Merry Medleys

i listen to so many of these lol. i'm always hunting for good melodies

have not tried the bravely series beyond 5 minutes of the demo for II but have been enjoying this lately

was pretty into this for a while. "frontier village" really gets me. have not played this game though

it was raining today so i had this on. this person posts good stuff. they have a bias for ps1 which i enjoy:

this star ocean 2 medley is an ol standby for me. not much so2 appreciation on game music youtube unfortunately

this my PERSONAL FF piano playlist which you may peruse...i have listened to the VII, VIII, IX and X piano collections exhaustively and have separated the wheat from the chaff. every song on here is gold. love to put this on while cookin din or somethin

First of all apologies @“tapevulture”#292, I should really learn to follow my own threads… thank you for posting :slight_smile:



@“captain”#p44464 under an hour is a nice number of minutes


you lose points if the words “lofi,” “chill,” “to study to,” . . . are in the title of your mix


anything with an emotion in the title (“melancholy, ”relaxing," . . .) is not what we want here


Not looking for arrange albums, remixes, or reorchestrations . . . looking mainly for mixes of the music in the game

Are you pulling my leg tapevulture? I thought @"chazumaru"#146 might have been making a joke but after both of the previous posts it's become apparent my original post was too muddled. For this I apologize

You all have found some pretty good channels and shared in this thread, and for that we thank you. <3


[upl-image-preview url=//]

[size=20]**THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT BABY**[/size]



@“captain”#p45293 im sorry. i did not read the original post apparently. im embarrassed


@“captain”#p45293 I should really learn to follow my own threads

_no promises_ but someone (maybe you?) mentioned this exact thing in the [Forum Technical Feedback thread]( and after shane showed me links to the forum software and how/where extensions are curated I did a bit of reading. I was thinking of making an extension that did exactly this, as a simple first go at doing something with Flarum.

Maybe this coming weekend? Maybe not!
...but if I do, I'll let shane know and then maybe you'll have a setting you can toggle to auto-follow your own discussions.


@“tapevulture”#p45298 i still checked those vids out anyway :slight_smile:

@"rejj"#p45317 I did not mention that in that thread, but I recall it being mentioned and thinking at the time, "lol I wouldn't need that, I follow all my threads diligently :sunglasses face:"

I support you in your noble endeavor...



...and will hold you to this blood pact


i think this might not hit the mark since these are all new arrangements and i think you don't want that, (or maybe you do, but i'm not scrolling all the way to the top to find out…)

anyway, this video here has **_blown up_** my youtube this morning:

@“rejj”#p45317 yeah, i poked around the flarum docs some too looking to do the same and it reminded me why i'm not a programmer anymore :wink:

Wow, that Smash medley is so well done,

I've been obsessed with the Falcom jdk BAND ever since I found this channel run by a guy uploading all of their concert footage

There's a [spreadsheet]( some fans compiled chronicles the history of Falcom's music production, and try to figure out exactly who is behind some of this music because Falcom outsources a lot of its composing and doesn't give good credit. There's an interesting story here about the formation and breakup of their internal composers and live concert bands, and some of the drama and rights issues. Some of the spreadsheet contributors seem to have an axe to grind, so take it with a grain of salt, but it's certainly an interesting read.

it was posted on the music thread but i‘m gonna put it over here too cause it has all to do with this thread’s proposition

Mix I made featuring the entire Bomberman Hero OST. I tried to get creative with transitions and mashups in order to create a new, cool way to experience the soundtrack :)


@“pasquinelli”#p46284 i think you don’t want that

correct, however, this is, uh, [size=25][b]_AWESOME_,[/size][/b] so I'll let it slide

@"Tradegood"#p46299 also technically breaking the thread rules but at this point I'm replying to every post saying as much so forget it; this spreadsheet is great!!

@"fugazi57"#p46303 maybe this is unfair but ur crowned king of the thread :))))


This thread is just a repository for this kind of stuff so I feel no shame ripping this straight out of the other thread (thanks exodus & NoJoTo :) )

@“captain”#258 As penance for my transgressions earlier in this thread, and to prove once in for all that I know how to read, I made a Suikoden 2 medley that meets the requirements outlined in the original post, except oops I made it too long sorry.

hm the video will not display and you have to click through to youtube...that sucks man

I read the whole situation involving tapevulture and captain and partially chazumaru and I‘m sorry but it was just very funny, like someone very ostentatiously (but accidentally!) pissing on someone else’s garden and then everyone being extremely polite over it, including the owner of the plants.

Also I have no mix to contribute with, I'm here 100% only to make this annoying and unhelpful post.

@“JoJoestar”#p54032 i <3 this forum

@“captain”#p46454 you can steal from me all you want, but i still got more where that came from! (or actually, uhm, i just got around to reading this thread‘s requirements and realize a lotta soundtracks i like fit this bill)

i think ridge racer type 4 might be my favorite instance of this, if you just skip straight to Naked Glow:

battle garegga is essentially perfect (you might prefer to skip the first few tracks, but i like ’em):

love 3‘s soundtrack is pretty good:

i’ve listend to sin and punishment‘s soundtrack straight through a few times:

devil’s course is nice to chill to:

(though really, i‘d reccomend gstmix’s mix instead (and you‘d be a FOOL to ignore it for not fitting the thread))

i probably have some others that i just can’t think of right now, so maybe expect me to share a few more later

@“tapevulture”#p54025 @captain just want to add that this is sequenced in game order dude

@“tapevulture”#p54025!!! You made a merry medley! This incredible merry medley! Just for us! Someone please tell me how to mark a post as “best reply” because


[/i][/size] All sins are atoned for ... I am in your debt

(sorry, I've been away from the computer)

@“NoJoTo”#p54051 You would have won my affections with the linked timestamp for R4 alone … yet there are all these others, and they fit all my dumb criteria (except the GSTMIX which I will of course still give my attention)!!! Gonna check them all out now. Keep it coming

and thank you both for breathing new life into this thread

@“captain”#p54486 i forgot that that upload of devil‘s course’s soundtrack has some tracks you‘d probably want to skip in it, so i’ve changed the link to start at ‘BGM 1’ (i‘m not sure why i’m mentioning this, just thought it'd be good to)