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I made a top 10 list a while back (so it might be a little outdate). It‘s also Apple focused, but I’m guessing most of these should be multiplatform by now?

  • - Donut County - Cute, funny, with a great core mechanic, perfect for phones.
  • - Gorogoa - I bounced off it at first. It felt a bit... cold? But once you get into it and start figuring out the mechanics it turns into a real joy.
  • - Imbroglio - A simple game on the surface with a wild amount of depth once you start digging. Some great guitar notes too.
  • - Data Wing - Is it an action game with a surprisingly good story, or a story game with surprisingly good action? A very, very unique experience.
  • - Reigns - Funny, weird, and full of surprises. A modern classic.
  • - Alto's Adventure - Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous art. Great music and atmosphere too. Super chill and super engaging.
  • - Mini Metro - Such a simple concept but endlessly replayable and a great, procedural soundtrack to boot. The perfect game to play on the subway (once that becomes a thing again).
  • - Little Inferno - Hilarious, heartfelt, and atmospheric. Full of twists and surprises. Can’t say enough good things about this game.
  • - BADLAND 2 - It’s amazing the mileage this game gets out of a single button. Fantastic art, incredibly engaging physics-based gameplay. I could play this game for years and never get bored.
  • - Getting Over It - I hate this game. I hate it so hard. 10/10
  • - Downwell - This is my go-to example of a “perfect” game. It’s perfectly balanced. Perfectly procedural. Every move is a decision, every action has consequences. This game should be taught in game design textbooks for years to come.
  • I made a Gatcha thread a long time ago (in 2021 IC Forums Time). There were a lot of good recommendations and discussions in there.

    Related, I downloaded _Alchemy Stars_ which is a brand-new Gatcha game that has grid-based positioning combat. I don't care for it. The art style is "_Epic 7_, but less sexy/sexist" which means its got the live 2D thing going on and very strong painting design. The rest is "standard" big-budget Gatcha game. You have a house to improve. You talk to the characters. You Gatcha for characters.


    @“manalive”#p35947 Downwell - This is my go-to example of a “perfect” game.

    _Downwell_ is superb and I've bought it on several platforms. I hate playing it on a phone, but I've played it on phone a bunch because I **love** _Downwell_ so much.


    That's funny, cause to me, Downwell is perfect for phones due to its display orientation and how it relates to gameplay, plus its simple mechanics and button layout. I typically hate playing action games on a phone but Downwell really vibes with me on mobile.


    @“billy”#p35939 I don’t understand

    Honestly, I don't either

    @“milo”#p36044 I can definitely see it both ways. In terms of form factor + play time, it's perfect for mobile. I played it on the train to work, on flights, etc. and it was a great way to kill the time. Where I think it falls down a little is the gameplay is so twitchy and precise, physical buttons would be nice, but I think being able to pick up and play it wherever more than made up for it.

    My phone isn‘t great for playing games on so I tend to stick to slow paced games, it’s probably why I bounced off downwell. The only ones I have installed are Really Bad Chess and a turn based tennis game I made.

    Others I've played in the past are:

  • -

    Tomb of the Mask - fun swiping game with a neat asthetic which encourages pattern recognition, I unlocked everything in this with no purchases and then realised the levels skew the scoring to make it look like you are always getting better. Good for short commutes.

  • -

    Calculator: The Game - Neat game if you like maths and working out how numbers can become other numbers (aka maths).

  • -

    Survive! Mola Mola - Clicker game about creating a giant mola mola. Doesn't click in the background, mostly about managing chance, funny writing.

  • -

    Pin Out - Endless runner style pinball game. It's not actually endless.

  • @“billy”#p35932 clash royale among us clan that's it

    @“dicegame”#p36226 I don't understand

    What incredible timing! I finally finished FANTASIAN pt 1 last week, and this week we get an announcement with a release date for pt 2!!

    @“fetus8”#p40186 I was waiting for both parts to come out before I play. I wonder if my small ass iPhone 6 will compromise the experience. But I doubt my old macbook pro can handle gaming.

    I want to point out this previous thread that also contains good suggestions:

    Donut County is on sale right now on the Android store.

    A game I briefly worked on called Girl Cafe Gun came out recently. I want to add a disclaimer here that I don‘t think it’s very good….BUT I did work on it so figured I‘d share. That’s game dev baby.

    Things about this game:

  • 1. It's about girls...they love guns....and they also run a maid cafe
  • 2. It's embarrassingly horny. Not quite as smutty as some stuff out there but holds its' weight you know?
  • 3. The localization is the kinda typical gacha very low effort with no real editing that a lot of these games have. I did some proofreading and edits on some of the text but didn't touch the vast majority of it.
  • 4. It's developed by a Chinese studio called Kingsoft and they were all really lovely to work with. Published by Seasun which is another in the Tencent web of megacorps. They're mostly known for a franchise called [JX Online]( I also briefly worked on marketing images for a game in that franchise they were gauging interest in localizing. I worked QA but knew Photoshop so they asked me make facebook ads LOL
  • Check it out if you want I guess!

    I was casually checking the paid apps section to see if Arcade Archives Real Bout 2 already came out* on iOS: is there any reason for me not to buy SOTN and Chrono Trigger on iPhone? They’re here. They’re reasonably cheap. They’re not on Switch. Do these versions secretly have terrible performance or smeared graphics or something?

    *Answer: no, but Big Tournament Golf is out. Different version from the old Dotemu port.

    final fantasy 7 first soldier has been my go to game to play with my husband since its release its as predatory as most gatcha games and has loads of balance issues but the costumes are cute the free content is plentiful and the final fantasy twists on battle Royale is really interesting if anyone would wanna group up lets get some groups going

    Gotta second the mention of You Must Build A Boat, great sliding puzzle. In the same vein, I had a lot of fun with Gunhouse by our forum daddy himself.

    My three favorites (excepting Downwell and Dead Cells Mobile (which is a really faithful port esp. with a controllo))

  • -

    Rymdkapsel: bare bones single player RTS with Tetris block base building. Very frictive tension between the defend phases and recovery phases. Has resource management and prioritization, bonuses located on four space islands equidistant to the start of your bases. Very fun.

  • -

    Despotism 3K: A glibly dark management game about being a robot using humans to run in a pinwheel to power yourself. You just use your electricity to upgrade human breeding, food supply, and mechanical arms to move them around. Has some goofy writing that's a little too centered on references. Still really fun roguelike style that opens up the campaign some more when you clear it the first time.

  • -

    #1 Polytopia: One of the best designed turn based strategy games I've ever played. You discover the map, harvest resources, conquer towns, unlock new technologies and units. Get more resources the more towns you have, use your resources to expand your kingdom, build roads to move your units quickly, build ports to turn your soldiers into boats.

  • -

    The combat itself is such an elegant ambiguation of the rock paper scissors of Fire Emblem. Horseback units can move twice, but have low defense. Defenders can take almost any hit, but can hardly attack. Archers can hit two spaces away but are useless within one space. Knights can checkers style attack after every enemy they knock down, effectively barreling through any number of basic units, thwarted only by defenders and swordsmen; this is balanced by almost no defense. Swordsmen are balanced units helpful for offense and defence but require plenty of resources. Catapults can hit up to three spaces away but fall in one or two hits. Boats can be upgraded to ships for better mobility and then battleships for substantial attack and defence bonuses, although that second upgrade takes the resources of recruiting three swordsmen or knights. Mind benders can heal units and convert your enemy's units, but they can't move and take an action. Giants are tanks with four times the hp of a basic unit, and only acquired under special circumstances.

  • I can hardly pitch this game enough, it's so tightly designed. It's like dead eyed, no frills Fire Emblem. Also supports Android to iOS multiplayer. Free game, multiplayer unlocks on buying a premium tribe ($1 minimum purchase).


    Great art
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    Well, this sucks

    I‘ve been playing SHOT2048 every so often. You fire dice down a field and if the numbers match, they combine. It’s the same numbers and system as 2048 but with dice physics. It was made singlehandedly by Yuki Naka apparently. It's free but at launch the ads were very oppressive so I paid to remove them. Good game.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for chill, non-action games for when you're high as fuck on intravenous painkillers? Asking for a friend.

    Gacha RPGs like Fire Emblem Heroes normally have an auto mode if you want to be out of your mind on meds and watch numbers go up and occasionally get a not bad gacha pull.