I sure didn‘t know where to put this. Hello misophonia sufferers, how do you deal with misophonia?

I heard that this psychologist is kicking off some research on it, seems like it’s early days but I'm very interested to hear what they find. Not a pun


I‘ve seen a few folks researching it, but nothing conclusive has emerged in terms of treatment. Realistically the only thing I can do is avoid situations. The other thing I do is punch myself in the leg!? That’s not great, but a pain response replaces the rage response, at least for a short while. Plus punching something helps release the rage feeling a bit. I guess not everyone gets that part of it.

I basically have to:

  • - eat with TV/music on
  • - work with music on so I can't hear typing (worse with someone else's typing - even worse when I'm hungry)
  • - remind myself that if I'm not hungry I'll have an easier time with it (I don't know if you have this, but when I'm hungry myself the sound of someone eating is even more infuriating, but that's because I already get on edge when I'm hungry)
  • Other than that I just try to not be around anyone who chews with their mouths open or talks with their mouths full. It's a tough one!!!!!!!! how about yourself

    For me it‘s pretty intermittent, and when it does strike I’m often able to just avoid the situation (I foolishly got my partner a mechanical keyboard, so I‘ve been using my headphones more these days to escape it).

    For my partner, it’s rough - any mouth sounds she just cannot handle. We generally work to stay really on top of reminding our kiddo to chew with her mouth closed, but on of our cats is a really noisy groomer, so there's no telling them to stop. She spends a ton of time with headphones on as a result, but she prefers to have music while working on art anyways, so it all works out.

    If I got my partner a mechanical keyboard I would be kicking myself for months!!!

    I was looking for articles I've linked in the past and found this relevant tweet:


    @SharkyKrunk#1624 it’s eased off for me in the last few years but I mostly just try to avoid ever being somewhere completely silent. as long as there’s some other background noise I can deal with it ok.

    urgh, one of the commercials that periodically autoplays on twitch at the moment opens with a bunch of disgusting crunching and slurping sounds. that should be illegal.

    An excellent reason for me to continue not looking at twitch. I did an informal poll in my highschool during the time those “if it doesn‘t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong in your face” Carls Jr commercials were airing. I discovered that for some people, those kinds of sounds make them hungry! or entice them to purchase a product! So I guess that is the intention there.

    @exodus#1631 Ahh, I had not considered punching myself in the leg. It really makes total sense though. It gives you somewhere to direct it, and oftentimes the worst element of misophonia is the lack of control you have, and the powerless that comes with having to avoid being “that unreasonable jerk who lost it just cause I was chewing”"

    @James-#1641 I'm very interested in how parents with misophonia would cope, does that create any other situations or is chewing the main one?

    @devilsblush#1676 I can certainly reflect this, silence is the killer. (That said, a silence I am guaranteed won't be spoiled is one of life's greatest gifts)

    As for my own experience, I've been put into situations where I was forced to hear a lot of my own triggering sounds on a daily basis. Early on, my boss would chew chewing gum every evening around 4pm. I will never understand how someone can get past 40 and still chew with their mouth open. One of my big ones is the sound made when hands rub together. So of course, after about a year at my job I had a new coworker who habitually rubbed his hands together. I think this worked out as being exposure therapy though as the rage lessened over the course of a few years.
    Now, I really only suffer from bad misophonia when I'm under a great deal of pressure, or in great silence. My parents sucking their teeth after a meal for example, I cannot handle.

    Yeah, pressure, stress, and lack of sleep will all make it worse, guaranteed. Also if you‘re the kind of person who gets really hungry, like weak or angry hunger, that’ll make it worse too. Apparently it‘s also somewhat worse when it’s someone who's close to you, so a partner or parents etc will make it worse when they do it.

    You could buy your parents toothpicks and just put them on the table!?

    @SharkyKrunk#1716 so, as an excited 6 year old, she has a bad habit of what we call noise sharking (i.e., if she stops making noise, presumably she will die, like a shark that stops swimming). This leaves us exposed to a massive variety of sounds: tapping, thumping her feet/hands on something, mouth sounds including but not limited to popping, moving her tongue around in a manner that you didn‘t realize could be so loud, swishing her drink in her mouth. And the talking. It’s genuinely incredibly overwhelming.

    Our main defenses include a combination of asking/reminding her to stop (effective, but for a very brief time), distracting her with something (hard to find the right thing, TV doesn't help as it leads to her doing idle actions that make noise all the same), or taking turns. Honestly, the biggest trick we have up our sleeves is watching out for each other, noticing when one of us is being triggered, and telling them to go take a break for a minute while the other tanks her. We still could do a lot better, but we make it work.

    I'm never having kids lol

    Have any of you sufferers tried ADHD treatment and does it have any effect? I wouldn‘t say I’ve experienced it but I've experienced other things I would describe as anger-inducing intrusions on my attention which ADD medication greatly helped with.

    never tried it - it kind of feels like overkill to use medication for this, but… hmm! never even considered it, maybe it's worth thinking about.

    just ducking in to this thread to say that I'm watching dorohedero at the moment which is cool except for the frequent and vigorous eating sounds

    re: kids, my kids mostly don't trigger it for me, although they're starting to as they get older. my cat doesn't either, it's odd seeing which things are exempt from it.

    ahhhh dang, I love the manga and was waiting to watch the anime… I didn‘t think about the eating sounds, but of course it’d be there since he loves gyoza and it's japan, where all mouth noises must be raised to the highest volume.

    i think misophonia has limited my music taste over the years, coz i cannot stand certain less-than-pleasant voices and will never seek them out, but then those voices are sometimes attached to really cool and interesting music. you ever talk to someone about certain subgenres of metal and they‘re like "oh yeah, it’s cool until the guy starts screaming over everything"? i guess it's kind of like that.

    hmm, I definitely don‘t have that! sounds unfortunate, there’s a lot of sub-par vocals in genres I enjoy.