mario dreamcast

the announcement of the cast for the upcoming mario movie has caused some consternation. so, if you could choose without limitations, who would you want?

for me, captain lou albano as bowser has got to be in there.

if mario were a dreamcast game it would be pretty good

Charles Martinet would voice Mario, but just for grunts and "[thank you so nice](" etc. It would need to be some kind of original-version [Thief and the Cobbler]( thing.

Charles Martinet as Mario, and give him a really meaty script like-a a-spicy bolognese, to relive the Mario Game Gallery glory days

@“captain”#p44045 mario sunshine feels like a dreamcast game, or like the dreamcast game of mario games.

martinet will be cameo-ing, maybe you'll get your wish.


@“pasquinelli”#p44047 mario sunshine feels like a dreamcast game, or like the dreamcast game of mario games

There's so much knowledge and wisdom on this forum. Incredible

Mark Cerny as Luigi

@“穴”#p44049 had to look that one up. found a video interview with him on youtube; top comment is “people disrespects [sic.] this man so much it's rather sad.” that's luigi summed up.

he reminds me of a guy i used to work for so much, i can't look at him.

Rikiya Yasuoka (Tampopo)

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@“kory”#p44053 i was going to say that in reality, not going with charles martinet is weird, because he‘s such a part of the mario brand. maybe he’s too old or something.

but in my dream land, i'd do something like vincent pastore and michael imperioli as mario and luigi, because as a kid i always thought it was kind of cool having them be portrayed, in the live action bits of the show at least, in a cartoonish italian-american way.

now i want to see them cartoonishly italian-japanese.

Wakamoto Norio as Bowser

...what's that? You didn't ask about the cast for the Japanese dub? Yes, I know

Idris Elba as Mario

Lucy Liu as Peach

Tony Sirico as Luigi

Elliot Page as Bowser

Charles Martinet as Toad

@“goonbag”#p44080 paulie walnuts as luigi is perfect.

but can idris elba be mario and knuckles? is that allowed.

Brandon Sheffield as Bonk who will tease the sequel in the post credits scene

@“pasquinelli”#p44081 I have the rule book right here and it clearly states that nobody can be both Mario and Knuckles except Idris Elba

@“goonbag”#p44089 ah, there it is then!

larry david as mario

jason alexander as luigi

you fill in the rest

after seeing charlie day as luigi, i can't unthink danny devito as mario.