even then it’s super chill with hardly any supervision. But I need more shifts, so I’m gonna pick up more shifts at my other job, a nonprofit where we take in, organize, and hand out clothing to unhoused / low income peeps in downtown LA

I‘m a community organizer working on air quality issues for one of the largest & most famously anti-union organizations in our field. We formed a union about a year ago and since then management has actively worked to chase away staff, despite our being really short handed. So now I have the pleasure of doing my job, the jobs of my former coworkers, and also my boss’sboss‘sboss’sboss‘s job. We’re fundamentally a good organization, but a few people will do a lot of damage to make sure they don't have to share even a little power, which is sad. Sometimes I wonder if I should get a job that would leave me with more time or money to spend on stupid video games. Thank you for listening to my green slog post.


@“LeFish”#p102249 “luck doesn’t get you anywhere, only hard work”

that's pretty rich coming from someone who's lucky to be alive after saying that. <- _parody, i don't condone violence_

it's true, the people who work the hardest get paid the most. glad it works out fairly for all involved

@“pasquinelli”#p102308 Thank God for video calls, right?

To add _another_ insult to injury, a 26-person group is being formed of people across different comms teams to come up with ways / ideas to support the team that I would have been supervising. As well as the big "working for free" energy I'm getting it would be way easier for one person to coordinate it all rather than effectively have a Royal Rumble free for all.

Anyway, I'm _extremely_ tempted to write out a full paper between the first and second meetings that sets out everything that needs to be done in forensic detail. I know that this is extremely immature.

As a non-US person I'm always interested in what the US view is on the number of holidays and health cover Europeans have?

@“vf10a”#p102321 Young people look at the amount of days Europeans get off and then they look at the American job market and they choose to not work at all ever if they can help it.

@“LeFish”#p102313 time to quiet quit until you find a new job!!

@“vf10a”#p102321 envy

it gives me anxiety thinking about privatization aka privatisation efforts of the NHS. Don't be like us for the love of god


Just make a union of thousands of people from different sectors and companies who all agree to violate their NDA en masse and force the government to clean it up when nobody has the money to pay the fines anyway. Trade all your assets for gold and second amendment for it when the rich come to take it back.

Unless you know, people have dreams and families to worry about. What a thing to be restrained with... Almost seems criminal.