Mega Drive Mega Mix

Just wanted to share my criminally underrated and underviewed youtube game music historian/mixer.

He subtitles videos with really nice facts or quotes from interviews and spotlights the composers -- occasionally with a mix like this one I feel like they're able to contexualize and elevate the game music to the pop culture of the time.

yeah, anosci does great work with these. I recall the Follin entry being excellent.

This is cool stuff! I wish more people did subtitle-style videos…there was a nice illbleed video from ages ago that was done with subs. it seems to be a less popular method of delivery for this kind of content vs the “hey guys” approach, sadly.

The text-box presentation approach works fine for more visual showcase videos like this, but it‘s less accessible to the blind or to anyone listening without visual (ex. me when I’m working at the counter). That said, even modern DJ-style presentation's become about as uncommon. The usual conversational style of most YouTube/Patreon video essays and “hangout” uploads is quite dominant.

GST's a great channel for sure. It's handily the best of its kind and I expect only the best, most varied mixes from them.

@PasokonDeacon#580 I‘m not sure I entirely get what you mean by dj-style presentation, but I’m intrigued. I have a couple ideas in my head, but I'm not sure which one is right.

This was great, thanks for sharing!

@James-#622 this mix has tracks intermixed, beatmatched, and overlaid with each other. often two or three tracks are playing together at the same time.

@kappuru#775 ahh, thank you. I have no ear for music, so though I have stuff I like and stuff I don‘t, if folks don’t spell it out for me, I miss out on all nuance and clever techniques.