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Howdy Everyone! Lately, I‘ve been playing some stuff on my phone and realizing that I really don’t even know where to begin finding anything cool to play on my phone. I‘ve got an Android and the play store is really crammed full of nonsense. Some games I’ve played and loved include:

-Dandy Dungeon
-Ridiculous Fishing
-Million Onion Hotel
-Jetpack Joyride
-2048 (lol)

I really like Sky, but I'm way more into the lower budget indie style games, anything that is a fun time waster, or is just generally interesting. But honestly, I realize that there isn't really a thread for mobile game discussion so just feel free to drop anything you really like!

The SMT (Dx2) mobile game is really not bad. Very mobile-y (kinda grindy, shoving real money rewards in your face) but I‘ve been playing it off and on for like 2 years and haven’t spent a penny on it and have had a blast.

And I just downloaded Godzilla Defense Force and am having infa great time so far. It's an idle clicker mixed with some defense management and card collecting. There's definitely some real money stuff going on but they don't shove it down your throat and it seems earning the currency isn't as impossible as other mobile games. The way they show off the kaiju is really neat... The cards have screenshots from the movies and the descriptions are really cool.

I am big into Apple Arcade lately so unfortunately I‘m probably not the best ask for Android games, but lately I’ve been into:

  • * Flip Flop Solitaire - A clever solitaire game with nice graphics and a ton of polish. By Zach Gage.
  • * Card of Darkness - A card-based dungeon crawler with graphics by Pendleton Ward. Also by Zach Gage.
  • * Spelltower - A word game. Also by Zach Gage.
  • * Mini Motorways - A funky little game about planning roads between different buildings to avoid traffic congestion and make sure the cars can get to where they need to. Sequel to Mini Metro.
  • * Clap Hanz Golf - Spiritual successor to Everybody's/Hot Shots Golf. Great touch controls.
  • * Grindstone - Puzzle dungeon crawler by Capy. Great artwork.
  • * Wonderbox - Mario maker for ARPGs, basically. Done by an up and coming Brazilian studio.
  • * Outlanders - Really polished city builder.
  • * Fantasian - Sakaguchi RPG with physical dioramas for locations.
  • * Stardew Valley - Probably needs no introduction.
  • * COD Mobile - A guilty pleasure. Probably pay to win but I play with a controller and that 100% offsets it.
  • I've mentioned it before but if you like portable gaming you should seriously consider picking up a Backbone controller. It's pricy but also it's great and there are a lot of games ported to mobile for substantially cheaper than they are on the switch.

    I feel like I never shut up about these games, but they really were my favorite mobile games ever. Cross posting this from the games for cheapskates thread:

    [10000000]( and its sequel [You Must Build a Boat]( are excellent puzzle/action/rpg hybrids. No gacha mechanics, no in app purchases, just nice old-school self contained games. $2.99 each on iOS or Android. The developer’s third game, Photographs, is very different and more narrative focused—seems well made but didn’t really resonate with me.

    I am so glad to see this topic being discussed here. I really think mobile games have come into their own over the last couple years.

    @donrumata seems to have played a lot of Apple Arcade stuff, which I too have been really pouring through since getting a free subscription. I can only truly second Fantasian from their list.

  • -

    What the Golf? (Apple Arcade) Fantastic, surreal, works super well on a touch screen.

  • -

    Holedown (not Apple Arcade) I LOVE A BRICK BREAKER and this feels like the perfect modern version of one. The planet system is really cool, the music is great, and again it feels fantastic on a touch screen. Definitely not a full blown _gaming_ experience, but a good time waster on the phone.

  • -

    Downwell (not Apple Arcade) - I know this game has been ported to just about everything, but when it released on iOS a few years back, that's where I started playing it. I make sure this is always installed on my phone. The movement, weapons, and upgrade system all feel so good. I normally don't care for the whole roguelike experience, but this game sucked me in.

  • -

    Donut County (not Apple Arcade)- A bizarre experience about opening up a hole in the ground and sucking everything in it's path up. The gameplay is a little shallow, there's an interesting story happening here. I wound up finishing this game in like 2 sittings. I know it's been released elsewhere now too, but the simple controls and art style work perfect on a phone.

  • -

    Mutazione (Apple Arcade) - I've only put about 2 hours into this. It's a point and click style adventure game about a young woman going to meet her extended mutant family on a remote island. The art style really stuck out to me, and the story has been engaging enough to keep me interested. I think this is on Steam tho too.

  • -

    Hyper Light Drifter (not Apple Arcade) - I saw this on sale for $2.99 or something and decided it was finally time to try this. Boy OH boy, this is absolutely terrible with touch screen controls. I'm sure there's some 14yr old out there who's played this without a controller but I could not. With a controller, this game feels just like it does on PC.

  • Now I'd like to mention something that was really garbage. South of the Circle (Apple Arcade) is a point and click "game" that I finished in maybe 3 hours. It's essentially a visual novel that requires you to click on the characters emotion to craft a "response" during conversations. The response system is the only thing that progresses the games story. The player's choices actually don't have any affect on the story or narrative outcome, other than sometimes an emoji type symbol is displayed to indicate how a character felt about that response. I don't mind a heavy, narrative focused game, but this "game" felt like it was lying to me. Why allow the player to have choice when it really, truly means nothing in influencing the experience?

    I briefly mentioned this in the Fantasian thread, but I think in the last year or so (at least from my experience) Apple has really managed to out do Nintendo on the whole hybrid console thing. Any iPhone that's capable of running Apple Arcade games has a better screen than the Switch. Couple that with a cloud save system that works seamlessly in the background, you can continue your games on the Apple TV by syncing up a controller. You can use a Dualshock 4 or an Xbox controller seamlessly with your phone too. It's a little goofy looking, but a full sized controller feels a heck of a lot better than the joycons. I know there's some fancy phone grip controller attachments but I've never used one. PLUS most likely, you always have your phone with you...I don't always carry my Switch with me. Not to mention, lots of indie games are real cheap on the App Store too...

    I won't continue too much more on this, but my recent exposure to JRPGs has been entirely on my phone. I played through Chrono Trigger and am now playing Fantasian. For me it feels like the perfect platform to experience these kinds of games, but I am new to the genre. I did notice recently that it appears that Square Enix has updated a lot of their iOS games to work on the Apple TV too, which is kind of huge for me. I'm thinking of playing Dragon Quest V this way now.

    As someone who likes sports and likes video games, but finds that the EA sports games have too much of bonkers learning curve in since the 360/PS3 era, I really enjoy the mobile versions as being highly accessible sports games in my pocket that I can just play when I get the itch.

    On the topic of sports games, I gotta talk about Baseball Superstars, which came back last year after 7 years of absence. Made by the same people who did the legendary mobile RPG series Zenonia. It is an [ANIME]( AS [HECK]( super addicting gotcha game where all the relevant champions have their own story in the campaigns. 11/10 recommend.

    also, lol I got an Apple Arcade subscription just for Skate City because I play Skate 3 as stress relief and Skate City is just 2D side scrolling Skate 3 that I can play in bed before sleeping.

    honorary mention: this broken ass diet gatcha/craft queue [spaceship simulator]( that took up 3 years of my life and is probably real fun if you want a time sink and geek out about creating character and command AI

    I think Dragalia Lost from Nintendo rules. It controls like the DS Zelda games except there are more combat options. I haven’t spent any money and the game is very generous with rewards. You are basically dropped into little dungeons that end in boss fights. You also can transform into dragons! There are character storylines you can choose to follow outside of the main storyline if you like (these are extra scenes, not quests).

    Also at higher levels of play there are raids (!?) against giant boss enemies that you play online with other players. I think it’s pretty cool. The story is paced really well, too. I can’t say it’s a great story, but I can say that it’s well told within the format.

    I recommend the best mobile game of all time, an Insert Credit hall of famer:

    Princess Pajama !

    actually this game isn't available anymore lol :(

    @fetus8#27503 came to say holedown, a near perfect game

    I havent played south of the circle but I remember really enjoying Over The Alps which has a similar premise

    @donrumata#26995 all Zach gage is wonderful Good Sudoku might be my favorite (wish it would come to android ! it isn't even an apple arcade game!)

    You already have more mobile games that I would list really.

    Some of my faves are no longer compatible with new devices, like Hungry Master. Their next game looks pretty great too actually.

    IMHO, Downwell is just about all you‘d ever need.

    I’ve also sung praises of Isorogue / Mysterious Castle, give it a shot already!

    Aside from that there's lots of good ports of good games for other consoles, like Sonic CD and Sonic the Hedgehog by the Sonic Mania fellers. Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy V have decent ports IMHO.

    been enjoying this freebie on called breaker. it‘s something of a mix of tempest and ikaruga. enemies spawn in the middle of a circle shaped play area and blast projectiles of one of two colors your way. your paddle can orbit around the circle, and your paddle changes color depending on the direction your orbiting. orbit in the same color as the projectile and send it back the enemies’ way. it's pretty fun!


    @milo#26991 The SMT (Dx2) mobile game is really not bad. Very mobile-y (kinda grindy, shoving real money rewards in your face) but I’ve been playing it off and on for like 2 years and haven’t spent a penny on it and have had a blast.

    This one's pretty good! I like Dx2 also. I install it every now and then but I haven't kept it persistently installed for more than a couple months at a time. If you can't get enough SMT demon negotiation this is pretty fun.

    Since I genuinely like this thing I'm about to talk about, I'm obligated to not be shameful about it. I've really liked idol rhythm games on iOS for a while. The music really grabs me, and some of them have a lot of anisong and J pop covers. There are a few with genuinely good rhythm game design: Love Live, Bandori, Project Sekai (vocaloids) and D4DJ. The only one I keep up with in the present is Bandori, which keeps adding lots of consistently good music and really interesting rhythm maps. I have a rapidly aging tablet though, so I might retire from these games soon. I'm not interested in playing these on a phone screen at all.

    What I'm most impressed with is how much I actually like the touch screen as a rhythm game input controller. I'm deeply into buttons and switches as a general rule, but with careful design the visual and audio feedback of a touch screen can turn out great for rhythm games. Love Live, for instance, arranges the note input in a semicircle which I really like for the wrist/arm ergonomics. It's far easier to make a really bad touch input scheme, but when it's done well it's really astonishing. If you find yourself in disbelief about this, it's fine because absolutely no one I've told this to is willing to take my word for it.

    Unfortunately the nature of mobile games right now is that most of the good rhythm games have a gacha system attached to it, but my minimal interaction with those parts hasn't kept me from tapping notes in new songs for the most part. A lot of people like Cytus which isn't an anime illustration casino, but the music in that one hasn't really been of interest to me. Anyway, that's Jums' mobile games.

    I like Dx2 as well! I think my real quibbles with it are that I don‘t like the character art that much and the upgrade/fuse/skill etc grind is maybe the most convoluted I’ve ever seen in a gacha game lol.

    Birdie Crush is the only mobile game I'm actively playing atm and it's real fun! It's basically mobile Hot Shots or Pangyan, simple fun golf stuff. Most of the grind comes from wanting to upgrade your equipment. There are lots of different modes and it's pretty low stress golfin. The Real Dollars stuff really only comes in if you want specific costumes, I've been getting pretty good equipment without paying for premium boxes so far. So if you're missing that kinda arcade golf stuff I think it's definitely worth trying!

    I also continue to play Granblue Fantasy which, to me, means that I log in when they're giving away free 10 rolls to accumulate a massive amount of SSR characters and then do not play the actual game. That's a pretty good game that I'd recommend to anyone.

    still rocking a 16gb iphone, where storage is an issue, so Desert Golfing has been my go-to for the longest time. perfect for standing in line for something or a bathroom break. the sequel Golf On Mars came out about a year ago and I like it even more.

    @Syzygy#29189 heheh at least you can probably put a microSD card on that thing!

    Just a heads up, Million Onion Hotel is on sale for dirt cheap at the moment for anyone looking for an ios/android game to play.

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