Midwest Gaming Classic & other gaming cons

anyone else here considering going to midwest gaming classic in early april this year? not sure i can swing it with work, but i‘ve been tempted for a while - it’s cool seeing some industry folks going, as well as video game history foundation folks, gotta wonder if frank cifaldi makes an appearance?

i'd love to get a chance to meet & chat with folks like jeremy parish, brandon & tim and folks, hell even mark from classic game room would be fun - i don't know which cons any of those folks usually make though, maybe portland retro con might be a better venue? i generally have done a lot more comic cons myself, last year's dragon con in atlanta was a blast

all that to say: any fellow IC folks ever hit up gaming cons, or interested in doing so? a meet-up would be cool!

I‘m a fan of the Midwest Gaming Classic. I’ve gone several times. Saw a couple of Retronauts panels and its always fun to check out the vendors and various arcade games. I'm down for an IC meetup!

I went in 2022. Loved it! Was impressed at the size of the venue. Highlight for me was playing the Sega Pluto prototype.

Only reason I didn’t go in 2023 was C2E2 in Chicago was the same weekend. The dates don’t conflict next year so I’ll go for sure.

I‘m down! Its been a while since I have gone but I probably went 8 or 9 times when it was at the Sheraton. I’ve been itching to go back!

@“IrishNinja”#p144119 Portland Retro Gaming Expo is a hoot and I've helped organize some kind of small meetup the last few years and have had a delightful time with everyone who has come.

Frank Cifaldi and Jeremy Parish (and other Retronaut-adjacent folk) are usually on a few panels each year and are easy-ish to find and say hello. Other IC-Extended Universe contributors are there as well like Chris Kholer.

Also it's super duper fun to browse and play games.

@“antillese”#p144495 oh wow that lineup sounds really cool! i've wanted to see more of the pacific northwest and late september sounds like a good time, gonna look into this one for next year! lemme know if you organize another thing!

also @"exodus"#3 i know it's a ways off but any idea if you & the crew have plans to go to portland expo next year?

Bumping this up, Midwest Gaming Classic is cool.

i will make a heack of an attempt to attend “Game On” in arizona

Not to toot my own klaxon but that thread was specifically set up for this kind of question.

@“◉◉maru”#p147646 not to make any judgment on the idea, but one thread for every kind of game Event seems… challenging. Mostly because of how different the different kinds of events are, yet similar to other events of the same kind. Like Midwest Gaming Classic and GDC are about as different as it gets, but MGC and PRGE are pretty similar. Same with like, idk TGS and Frosty Faustings, but TGS is probably like E3 (RIP) and Frost Faustings is like EVO. Different demographics within Gaming and all that. But maybe not so different that they don't have common enough things to discuss!

@"IrishNinja"#p144119 I have been to MGC 2-3 times and it's amazing. I won't be there this year because I'll be on vacation in Japan, but I'll be (just a little) bummed to miss it. As an attendee of the retro game shows around Chicago (MGC, Video Game Summit, Illinois Game Con, Pinball Expo, and just about everything else from the last 10 years), MGC is by far the biggest and best in the area. I met Frank and Kelsey last year after their panel, and Jeremy Parish in... 2022? after his. Would definitely look at the list of panels/attendees if meeting people is important to you, but I'd say it's worth traveling to and planning to spend as much time as one can.

I am fairly certain I will be at the Midwest Gaming Classic this year on Saturday. I usually hang out in the arcade area and the shop area. Anyone else going to be there?