MEETUP (bay area)

I saw elsewhere that someone was like “once a forum gets to a certain age people start talking about meeting up.” well, we‘re there (honk), at least for the bay area. My old boss and I used to run an east bay game dev meetup monthly, but of course the pandemic murdered that. We’re now reviving it and trying this bar with a patio in oakland.

Whichever of you folks are in the bay area are also welcome to come! Most of the devs who show up are indie and friendly and stuff. No pressure here of course, but it seems like a fair number of us are in the bay area, if not specifically Oakland, so... come on by! It's the 13th of October, so you've got a few weeks to plan. Obviously the assumption is everyone's vaccinated, wears a mask while inside, but mostly we'll be outside on the frigid patio (it has heat lamps tho).

COME ON DOWN if you wanna, and you can use this thread to like... coordinate carpools or whatever other stuff needs to happen. Oh it's by BART also!

Well, see some of you there maybe, and we might even get the elusive frank to come around.

SHOOT I'm gonna be out of town on the the 13th!! That sucks, would have loved to hang out! First Edition is a nice spot.

Oh rad I am in Oakland and should be around. Excited to meet folks!

I‘m on the wrong continent, but love that this is happening. I’ll be there in spirit.

@"exodus"#p43823 I'm also very intrigued by the _most_ in this sentence. I feel like it's doing a lot of work.


Most of the devs who show up are indie and friendly and stuff.

Now I wonder if there are enough of us in Japan to do a meetup on this side of the planet.

@“whatsarobot”#p43891 there are regular game dev meetups there! Mostly indies too. I went once but it was too crowded :o if you know Paul aka polm23 on Twitter he's got the line on that.

@“exodus”#p43896 i don‘t but maybe i’ll look him up! thanks.

I live in LA & will probably be in LA when this is going on, but I also think it‘s cool that it’s happening. For real, this is one of extremely few online spaces I can think of where hanging out with the people in it is actually something I would like to do in the real world. Have fun!

Here's tokyo indies btw (I neglected to mention this is tokyo-specific)

Oh nice, it's not too far from the BART!


Somebody in the LA area should consider steping up and organizing something local as I'm sure there's a number of us down here as well.

Sending love from over here on the Least Cost!

@“JJSignal”#p43953 yeah, intentionally so!! Hoping people can make it from all over the bay as a result.

@“Moon”#p43959 we used to do insert credit meetups in LA around E3 back in the old days. Maybe next time I‘m down there I’ll plan something.

I like the idea of a meetup, but I‘m young enough and you guys seem old enough that it’d probably be a bit weird

also it's to dang far away from me! next time do a meetup closer to me so I can also not show up for reasons which are probably actually just stupid excuses!

@“NoJoTo”#p43984 ha ha well, the likelihood of it happening outside of Oakland (where both frank and I live) is pretty slim for the time being, but who knows!

Unofficial Scottish meet-up happening right now at my house. I’m having a great time.

Dang, on the right continent but on the wrong side! I'll have to catch the east coast version of this when it rolls around.


There's at least 2 other members in NYC :eyes:

Y'all could do that meetup yourselves even! Liz and jaffe are there too. Oh also tim whenever he emerges from the cloud of cyberpunk


@“whatsarobot”#p43891 Now I wonder if there are enough of us in Japan to do a meetup on this side of the planet.

I wonder the same thing! Current tally: 2.