media/art made using video games as a creative tool

I think I have mentioned on here before that I went to a cool high-school with an Audivisual Art/Mixed Media program (as well as a video game one but I wasn't in that one) and I was thinking the other day of one classmate that whenever we had like any kind of free-form video assignment he would use GTA V to make his videos using the Rockstar Editor thing and all of the teachers were very open and curious about it and I think that was cool.

So that made me think about other examples of artists using video games as a creative tools to make interesting stuff, but I can only think of these two music videos made using Second Life and Animal Crossing New Leaf respectively and the[ Super Mario Clouds installation thing:](

I mean there's probaly a lot of this kind of thing made with creativity oriented games like Mario Paint, Minecraft or Dreams, but do y'all have any cool/weird/interesting examples of art made using any kind of video game?


@“穴”#p44231 Mario Paint

You really called my shot here but I think the video description for this one qualifies it as art